Celeb Kids Who Disgraced Their Parents

1. Christian Brando

Christian Brando spent enough years in jail for manslaughter after killing the abusive boyfriend of his sister. 

For those who do not know, Christian was one of the many children of Marlon Brando. Although the actor’s favorite, he remained a chapter in the family book to be forgotten.

Being the eldest of the Brando siblings made him overprotective. When sister Cheyenne complained about her boyfriend’s misbehavior, Christian took justice in his hands and shot him dead.

Charged with voluntary manslaughter, Christian served half of the ten years sentence. It does not end there! The unrighteous inheritor of the Brando name added drug abuse and domestic violence to his impressive record.

Like many spoiled celebs that do not have to worry about making a living, Christian found comfort in crystal meth and other damaging substances. The 49-years-old died after medical complications favored by drug abuse.

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