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25 Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn
Aug 5, 2017

25 Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

Humans are no longer the only species extracting benefit from not giving a damn. The animals learned about our ways are now chilling, ignoring stress, and acting senselessly.

However, some went beyond being zen and turned into jerks. Check out 25 pics that show what happens when they stop being animals for a day.

1. Daredevil Goat Defies Law

Daredevil Goat Defies Law
via Dump a Day

Animals care about our stupid laws less than we think.

This goat decided to skip the “not” part of the sentence and went for the thrill of scaling the rocks. Nothing justifies the animal going haywire and performing this act of disobedience.

It comes to show that some fellows simply don’t give a damn. It gets even better further down the list, as animals feel more and more comfortable showing their casual side.

2. A Toast! For You, My Friend!

A Toast! For You, My Friend!
via Boo’s Fun Zone

Can you imagine coming home to see you pet chilling with a glass of wine and usurping your favorite chair?

That would be quite a change from the traditional “jump on you and lick your face.” Add a delicious home cooked meal waiting in the oven and you can pat yourself on the back for doing a good job with training.

Nevertheless, if the dog starts a smart conversation with you about the state of the world economy, then you must be dreaming.

3. What’s for Dinner?

What's for Dinner?
via YouTube

Stumbling upon such a sight at your favorite picnic location is unsettling.

What will the black bear do once he snaps out of his reverie? Will he chase you down the old fashion way or resort to turning into a personal butler?

There are so many ways this could go wrong. Then, you remember we are on a list of animals that don’t give a damn. The bear might as well ignore you and continue to daydream.

4. Having A Sloth in School Rocks!

Sloth School Rocks!
via Animals & Society

“This is my seat. Can’t you sit somewhere else?”

Can you imagine going to school one day to discover the new kid in town everyone is talking about is, in fact, a sloth? First came the Chinese children and they made you look like an idiot during math class.

What will happen now? Sloths appear to be an easy target for bullying. However, they don’t seem to give a damn about it. Will this Gandhi approach work to keep them alive throughout the semester?

5. Oh, So You’re Lawing The Mown?

Oh, So You're Lawing The Mown?
via Bored Panda

Lawing the mown is one activity that sends most pets scrambling for their lives.

But there are exceptions. This dog doesn’t give a damn, not even when the blades get agonizingly close to his paws.

Whether it’s the smell of the freshly cut grass, or about making your job more complicated, it’s had to say what motivates this doggy to stand still and contemplate the meaning of life.

6. Water Buffalo Is A Stoic

Water Buffalo Is A Stoic
via Comedy Wildlife Photo

Africa is one of the last places to go if in search of animals not giving a damn.

The reason is simple. If you don’t bother to give a damn you develop a personality trait that would hinder your chances of survival.

However, this water buffalo knows the little bird pooping on his head is no cause for concern. The slime is nothing compared to the awful parasites inhabiting the fur coat of the beast.

Mastering serenity is also a trick to keep the body temperature low. Getting angry on the bird is pointless, mostly because there is nothing you can do.

Smart water buffalos also open their mouths. The awful smell never scares the small creatures in their hunt for free food stuck between those teeth.

7. Cat Ruins Puzzle Game

Cat Ruins Puzzle Game
via Tumblr

Finishing the Aladin puzzle is a nightmare when the cat lands right on top of it.

Check out the despair on that girl’s face. She knows she risks a catastrophe if she disturbs the ungrateful feline from her quarters.
The dilated pupils gave us an important clue. The pet is not happy about something, and the girls will not risk with questions.

Cats are champions when it comes to not giving a damn. What is the worst thing your cat did to you?

8. Swan Family Doesn’t Care About Traffic

Swan Family Doesn't Care About Traffic
via Nordic Nomads

Swans are some of the most badass creatures.

Otherwise, we can’t explain how a family of these admired birds mustered the courage to ruin road traffic without fearing police retribution. Check out how they sent an officer just to make sure the mother and the young chicks are safe from angry motorists.

The incredible scene happened on the streets of Copenhagen and made the pedestrians rub their eyes in disbelief. What if all the swans exploit this breach and make the roads and intersections their home?

9. Call The Cops!

Call The Cops!
via Tumblr

Call the cops! We have an angry bird over here!

Road signs are non-negotiable. Either you obey them, or you end up on the wrong side of the law.

This bird made its intention clear. The seagull wants to rough some feathers with the state troopers, and we are in for an old fashion helicopter chase.

10. The Slow and The Furious

The Slow and The Furious
via Joy Reactor

Sloths made a living out of not giving a damn.

Check out the little guy and his pathetic celebration of speed. It would have been something entirely different to see that wheel spinning.

Sloths are nature’s laziest and slowest creatures but they don’t seem to bother about the negative publicity.

With Paul Walker dead, creators of “The Fast and The Furious” series should consider a sequel. Apparently, only true sloth lovers would appreciate a low gear blockbuster without special effects and unfolding at an agonizingly slow pace.

11. Cat Chills at The Spa

Cat Chills at The Spa
via Twitter

This cat is the first of its kind to explore the incredible benefits of wellness.

Chilling by the spa leaves little room for giving a damn. Forget about chasing mice, birds, or laser points on the walls!

A relaxed cat is a happy cat, and you can bet those claws will come out less often than before. Even more remarkable is that the cat finally made a truce with the biggest enemy of its species – the cucumber.

Once you are done with our list, you can go ahead and Google the felines’ reaction in the presence of the green vegetable.

12. Riding The Capybara Bus

Riding The Capybara Bus
via Pinterest

Being exploited by members of another species would turn most animals mad.

But not the capybara! The gentle creature has one of the highest rates of tolerance ever seen in the animal kingdom.

It’s pointless to call yourself an Uber in the jungle! Hijacked by the monkeys, this capybara accepted to give them a free ride on his back.

Soon after this pic became viral, other animals also wanted to exploit this ecologic and highly comfortable mean of transportation.

13. Cat? What Cat?

Cat? What Cat?
via Giphy

Cat? What cat? Are you sure you own a cat?

This former “good boy” is too lazy to find another comfy spot, so he embraced denial, hoping that the masters will not spot the obvious.

Check out the paw of the cat! The feline just entered DEFCON 1, and a strike is imminent.

What burns our mind is how the cat accepted such a humiliation in the first place. Maybe the tabby wanted to see how it feels to put your but on someone else.

14. Duck Island

Duck Island
via Meme Guy

What do you do when there’s no land in sight, and you badly want to keep your feet dry?

Why it’s simple! Just find yourself the kind of duck that doesn’t give a damn about being used in the least glamorous way imaginable.

Animals care less than you think about silly situations like this one. Nevertheless, something tells us that the awkward pose reflects the social stratification of the pond. The white duck is in clear submission.

Imagine being a hunter who stumbles upon such a bizarre sight. It would be impossible not to think that ducks are secretly planning to take over the world.

15. Cat Went to Zen School

Cat Went to Zen School
via Pinterest

The cat above went to Zen school, and now masters the art of not giving a damn.

The training proves to be so efficient not even mice can disturb the tranquility. Check out how those buggers did everything imaginable except enter the cat’s ears.

Would you be able to overcome temptation? Something tells us this brave feline is moments away from snapping and seeking bloody vengeance.

16. Doge Goes for A Night Cap

Doge Goes for A Night Cap
via Boredom Therapy

Being a doge is hard.

Once the Shiba Inu breed became so famous, it’s impossible to go for a walk without hearing people speaking broken English on purpose when they see you. Even worse is that they require from you to smile all the time and act friendly.

The evening offers the much-needed relief. Once the leash is off, doge is free to walk the bars and contemplate his life as an Internet celeb.

A night cap is the best medicine for someone barely keeping it together. Much sad! Such mysterious! Very sorrow!

17. Duck Feels Like A Star

Duck Feels Like A Star
via TBS Merchants

Duck doesn’t give a damn about ruining the freshly poured concrete.

Check out the man on the left. He is obviously pissed at seeing the neat surface ruined by duck footprints going all over the place.

However, there’s nothing this construction worker can do. The duck is most likely a movie star that got the wrong address. Instead of leaving a mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the bird will settle for something less glamorous – a suburban garage access alley.

Something tells us this duck was lucky. Walking the same surface a couple of hours earlier would have ended disastrously.

Whether you call them “cement shoes” or “cement fins,” they signal the same thing – roast duck is one the menu.

18. Cat Goes for Warm Surfaces Only

Cat Goes for Warm Surfaces Only
via Know Your Meme

Cats not giving a damn offer a spectacle as old as time itself.

Our favorite felines have a special thing for surfaces that emit heat, be they laptop screens or human faces. Oh, and they don’t care if you hate it.

Check out the face of that poor man! Granting the cat full freedom was part of the marriage deal so there is nothing he can do now but bear. Believe us, although the cat cleans that part of the body, it is still gross to contemplate it rubbing against your eye.

As for the laptop, we dread thinking about the amount of scratching that will take place before the cat will finally settle with a comfortable parking.

19. Lazy Dog Doesn’t Give A Damn

Lazy Dog Doesn't Give A Damn
via YouTube

Just look at this dog! He doesn’t give a damn about the snow underneath that needs to be cleaned, or about his owner politely waiting in the cold for a chance to finish the job.

You might have expected something else, and we understand your disappointment. If even a man’s best friend doesn’t care, the entire world is doomed.

Is the dog quietly putting up a resistance to protest the effects of global warming? You could call it that way if you are not yet ready to accept the truth.

Animals don’t always behave according to logic or a life philosophy. Out of the blue, sitting on a pile of snow appears to be the only thing worth doing.

20. The Perfect Sofa

The Pefect Sofa
via Bored Panda

Capybaras are so comfortable to sit and friendly, they became the favorite sofa of the animal kingdom.

Just look at how those turtles wait their turn to mount the sleeping herbivore! And the best part is that the pig-like creature native to South America doesn’t give a damn about the exploitation.

“I have tons of work to do at the office tomorrow. My boss will kill me!” Animals are blessed with fewer things to worry about while sleeping so we must assume they are also happier.

With no predators in sight, this small community of beings is enjoying heaven. Alternatively, they might feel nothing and simply don’t give a damn about feeling and other nonsense.

21. Goat Is Crazy

Goat Is Crazy
via Imgur

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.”

The 23rd Psalm fits perfectly the unbelievable scene in which a goat walks right through a group of crocodiles lounging in the sun. Is the situation seconds away from tragedy, or are we missing something?

Out bet goes on those reptiles having their bellies so fully loaded there is simply no room left for dessert. If that’s true, the goat obviously underestimates the danger. Crocodiles often kill just for fun.

It’s funny to picture a human performing a similar stunt. You’d have to bath yourself in honey, stick $100 bills all over your body, and walk through the neighborhood with the highest crime rate. That’s the amount of temptation those crocodiles experience!

22. Cat Siesta

Cat Siesta
via Pinterest

That cat has had enough petting for one day and is now enjoying her siesta.

However, that position she adopted will not guarantee her tranquility. When you show so much underbelly, you are begging for someone to come and rub it for you.

There’s a way to make the shot even better. Imagine placing a cup of coffee and a cigar right by her side.

Traveling to lands where siesta is guaranteed by the law, like Spain and Italy, has its perks. Late afternoon sightseeing is much better when you can ask the local stray cats for directions.

Just make sure you cut the small talk before they attempt to sell you dead mice or birds.

23. Screw You, Other Seagull!

Screw You, Other Seagull!
via Reddit

Nature is a jungle and, occasionally, individuals from the same species take advantage of each other.

We do not know whom to crown a champion for not giving a damn. Should we praise the seagull on top for acting like a jerk? Or maybe we should admire the one patiently accepting the burden on his head.

Whatever the case, our understanding of seagull society needs an update. There’s a clear hierarchy, and no one seems to bother to contest it.

Don’t let this zen image distort reality. Seagulls remained equally aggressive towards beach-goers and their eyes.

24. Small Pond You Have There!

Duck Found A Pond
via Pinterest

Now you know the awful secret road workers have been trying to hide all along.

Ducks are the ones ruining the tarmac in secret. As their wetland habitat is getting smaller with each passing day, they attempt to claim new land in a very aggressive manner (and annoying for us drivers).

That puddle might look small to you, but it is a perfect fit for our silly little friend. Soon enough, that beak will activate its percussion mechanism and proceed to turn the road into a deathtrap.

Check out the silver linings! Road kill is fair game in most parts of the world. Why bother to get a gun permit when all you have to do is drive?

25. Cat Supervises Human Slave

Cat Supervises Human Slave
via Know Your Meme

Some human-pet relationships can go completely wrong.

The cat is a jerk. Confirmed! Check out how the lazy feline assumed a cozy position that offers full control over her slave. While there will be no whipping, you can bet there’s room for scratching, biting, or the less painful but harder to bear “butt on the head.”

What you witness is a scene that reminds of the pharaohs. Nevertheless, the poor man is not building a pyramid, at least not yet.

The cat commissioned a brand new litter box, one huge enough to throw a huge party for all the other mice-catchers of the neighborhood.