16 Strangest Things Ever Found In Outer Space That We Can’t Explain

1. Rogue Planets

Rogue Planets

via Metro

Astronomers usually don’t like the idea of alarming the population.

However, they had to break the silence about one of the strangest things they uncovered while gazing through their telescopes. Some planets escape the tutelage of their stars and turn into the hobos of the Universe.

Hippies are the only ones that adore the idea their lifestyle has a celestial equivalent. The rest of us are left to worry and ponder why planets escaping their stars exist in the first place.

Such rogue planets can wreak havoc if they breach into the solar system and mess around. The worst-case scenario would be an erratic visitor showing up on a collision course with our planet. We would be so screwed!

God doesn’t like to play dices for a good reason. Galactic billiard is much more exciting!

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