15 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Zoji La Pass, India

The road that leads to Zoji La Pass is the last one you’d recommend to a Sunday driver.

At over 3,500 m above sea level, the pass connects two of India’s most remote regions – Ladakh and Kashmir.

Hundreds of people die on each side of Zoji Pass, and the place is literally a lottery. You never know when a mid-summer blizzard catches you with your summer tires or a heavy downpour puts a landslide in your path.

Even if you are lucky to escape the elements, the road might surprise you with other deadly feature. Cutting its way on a cliff face for most of the time, the route is excruciating narrow, which makes admiring the view impossible. Oh, and incoming traffic is your worst nightmare

Going backward for kilometers doesn’t sound fun when you barely mastered the courage to negotiate the tight turns. However, drivers prefer that to missing the abyss by a couple of millimeters of loose gravel.

And just when you thought things couldn’t go worse, you are stuck in rush hour traffic. A herd of goats takes advantage of the local road rules that grant them the priority.

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