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12 Life Hacks They Don’t Teach You In College
Jul 7, 2016

11 Life Hacks They Don’t Teach You In College


And you still think they taught you useful stuff in college! Take a look at the real life skills people need!

Cheap and easy to implement, these 11 life hacks are the pinnacle of MacGyverism. Companies want this article deleted so hurry up and read!

1. Beer Fountain

Beer Fountain

Having cold beers for the whole gang is quite difficult when you are stuck with a small fridge and when the electricity bill is your worst enemy.

A nearby fountain can solve all your problems. Why they didn’t dedicate a physics lesson to cooling beverages remains a mystery.

The downside is you need to keep an eye on the precious cargo, as a cold beer on a hot summer day can tempt even the abstinent.

Engineering student might argue that you should pay attention to Archimedes’ principle. However, we will leave such details for geeks like you to handle and focus on the simplicity of the solution.

2. No More Cold Pizza

No More Cold Pizza

Pizza is good! Pizza is Life! However, when that last slice of pizza gets cold, a part of your soul dies.

Yes, you can also eat it cold, and the chances are it will still taste good. Not having an oven or a microwave around is a situation many college students face.

You can barely remember the last time you had to iron those shirts for that last interview. Supplement your quest for heat with a blow dryer and your pizza will be back to a temperature suitable for eating in no time at all.

The only risk here is to forget your appliances on and burn to the ground the entire campus. We put aside some tears remembering those glorious frat years.

3. Who Needs Coffee?

Who Needs Coffee?

Aaaah … college years! Coffee after coffee quickly eroded the limit between day and night and turned you into a zombie.

The coffee maker became your best friend, feeding you and quenching your thirst. All the right memories are there: your first panic attack, the moment you remembered your grandma has Parkinson while watching your hands shake uncontrollably, or when you first fell asleep while standing upright.

You lived inside a big lie. You could have used the coffee maker to boil hotdogs and put real food in that belly of yours from time to time.

4. Who Needs Coffee? (Part 2)

Who Needs Coffee? part2

We will continue our quest to reveal the untapped potential of the coffee maker with this hack.

Boiling pasta was the cornerstone of cooking for every young student sent into exile to study. You will be surprised to know that even this simple meal has its secrets.

Boiling pasta with the coffee maker would have saved you time, while also making you the coolest kid on the campus.

That annoying organic chemistry lab practice was nothing compared to the thrill of seeing the water boil before your very eyes. Benefiting from such a gourmet meal from time to time would have made your life much easier.

5. Ironing Man

Ironing Man

For most college students, getting their first and only shirt in good form for an interview was often the difference between life and death.

The guy in the photo reveals one of the best-kept secrets. You don’t need an iron to get that shirt straight and smooth. Any metal you have around the house might do the work once heated to a proper temperature.

Of course, at this point, we need to add the fact that this hack is also the most dangerous. From burning your hands and ruining your shirt, or setting the house on fire, almost anything that might happen happened to someone.

In fact, we are so excited that we plan to create a list with ironing accidents.You could see the irony in that!

6. Game, Set, Match!

Wimbledon Pasta

With Wimbledon high on everyone’s lips, is time to go to your closet and dig for that tennis racket you bought a couple of years ago.

College was hard to you, and your dreams of becoming the next Andre Agassi lost structure when hard exams and heavy drinking ruined your reflexes.

This hack shows how you can use the rackets around the house with maximum efficiency. Boiling pasta, the well-known cooking reflex of every young adult male who went through college, ends when you have to dump the hot water.

Keeping the delicious noodles away from the dirty sink always proved challenging.

7. Handy Man

Handy Man

Have you ever had a course book that big, regular paper clips or staples are rendered useless?

Yes, studying for that exam was an ordeal, but keeping your pages in the right order was probably the most challenging aspect.

Using stronger tools is always the solution when you want to push the limit of what can be done. This guy here clearly knows what he is doing, although we are tempted to comment his idea of putting his foot on the desk.

We can only hope he switched the percussion off and stopped before drilling the hole all the way through the desk.

No book will ever teach this pop science trick!

8. Simple Beer Holder

Simple Beer Holder

The empty fridge overrun by beer is the trademark of every college student. 

However, making room for the food you always promise yourself to buy is a bit complicated.

This simple, yet very useful hack uses a paper clip to keep the pyramidal structure in place. Sometimes, just a little lateral push is enough to counteract the self-weight of the bottles.

Of course, this is just a simple demo of this hack put to use. College campuses have made the technique perfect and gave it epic proportions.

Our upcoming article “frat parties that went wrong” will offer more insight on that.

9. Magic Socks Repair

Magic Socks Repair

Socks are darn expensive if you are in college and already have nightmares about the massive debt you have to pay once you graduate.

This easy trick stretches lateral thinking to its maximum and shows you that sometimes you need to create another problem to solve the already existing one.

For those who don’t afford a permanent marker, using a hammer can provide the same benefits, with even more enduring effects.

Companies which manufacture socks want this photo removed from the Internet, but we will do our best to ensure its survival and spread the word to as many students as possible.

10. Fancy Slippers

Fancy Slippers

The college campus is often a dirty place and navigating its dark and muddy corridors can put a strain on your feet.

Why buy new slipper when you can save money and also help save the planet?

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is the motto of many agencies who fight to protect the climate. When you are broke and facing an increasing tuition debt, “reduce” becomes your second nature.

However, reusing often requires a bit of strategic thinking from your side. With this hack revealed, a new fashion wave is riding high this summer.

11. Best Speakers

Best Speakers

You went to college for nothing if you never annoyed your roommates with your horrible music tastes. 

Playing that tune you can’t get out of your head on your smartphone is certainly no fun. In most cases, the integrated speakers are too weak to disturb the neighboring rooms.

You will be shocked to know that all that physics they taught can help create solutions like this one. However, no one will take your hands and show you exactly how to do it.

The secret already ruined this year’s profit for many multimedia companies. With cardboard and toilet paper rolls being accessible to anyone, colleges became hellish for all who go there to study.


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