16 Men You Won’t Believe Exist

1. Michel Lotito

Michel Lotito’s story is so bewildering it will make you double-check the facts.

Nicknamed Mr. Eat-All (or Monsieur Mangetout, if you fancy French), Lotito became famous after consuming all sorts of indigestible objects. Metal, glass, or rubber, nothing is too hard to process for his phenomenal stomach.

Although doctors have a name for the condition that allows Lotito to binge on unusual materials (pica disorder), we tend to believe he mastered the art after years of intense preparation. Obviously, his intestines must have been a real mess.

Can you imagine the joy and pride felt by Michel’s parents? Not only did he finished all his vegetables as a child, but also he often continued chewing on the plates, table, and even chairs. An empty fridge was never an issue for the Lotito family.

Michel’s biggest achievement is consuming a full Cessna 150. It took him two years to ingest every single part, including the pilot.

Let’s take a moment to redefine the breakfast of champions. Bolts and nuts salad garnish a fuselage steak, and everything washes down with a glass of mineral oil.

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