YouTubers You Won’t Believe Exist!

1. Melanie Celeste

With over 300,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, Melanie Celeste can be called a celeb in the world of the homemade video.

Melanie is far from your typical girl that shares beauty tips. The Argentinian YouTuber suffers from dwarfism and can’t walk on her own. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop her from sending a message of hope to all those that are “different.”

Melanie can inspire others because she was never shy to take her condition in front of the camera. You do imagine the degree of bullying she suffered throughout her life. The rare roast she gets on YouTube is nothing compared to the nightmarish school years.

What makes Melanie’s presence on YouTube so unusual? Let’s just say little people like her tend to be shy individuals that don’t have a good grip of their insecurities.

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