16 Creepy Abandoned Places

2. Buzludzha Communist Memorial

High on a deserted mountaintop, history and science fiction shook hands in the eeriest way imaginable.

The Communist Party of Bulgaria wanted to flex a muscle for eternity. What resulted is a concrete Bahamut that sends shivers down the spine of uninformed passers-by.

Commies are known for their weird architectural tastes, but the one that thought of this was overdosing for inspiration. Seen from a distance, the Buzludzha Monument appears to be a sluggish UFO abandoned by an intergalactic visitor that failed to pay the parking fee.

It gets even creepier once you go inside. What was once a grandiose conference hall for party members, has now fallen into disrepair. Mosaics glorifying Communists leaders are now overrun by hipster graffiti, a subtle metaphor of how political transition happened in Eastern Europe.

Most who venture on the treacherous Bulgarians road to reach Buzludzha are there to re-live “Independence Day.” You know, the scene where the huge mothership darkens the skies. Depressive thoughts would be heading your way only if you had a weakness for Communism.

Buzludzha Communist Memorial

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