15 Weirdest Creatures Ever Caught In The Deep Sea

2. Goblin Shark

Check out the one shark species that looks like an earthly version of the Xenomorph from Alien.

A genuinely disturbing video revealed for the first time a couple of years ago how a Goblin Shark attacks its prey. The bizarre creature has a protruding jaw that snaps right underneath the long nose.

You guessed right! A poor eyesight can render many creatures of the deep sea completely defenseless. In fact, researchers were so puzzled about the strange way of attacking that they initially thought of two different species.

The Goblin Shark is what biologists call a “living fossil.” The animal can be traced back in the fossil records hundreds of millions of years ago and has survived virtually unchanged.

Let’s take a break from scary animals and feast on something that excels in ugliness. Check it out!