16 Men You Won’t Believe Exist

8. Yu Zhenhuan

China has caught its version of Sasquatch, but it turned out to be just a highly unusual man.

With hair covering 96% of his body, Yu Zhenhuan easily ranks as the hairiest individual alive. Only his palms and the sole of his feet are free from a thick black coat that makes clothes pointless.

Hairboy had a hard time coping with his condition, at least until he learned how to exploit the fame that came attached. Yu Zhenhuan now aspires to become a rockstar and is not shy about flaunting his pilosity in front of the camera.

Doctors call it atavism, but for the mean Chinese children, Yu was just a freak of nature. Growing up with fingers pointed at you must have been very hard.

Yu Zhenhuan didn’t rely on his unusual appearance to earn a living. He learned how to play instruments like the guitar and the saxophone and is now touring the country, performing in pubs and bars.

Yu Zhenhuan

via Alamy

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