16 Men You Won’t Believe Exist

3. Paul Karason

Paul Karason is the kind of man that will make you swear they put weird stuff in your food again.

Paul used a silver compound to treat a severe case of dermatitis and ended up with argyria. His skin took a bluish tint from silver accumulating in cells and reacting with light. Ironically, the effect achieved its maximum in the face, earning him the “Papa Smurf” nickname.

Despite the popularity he gained on the Internet, Paul Karason never switched his solitary existence for a permanent place in the spotlights. He appeared in just a couple of interviews, mostly to thrash the speculations that he is an alien humanoid with plans to take over the world.

Don’t get your hopes high on ever meeting Karason. The man you won’t believe exists passed away in 2013 after a heart attack weakened his body beyond repair. You will be relieved to know the self-medication that turned his skin blue had nothing to do with his premature death.

What would you do with extra centimeters in the right place?