15 Photos Where Cropping Changes Everything

2. The Invisible Third Wheel

The Invisible Third Wheel

A horseback ride through the waves is not always as idyllic as it appears.

Switching the car for a horse complicates things for those used with pressing buttons and controlling everything. Horses are moody and unpredictable animals that can ruin your fun in an instant.

That’s why most riding experiences require someone else to come along with you. Taming the beasts adds a third wheel most couples dread.

This photo proves just how much compromise is taken on board to make your friends and family jealous. The poor man struggling to comfort the horses adds up to the obvious photographer.

Cropping was a cheap trick used to hide the less attractive truth. If you want to remain in the saddle and avoid a horseshoe to the face, you have to put up with that annoying guide that barely speaks English.

The Invisible Third Wheel

The next cropped photo puts your dirty mind to a rough test.