Game of Thrones is by far the most popular TV show of the moment, so putting Nicolas Cage in the equation is an obvious thought going through people’s mind. Six seasons are enough to leave people bored with seeing the same faces over and over again, so a change in landscape is welcomed.

We can bet that they already developed a clinical name for the obsession with Nicolas Cage’s face, put face swapping is a guilty pleasure of today’s online environment.

Simulating how Nicolas Cage will log inside each role can also help producers make an informed and educated decision. Cage is such a versatile actor that no role is impossible to take.


Seeing Cage as one of the multiple feminine characters in Game of Thrones is not the result of a sick mind, but a reality in today’s acting practices.

Westeros was close to our medieval period if you take the dragons out of the bargain, and ladies were not quite like our current ideal of beauty.


Some fans of both the actor and the TV series have pushed the bar even higher and are willing to watch the show in which every major character is played by Cage.

Judging by the fact that Game of Thrones is basically a succession of monologues, this is not impossible to make. Of course, it would be a supreme feet of acting, but we trust Nicolas Cage is capable of doing it.

The only risk of appearing in GoT is that at some point you are going to die in an unexpected and bloody way.

1. Jon Snow

jon snow
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Jon Snow is everyone’s favorite character.

We are not sure how many seasons of GoT are left, but we have to say that we can see Nicolas Cage playing the older version of Jon Snow. Of course, the bastard’s claim to regain the North was unsuccessful and the action is centered on the dreadful life at Castle Black.

Nicolas Cage would play an excellent role as a Jon Snow struck by a mid-life crisis, trying each night to drink himself to death together with the other brothers of the Night’s Watch.

Nic has an extended experience dying from alcoholism and he even won an Oscar for “Leaving Las Vegas”, the movie which makes you hit the local bar instantly.

But Kit Harington has nothing to worry, at least for now. Nicolas Cage is far from growing the curly black hair which is needed to attract the feminine audience of the show.


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