16 Creepy Abandoned Places

1. Six Flags New Orleans

Children lining up for tickets are in for heartbreak.

Six Flags New Orleans went out of business in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina hit the area with unprecedented brutality. The amusement park that used to provide endless family fun became a pilgrimage destination for those craving to contemplate death and destruction.

The “Cool Zone” is a trap. Go ahead and ask all those that haunted the park in seek of Instagram-worthy shots and went back with stage IV depression. Color desaturation is what will happen to your view on life if you decide to go down to New Orleans.

What remained from Six Flags can serve only two purposes. Rip the jeans of the thrill seekers that think it’s fun to fool around unstable rusty structures, and inspire the novelist that plans to write on the death of the American Dream.

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