15 Horrific Accidents That Happened In Amusement Parks

1. Space Journey at Eco-Adventure Valley, Shenzen, China (2010)

Six people died, and tens were seriously injured when the Space Journey amusement ride at Eco-Adventure Valley, Shenzen (China) went very wrong.

The centrifuge system was a core attraction because it simulated the incredible accelerations astronauts go through during takeoff. Investigations revealed that a faulty screw was to blame for giving innocent visitors more than the ride promised.

When you build a space shuttle simulator, it is impossible for things not to go wrong at some point. It happens to everyone, and it is enough to remember NASA messed it up two times with Challenger and Columbia.

The ride failed in such a bloody way only one year since it was open, making many people wonder if it is safe at all to go on a ride developed by Chinese engineers.

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