15 Most Intolerant Celebs And Their Wicked Acts

1. Mel Gibson – The Worst Celeb Ever

When it comes to being intolerant, you have Mel Gibson and the rest.

The Australian actor said so many regrettable words that it’s a real miracle he still has some credit left. It all started when he when on a rant while being arrested for driving under the influence.

Mad Max was genuinely mad when he released the jaw-dropping statement about the Jews. It did not end there!

After going through Hollywood’s most expensive divorce, Gibson married much younger Oksana Grigorieva, only to reveal his misogynist and sexist side.

A black eye and a series of recorded phone rants made the Oscar-winning actor the public enemy number one. Gibson is ultraconservative, and you don’t want to go down with him on topics like politics or religion over a beer.

Although champion at multiple categories, Gibson never went too much over the line as the next celeb.

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