15 Zoomed Out Photos Of Famous Landmarks Will Blow Your Mind

1. The Little Mermaid


via DZain

It is quite clear that most landmarks look better in some photos than in reality. 

That is also the case of the Little Mermaid, the most famous sculpture of Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s enough to the see the second shot to understand that this is what you should expect from your visit to the Danish capital.

We are not exactly sure why the statue is so famous, but we can bet it has a lot to do with the fact that punks vandalized it multiple times in over one century of existence. Only the head alone “fell” several types and they even used explosives to knock down the statue altogether.

Nevertheless, Danish authorities are consequently doing restoration work, and the monument endures the trauma quite well. Expect a lot of people in the frame if you go to see the Little Mermaid and forget about taking idyllic shots like the one above.

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