16 Shocking Photos of Celebs Before And After Drugs

Whitney Houston – “Crack is whack!”

We start the list with Whitney Houston, a phenomenal performer we lost to drug abuse.

Despite the tragedy, we will still use pictures showing Whitney in less favorable light to serve a clear message. Drugs are bad, whether you are a celeb or a commoner.

Whitney’s history with illegal substances is almost parallel to her relationship with Bobby Brown. Although signing in for rehab on many occasion, the singer just couldn’t contain herself.

Whitney died following a heart disease that was made much worse by her cocaine addiction. Aged 48, she looks way older in the pictures on the right, and that’s just one of the awful effects drugs have on the human body.

Like many other celebs who faced the mounting evidence, Houston had no option but to confess her addiction. The singer mentioned marijuana and prescription pills but denied the agent that would eventually kill her. “Let’s get that straight, OK? I don’t do crack. I don’t do that. Crack is whack.”

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