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11 Creepy Easter Bunnies That Ruined Childhoods
Aug 15, 2016

11 Creepy Easter Bunnies That Ruined Childhoods


You probably had a quiet and peaceful childhood, but there are some dark spots that you can’t remember. If you had a hard time being the same person immediately after Easter, chances are you parents thought it was cute to take pictures of you sitting on the lap of a giant bunny.

Not everyone affords a great costume, and most companies that provide Easter bunny services rely on cheap imports to do the job. Those designers did anything imaginable, except create a bunny costume that is acceptable and that doesn’t scare the soul out of the little ones.

1. Therapy Needed After This

1. Therapy Needed After

These kids are far from having the time of their lives and the parents probably invested a lot of money afterward in treatment. 

It is not easy to forget such a bunny costume, especially when those hairy hands grab and hold you tight.

Poor Uncle Ben. He wanted to surprise his nephew and niece and ended up being kicked out of the house because the children could not stop screaming. There are many ways to ruin a childhood, but nothing beats a creepy Easter bunny suit.

These traumatized kids took quite a leap into adulthood. They skipped sitting on Santa’s lap that year and in the years that followed.

2. Creepy Dad

2. Creepy Dad

When the family budget for Easter is too tight to call a professional creepy bunny, it is up to good old dad to do the job. 

With little time left before the Easter eggs hunt, this father of the year chose a minimalist approach. A simple bunny mask and an unshaved beard are all it takes to look deranged.

However, the kids were not impressed by the stunt, and the creepy looking dad decided to tour the neighborhood in a search for other victims. With a face like that, any stranger might take you as a serial killer with a weird fetish for the cute and fluffy mammals.

3. They Seem Proud

3. They Seem Proud

We don’t know what these two rabbits did, but they certainly contemplate with pleasure the day that ended. Call the police before they move on!

Judging by the blood on their costumes, this was one Easter party that did not go as planned. Maybe the kids got a bit too pushy and annoyed the men behind the costumes. Or maybe we got everything wrong and is just a picture taken on Halloween.

Whatever the case, we are sure no parent would be happy to see the two creepy bunnies next to their loved ones.

4. Between Two Bunnies

4. Between Two Bunnies

Apparently, one creepy looking bunny was considered not enough back in the days when this kind of photo-shoots became a trend amongst parents.

That is one embrace hard to escape from, as the two men inside the costumes seem to be real professionals. The kid is probably too young to sense the danger or the awkwardness of the situation.

Judging by how original the costumes are, this photo belongs to the mid-1950s. If still alive, that kid is approaching the age of 70, and we estimate he has a strange fear that somehow involves two rabbits.

5. Vintage Creepy Is The Best

5. Vintage Creepy Is The Best

There is something with vintage photos that makes them incredibly creepy. Maybe the fact that some people believe that the world was in black and white back then.

We are clearly talking about one of the first bunny costumes, and the focus was on reproducing the anatomy of the beast with increased accuracy. As the years went one, the suits became more anthropomorphic.

It appears that the two children enjoy the company of the giant rabbit holding their hands. Some people love their job and children are the first to sense that. Although creepy, this rabbit did his best to be a pleasant companion for Easter.

6. The Dog Looks Surprised

6. The Dog Looks Surprised

Last time we checked, dogs were the one chasing and hunting rabbits. However, all the rules change on Easter day, and this dog is clearly not enjoying the role it needs to play.

Seeing those bunny ears at the horizon fooled this giant rabbit during an Easter Eggs hunt, and he left the kids and everything behind.

We can say that this is not the worse bunny costume we’ve seen. Even so, we have all reasons to believe the kids at that party left with a mental trauma deeply seeded in them.

7. Childhood Trauma

7. Childhood Trauma

The girl here was not lucky! In a desperate attempt to do the job, the creepy bunny became violent and forced the kid to have fun. 

Of course, parents sat and watched, as learning to cope with giant creepy bunnies is one of the many parts of growing up.

How would you react if a bunny like this would kidnap your daughter?

8. Evil Bunny

8. Evil Buny

The expression on that face is one that will probably haunt you throughout the night. That’s why you shouldn’t read articles about creepy and awkward Easter bunnies late in the evening.

We are surprised to see that the little boy is silent in the tight embrace of this psychopath. It might be the calm before the storm what we see here.

An embrace that lasts more than five minutes is a clear sign that something is not right. Also, the tail was never supposed to be in the front.

9. Deranged Rabbit

9. Deranged Rabbi

If almost all Easter bunnies in our list can compete for the adjective creepy, this fine specimen here targets a different word in the vocabulary. 

With eyes focusing in different directions, this bunny seems deranged and mentally unstable.

We watched far too many bad horror movies to prevent our imagination from creating an elaborate backstory for this picture. The man behind the costume was a notorious serial killer that took advantage of the Easter celebrations to murder entire families.

They took this photo just minutes before everything became a bloodbath.

10. Goodbye Childhood

10. Goodbye Childhood

Only one conclusion can emerge from this photo!

That child will never be the same after the encounter with this giant rabbit. That is the face of pure fear and desolation, as there is nothing you can do to escape the creepy animal holding you in its arms.

Even scarier than the big lifeless eyes is the fake background with Greek columns behind the armchair. Finding a better example of kitsch is hard.

Talking about ruined childhoods, this kid here took a big leap directly to retirement after the scariest encounter ever.

11. White Rabbit

11. White Rabbit

Add a white rabbit and an African-American girl, and you end up with something which is cute and creepy at the same time. 

We do not know if this was intentional, but it looks odd.

Because that is basically a modified bathrobe that is by far the worst Easter bunny costume ever.

If Klux Klux Klan had a division for rabbits, this would be their official costume. Now you see why this photo is so wrong?


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