16 Wealthy Celebs That Refuse To Help Their Poor Siblings

1. Julia Roberts

We all know Julia Robert as America’s sweetheart.

However, something is shocking about Julia’s relationship with half-sister Nancy Motes. The 37-year-old committed suicide in February 2014 and blamed it on the “Pretty Woman” star.

“My so-called siblings get nothing except the memory that they’re the ones who drove me into the deepest depression I’ve ever been in.” Nancy apparently left this world with a bitter taste in her mouth, and it wasn’t because of the prescription drugs she overdosed.

Signs of sibling rivalry where always there, as Nancy used Twitter repeatedly to rant against Julia for abandoning her – “She’s not even that good of an actress!”

It seems that the Oscar-winning actress shamed Nancy on repeated occasions, making her life even more miserable. Can you imagine how she felt?

Prepare to greet another shocking case where a wealthy celeb doesn’t like sharing.