16 Parents You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

1. Natalie Suleman

Natalie Suleman is the Octomom, and we are disappointed to inform you she did not give birth to octopuses.

No, the story of this unbelievable parent is even more formidable. Natalie gave birth to octuplets, one of the few cases known throughout medical history. However, her incredible pregnancy was not the result of an accident.

It will probably outrage you to know Natalie hunted fame by having 12 embryos put in her body following in vitro fertilization. The standard procedure usually implants two or three, with the hope that at least one evolves successfully into a baby.

Things get even worse once you know Natalie was a single mom with already six children on her back. It turned out she was practicing the sport of having children by the dozen as a way of accessing public assistance.

It doesn’t end there. The former Octomom embraced a short-lived career in the porn world and recently filed for bankruptcy. She dragged her 14 children through a reality show and probably has a comfortable place reserved in hell.

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