16 Men You Won’t Believe Exist

5. Arlindo de Souza

Arlindo de Souza didn’t rely on spinach and arduous hours in the gym for those impressive muscles.

No, sir! Arlindo joined an elite group of body builders who injected a potentially deadly cocktail of alcohol and oil, inflating muscles far outside normal proportions.

Don’t rush in praising this revolutionary new method that makes pumping iron pointless. Worst-case scenarios involve horrifying infections and even having your arms amputated. Arlindo is casual each time he tells the story of how his best friend died because he attempted a similar extravagance.

Arlindo de Souza is one of the lucky ones. The foreign substance did not affect his body. Not only that, but he is now the proud owner of the world’s largest biceps. Measuring a whopping 29 in (74 cm), it gave the 45-year-old the statute of local Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Are you ready for the less glamorous truth about men like Arlindo? Despite the impressive looks, those muscles have the same strength as before.

Meeting the next man on the street will certainly make you skip skimmed milk.