16 Wealthiest And Most Spoiled Celeb Children

2. Prince George Alexander Louis

“Long live the King!”

3-year-old Prince George Alexander Louis is the luckiest kid alive and probably one of the richest. Third in line to snatch the British Crown from Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince will have lots of time to enjoy life to its maximum. That’s because grandfather Prince Charles and father Prince William anxiously wait their turn.

Contrary to what you believe, the future monarch only has $1 million to his account for the moment. More money and properties will come his way when he turns 30.

Prince George Alexander Louis gets to do what other kids his age don’t even dare to dream. PM Theresa May is required by law to give the little prince a piggy back ride each time she is on her way to the Buckingham Palace for official duties.

Can you guess the twins that made fans lose their minds?