15 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Passage du Gois, France

Passage du Gois is the nightmare of any driver.

Found on the French coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the 4.2 km Passage du Gois connects the island of Noirmoutier with the mainland, setting up the perfect trap for tourists. Only locals know a dirty little secret – the road is flooded twice each day by the high tide.

Can you imagine experiencing an engine problem midway through the passage? You would have to sit and watch as the level rises until sea foam engulfs your prized vehicle.

Don’t worry! It would not mark the first time someone offered an involuntary tribute to Poseidon. The ocean road is notorious for having a high number of drivers that saw no option but to pull the handbrake and embrace a new life on the seven seas.

Even more frightening is that the road caused a couple of shipwrecks since its opening in 1577, and even an otherwise impossible collision between a car and a boat.

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