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If Nicolas Cage Played Every Character In Game Of Thrones
Jun 3, 2016

If Nicolas Cage Played Every Character In Game Of Thrones

Just when you think the Internet is done mocking Nicolas Cage, you stumble upon such a bizarre crossover between the silly actor and the main cast of Game of Thrones. Your mind will go wild knowing that HBO was so impressed with the results and fans’ reception, they even considered Cage as a regular of the show.

Buckle up for the ride! The face of Cage will haunt you from every picture on the list. To remove your eyes from their socket is not an option!

1. Jon Snow

Jon Snow
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Jon Snow is everyone’s favorite character!


We are not sure how many seasons of GoT are left, but we have to say that we can see Nicolas Cage playing the older version of Jon Snow. Of course, the bastard’s claim to regain the North was unsuccessful, and the action focuses on the life at Castle Black.

Nicolas Cage would play an excellent role as a Jon Snow struck by a mid-life crisis, trying each night to drink himself to death joined by the other brothers of the Night’s Watch. Nic has an extended experience dying from alcoholism, and he even won an Oscar for “Leaving Las Vegas,” the movie that makes you hit the local bar instantly.

But Kit Harington has nothing to worry, at least not for now. Nicolas Cage is far from growing the curly black hair which needed to attract the female audience of the show.

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2. Bran Stark

Bran Stark
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Bran Stark is a symbol of innocence, yet the last two seasons of the series have him develop supernatural powers in a way we did not expect.

Casting Nicolas Cage as Bran Stark would confirm the suspicions that there is something fishy about the actor, as previous clues have linked him with time traveling and vampirism.

Of course, the job gets tougher for Hodor, as carrying 80 kg of Nicolas Cage around is not an easy task, even for a man of his strength.

Again, we are tempted to see Nic taking on an older version of Bran, but the actor is not a person who would settle for the reserve bench. Give Nicolas Cage a wolf, and he will eventually rule the North.

Even actresses are not safe from losing their GoT roles to Cage. Go to the next page for a something profoundly wrong!

3. Brienne of Tarth

Brienne of Tarth
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Nicolas Cage would have no problems impersonating Lady Brienne.

With her masculinity and the ability to beat any knight in Westeros, Brienne of Tarth is the inaccessible woman who is always in search of a challenge.

The face, the unimpressed grimace, as well as the stature, all of them are easy to replicate by the actor.

Although transgenderism is not one of the themes in Game of Thrones, it is natural to assume that the producers will take it out from the hat if ratings fall in the seasons to come.

Looking at the picture, we try to remember if Cage ever played a role with having blonde hair. Nevertheless, we can all agree that this the perfect role for Nicolas Cage to start his collaboration with GoT.

Can we agree that Nicolas Cage taking the next role would ruin the show?

4. Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen
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The fans of Khaleesi went mad once they heard beautiful Emilia Clarke would step down to allow let suave Nicolas Cage take the role.

We don’t doubt Nic’s ability to take care of the slave-masters political problem, but we believe he will have a hard time imposing himself as the true ruler of Westeros.

Commanding dragons and the army of Unsullied will prove to be a real challenge for the actor used with “good guys win” kind of movies.

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5. Hodor

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Nicolas Cage is the kind of actor who invests a considerable amount of time in studying the character he is going to play. 

With only one line to memorize, Cage will target his energies on nonverbal performance. Of course, lazy kids fantasizing to have their very own Hodor to carry them to and from school will have to deal with the unexpected and shocking change of actors.

It is impossible for us to believe that Nicolas Cage will settle with a silent role and we can only assume that Martin has something great in store for Hodor.

Scenarios go as far as putting him in pole position to be the next king in Westeros. Everyone loves how Hodor structures his speech and orders will be clear as never before.

Don’t leave just yet! We speculate on other ways to ruin Game of Thrones by casting Nicolas Cage in the show.

6. Jamie Lannister

Jamie Lannister
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As the rumors that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is stepping down from his role, fans all turned their attention towards Cersei, who is now facing a new potential lover.

Nicolas Cage has previously played roles in which a part of his body was missing, and a golden hand is no cause for concern.

A potential problem is the fact that Jamie has gradually shifted from fans’ attention and is now a secondary role to the plot. We will have to wait to see how Cage deals with that.

You must see Nicolas Cage playing another beloved character in HBO’s highly successful drama.

7. Ned Stark

Ned Stark
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Nicolas Cage has played on many occasions a dead character, and the resurrection of Ned Stark goes well with the actor’s intimate understanding of the supernatural forces.

It is enough to look at the picture above to see Nicolas Cage giving life to the famous words “Brace yourselves, winter is coming!” Cage needs to let go of his regular grooming habits if he is to play the rugged Warden of the North.

Also, he needs to learn the ways of Winterfell, like “dancing” with dire wolves, cutting people’s head for justice, and seeing his family butchered by smarter families of Westeros.

Another popular hypothesis is that Cage will be used to film flashbacks from Ned’s life and that there will be no more miracles in the series.

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8. Petyr Baelish

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Nicolas Cage as Littlefinger is a scenario often heard inside the closed circles of the Game of Thrones producers.

Although you would need to shrink Cage a bit on the horizontal axis, we can all agree that Cage holds the verbal flow required to impersonate someone as skilled as Petyr Baelish.

Of course, all fans will miss the old Petyr, but they can also agree that a change would freshen up the character. Growing a mustache is a challenge accepted for Nicolas Cage and living in the Vale might not seem like a bad idea.

We believe Nicolas Cage will act as an excellent tutor for Robin Arryn, filling his young mind with stories about all the great roles he once played.

Seeing people thrown in the Moon Door is a source of endless excitement and Nicolas Cage will never get tired of it.

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9. Ramsay Bolton

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Cage has played before creepy roles, but this time it will be a real struggle. 

The cruelty of Ramsay Bolton has made any horror movie producer in Hollywood sit down and take notes in a state of sheer delight.

Cage will have to accept a role marked by violence and cruelty. Cage is also in for a role which is probably the most hated in the entire Game of Thrones.

People will stop on the streets and toss salads at the new Ramsay Bolton, asking him when he is going to die. Cage never played the villain to such an extreme, so the role has the potential to affect him on a psychological level.

Everyone fears seeing the Ghost Rider going on a rampage, and playing Ramsay Bolton can fuel an evil hidden for too long inside Nicolas Cage.

The actor is so desperate we won’t say no to secondary roles. Check out the next funny simulation!

10. Samwell Tarly

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First of all, Nicolas Cage needs to put on a considerable number of extra kilograms to resemble the old Sam as close as possible. 

Second, Cage will have to accept a role which is by no means glorious or inspiring.

The poor Sam is in for a long and boring career of studies for becoming a Maester, and we are sure Cage hated school just as much as we did. The only consolation will be Gilly (Hannah Murray).

Cage is in for a role of constant bullying and harassment, and it will be a surprise if he survives unharmed until the end of the show.

With no Jon Snow around to protect him, Sam has to develop defensive skills. But judging by the rate at which they kill main characters, Cage will not lose a lot of time trapped in GoT as Sam.

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11. Sansa Stark

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The Stark fans are in for yet another surprise. 

After some of the Starks had died, while others received strange supernatural powers, Sansa was the only left “standard.” Of course, Sansa is not exactly ok, especially after spending time with sadistic Ramsay.

With Cage now playing the role of Sansa, fans will step on their toes to abandon loyalty to this gorgeous Westeros princess.

We are still not sure if Sansa is going to gain weight and put on a beard in the show, as a result of her failure to regain Winterfell, or if Nicolas Cage will have to adopt a more feminine appearance.

We believe in the miracles made possible by diet, exercise, and a bit of plastic surgery, and are eager the see the complete transformation of Nicolas Cage.

Casting Cage as the next character couldn’t miss from our list.

12. Tyrion Lannister

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GoT directors have multiple difficulties casting Nicolas Cage as Tyrion Lannister.

For starters, to simulate the small stature, they will never film the actor from head to toe, complicating once more moving scenes or those when he is together with other characters.

Of course, some have suggested adjusting the length of Nicolas’ legs to account for the new role. Cage has declared many times that he is willing to make any sacrifice for the success of his movies, and becoming a little person through a double amputation might be just one of them.

Of course, Nicolas Cage will never match Peter Dinklage’s charisma. Producers fear that 90% of the audience of the series will disappear the moment Cage shows his face as the beloved dwarf.

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