Richest Politicians In The World And Their Fabulous Fortunes

1. Queen Elizabeth II – $500 million

Did you assume Queen Elizabeth II owns half of Britain? Wrong!

The 91-year-old barely has half a billion written to her name and endures the humiliation of sitting at the low end of our list. It doesn’t seem to upset the most influential grandma alive, who anxiously waits for her Double Platinum Jubilee and whatever the hell follows in this day and age of ever-increasing life expectancy.

Elizabeth gets her annual paycheck in the form of the Sovereign Grant. The monarch’s lavish lifestyle costs each taxpayer less than a pound a year, which might explain why the monarchy is still incredibly popular for the brave English folks.

Nevertheless, we bet not a single day passes without the Queen dreaming of taking back Westeros and reigning over its richness. As you will further down our list, the Yanks are way better at having wealthy politicians.

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