14 Unusual Schools You Won’t Believe Exist

1. Hamburger University

Flipping burgers is no longer a job for anyone. Now you need a university degree!

No, that’s not a peek into the sad future of the job market. It also not the secret name used by ranchers to talk about the slaughterhouse in the presence of the cows.

Hamburger University is real, and it taught more than 80,000 McDonald’s restaurant managers how to do a better job. Established in 1961, this Chicago institution offers honorary diplomas to all who graduate the 5-day course.

Making it on the dean’s list is easy. All you have to do is spot the things done wrong in a mock kitchen that emulates a traditional McDonald’s workplace. Everything from packing enough napkins to cutting fries to the standardized length is taught in detail here.

The nasty bit is that everywhere you’ll go around the campus, you will be near a creepy plastic Ronald McDonald.

Coming up next is a school that will make you develop trust issues.

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