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24 Insane Wedding Fails That Are Hilariously Awful
Jul 30, 2017

24 Insane Wedding Fails That Are Hilariously Awful

With wedding season in full bloom, it’s time to do a short recap of the best wedding fails that ever reached the Internet.

Prepare for total humiliation as the broom and the bride live the worst day of their lives!

1. When You Replace the Doves with Chickens

When You Replace the Doves with Chickens
via Pinterest

Obeying traditions is a vital part of the wedding ceremony. Without them, we would be savages, just like the couple in the photo.


What happened with the textbook doves that fly free and symbolize eternal bliss? Call us poets, but the featherless chickens send an entirely different message – the shackles of marriage are upon you. A lifetime of cooking, here we come!

“Say goodbye to KFC, dear! From now on, we will have only home cooked meals.” The philosopher who stated that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach would sincerely appreciate the firm commitment to a healthier diet.

As for the vegans in the audience, we doubt they felt comfortable seeing the spectacle. Seeing the lifeless chickens desecrated doesn’t justify making your wedding stand out.

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2. Who Invited Gravity to the Wedding?

Who Invited Gravity to the Wedding?
via Twitter

The wedding cake is the climax of the wedding, and everyone saves a bit of stomach real estate for the sugar-infested calorie bomb.

Nevertheless, not all cakes are lucky enough to survive all the way to the plates of the gluttonous guests. Gravity has a nasty habit of showing up uninvited and ruining what was supposed to be the best moment.

Yes, cutting the cake, the evergreen symbol that stuffing with food is the only way to keep the blues away once the marriage becomes official. The couple pictured above was not a lucky one.

The pastry chef forgot to consult a structural engineer about his skyscraping wonder. It was not the groom’s clumsiness that caused the collapse. Just look at the feeble columns!

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3. Is That what We Think It Is?

Is That what We Think It Is?
via LifeBuzz

When your theme for the wedding cake is a bizarre animal no one heard off, you should expect the chef to deliver something that will make your guests cringe.

However, no one seems to be upset about the monstrosity. In fact, the bride and the groom even mustered the courage to cut it.

Now comes the riddle. Who will be the first one to taste it? When you replace traditional whip cream with, well, something brownish, don’t be upset to see your friends and family pretending to tie their shows while feeding the delight to the ADHD toddlers roaming underneath the tables.

The next wedding fail is gross.

4. Sad Groom Releases Salty Drops

Sad Groom Releases Salty Drops
via Trinixy

Weddings are emotional, but this photo shows the wrong way to deal with them.

Let’s get past the fact that the groom is the one releasing salty drops from his eyes and move on to the cringe-inducing way he uses the wedding gown as a tissue. Something tells us his whining session will end with a classic blow of the nose.

What caused this unfortunate individual to experience such a downpour? Is it the sudden loss of his freedom? Maybe we are just mean, and the guy feels genuine bliss for ending his bachelor years and settling for a family life.

Last time we checked, you pay the wedding photographer to reveal the best. Guess who greased the palms holding the camera and hijacked their good intentions?

5. Man Recovers Sight Immediately after the Wedding

via Awkward Family Photos

For this lucky couple what happened at their wedding was a genuine miracle.

As the alcohol in his bloodstream oozed out, the man suddenly recovered sight, just in time to admire his beautiful wife all dressed in white. The relief on his face says it all – he expected much worse and is somehow contempt.

Don’t judge us for being staunch supporters of beauty standards. You would better use your resources on figuring out why this kind of wedding photos keep ending up on the Internet.

The smiling beauty is a warning to all those Russian bachelors out there. A lifetime of drinking vodka can favor hasty decisions that never went through the filter of reason.

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6. Find Yourself a Thinner Groom

Find Yourself a Thinner Groom
via TLC

Fairytale weddings deliver a very toxic message – everything should be oversized and fabulous.

The modern day princess asked her tailor for folds like there was no tomorrow. The result is hilarious – the pair barely fits inside the carriage.

Can you come up with a solution to make their voyage to the church more comfortable? Don’t even think of suggesting a dress adjustment! As far as we see it, the groom would have to do the walk of shame and let the bride exhaust every square centimeter.

Is the pair off to shoot a Disney film? No, they adopted a fat wedding just to show off and harvest envy from friends and family.

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7. Every Wedding Has This Guy

Every Wedding Has This Guy
via LifeBuzz

Every wedding has this guy – the clumsy fool that gets carried away by the rice throwing ritual.

With his glass full with the darkest liquid available at the table, his role at the ceremony is to ruin the bride’s dress and make everyone feel uncomfortable. Just look at his perfect timing and extraordinary reach!

The man is a pro! He doesn’t hesitate and goes directly for the white in front of him.

Obviously, there is a sad story attached. The lad stands no chance of ever tying the knot, not when all girls in his circle know his trademark stunt.

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8. When Extra Fabric Comes Handy

When Extra Fabric Comes Handy
via Awkward Family Photos

Behold, a rare wedding shot from the medieval times.

Back then, maids of honor were less picky and didn’t bother showing up in the same dress. As for the fabric, tailoring obviously had better days.

The ones setting up the wedding thought it would be a waste to buy new material for the curtains. With plenty of fabric left from the dresses, the decision initial appeared to them as a clever money saving trick.

Unless the theme of the party was camouflage, we can’t explain the poor choice of the background coming from the photographer. Yeah, the bride stands out, but her sisters look like they belong hung on the wall.

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9. The Fastest Widow in History

The Fastest Widow in History
via Yaplakal

Tossing the groom turned into a tragedy when party people miscalculated the height of the ceiling.

Or was it all part of a plan? Were these folks trying to save the poor soul from a lifetime of misery?

Alternatively, they might have all contributed to a sinister plot meant to make the girl a widow. Only God knows how rich that guy was.

Even if he survived the devastating impact, can you imagine telling his doctor his head hit the ceiling? “Son, are you still in shock after the wedding?”

You will be alarmed to know that even with such a picture inhabiting the Internet, tossing the groom remained a tradition few dare to skip.

The next pic will make you chuckle. It is literally delicious!

10. Weddings Are Exhausting

Weddings Are Exhausting
via Imgur

Weddings are stressful, and a girl has to eat.

Forget about those tiny servings on the plates that are only there to tease you. This bride wants real meat to quench her hunger, and only a baloney sandwich can fill the void building up inside her tummy.

Unfortunately, there is no time to make a sandwich. On her way to the church, the best she can do is to bite from the bread and eat the salami like it was her last day on Earth.

Nice guys would say that such an appetite is healthy. Spiteful individuals will stress the fact that once on board the marriage train, she will no longer limit herself to a frugal diet.

Luckily for us, the photographer was there to capture the moment. The best place for the shot is obviously on the cover of the wedding album.

In the next pic, the message is far from being obvious.

11. The Perfect Bride

The Perfect Bride
via Pinterest

Don’t rush to judge the next photo as creepy and meaningless.

The unknown wedding photographer put a hidden message before your eyes. Can you read his thoughts? The best bride to marry is one similar to the unicorn – one that doesn’t exist.

Let’s not hide behind the finger! We all know that it is game over once you say that fateful “yes.” Everything you once enjoyed doing gets replaced by annoying chores and meaningless rituals you let yourself dragged to.

Soon enough, your married will sip every last drop of happiness. Curious?

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12. When Your Bring the Weird Side of the Family

When Your Bring the Weird Side of the Family
via Weird Russia

There is nothing worse about a wedding than having to put up with guests from the weird side of the family.

You know, the ones that keep on claiming they had been abducted by aliens, and insist on showing everyone at the table how the intergalactic visitors looked like. With creativity, plastic cups and plates become ideal props for their bizarre display.

They call them “distant relatives” for an obvious reason – you put as much distance as possible between you and their crooked ways. Even so, there is always an aunt you hate that will bridge across the family tree and invite them to your wedding.

“Hey, come over here and meet your cousin Dustin! He’s a big boy now, aren’t you, my little Dusty Rusty? Still upset about those Grays coming to you at night?”

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13. A Narrow Escape

Dodging a Bullet
via Flickr

That is what you call a narrow escape!

Providence must be real, as the bride in the photo tripped on the stairs and fell to her doom, leaving the lucky groom able to grasp air again. As if the magic broke, the fellow suddenly realized the mistake he was about to make.

Sometimes you need life hitting you in the back of the head with a hammer to realize what is truly important to you. Being a bachelor when all your friends accept the shackles of marriage is the ultimate luxury.

Returning to the bizarre wedding accident, a somber question haunts our mind. Will the tragic shot be featured on the cover of the album? After all, it was the highlight of the evening.

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14. Who Invited T-Rex?

Who Invited T-Rex?
via Dream Wedding

When you employ Steven Spielberg as the director of your wedding, you should expect anything.

A good starting point is a recap of his most successful blockbusters. But that can be seriously misleading.

Just when you thought E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial will officiate at your wedding, the vibrations in your booze break to you the bombshell. This wedding will get far more exciting than you initially planned.

Who cares about catching the bouquet when the vicious T-Rex is in hot pursuit of crunchy guests? “Please, make it pick the ones in the family I hate!”

Don’t ask us what’s the link between Jurassic Park and a wedding ceremony! Is it as if someone wanted to break with traditions as abruptly as possible.

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15. The Elusive Groombride

The Elusive Groombride
via Uber Humor

Lock the doors and put your kids to sleep. The elusive groombride now roams the streets.

An evil scientist was obviously not impressed by the wedding he attended, so he went on to conceive a disturbing genetic experiment. You don’t need to look far for his source of inspiration.

Taking for granted the words spoken at the religious ceremony is what any white coat would do. “And the two are united into one. Since they are no longer two but one.”

Although agonizing to watch, the creature boasts the best featured from the ones it combined – the strong, sturdy legs of the groom, and the gracious upper body of the bride. It seems like someone here would have a hard time getting a divorce!

Prepare the puke bucket for the next wedding photo!

16. Wedding Season Is also Swan Season

Poor Swan
via Eric Machado Fotografia

Guests complaining about the cheap wedding venue should take a good look at this pic. The back of a swan offers a far worse place to dance.

Rubbing our eyes doesn’t make it go away. Wedding photography can have its ups and downs but what we contemplate here is an abyss where not even the slightest gleam of good taste could reach.

We have a serious warning for all of you wannabe newlyweds out there. Stop relying on such bizarre Photoshop setups to make the wedding album look more intriguing! Oh, and leave the poor creatures out of it!

If your wedding must have something swan-related, go instead for a menu that includes the meat of these delicious birds. But be good lads and tell your guest they are eating goose.

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17. Let’s Hope the Groom Is Equally Tall

Let's Hope the Groom Is Equally Tall
via Pinterest

Weddings simply can’t fail harder than this!

We hate to perform body shaming, but the tall girl towering over her much smaller maid of honors is something your retina will never be able to ignore. Let’s all address a prayer that the groom was playing in the same league.

Giants once roamed this Earth, but we all go to sleep at night with the thought they mingled down with the rest of us. However, genetic anomalies occur from time to time.

Asking for a dance with this bride has all the right ingredients to turn awkward.

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18. When the Maid of Honor Steals the Spotlight

When the Maid of Honor Steals the Spotlight
via Funny Pics Only

The bride was supposed to be the center of attention, but everything changed with big-boned Suzy on the guest list.

There was no way she could turn down the invitation and the chance to catch the bouquet. You see, poor Suzy waited since forever for a prince charming to act unintimidated by her and propose.

You’d have to wait until the evening to see the reason why love never came down her ally. Suzy is a professional boozer, and she gets wild at every wedding party.

How to approach such a woman when a simple dance has the potential of turning you into a cripple? Blame the movies for suggesting you toss your gal in the air. Gravity is merciless!

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19. Have You Ever Been to a Russian Wedding?

Have You Ever Been to a Russian Wedding?
via Eric Machado Fotografia

Russians feel obliged to conform with traditions even when it comes to the big day.

Check out the look on that girl’s face! The bride had to go back to her God-forsaken village of her ancestors and put up with a ceremony that makes her seem a peasant.

Ignore the plastic coverings seen all over the place. The point of focus is grandpa playing the accordion at dawn. Where are all the guests? Where is the groom?

Let’s give you a hint – vodka. Hardcore Russian weddings serve no water at the tables, and this couple felt like sticking with the old ways. As for grandpa, years of heavy boozing gave him immunity.
The next wedding photos are not for those with a faint heart!

20. When You Marry a Centaur

When You Marry a Centaur
via Increible

Great wedding photography is in the details.

Someone acted casual and did not check the album for angles that make the bride look like a centaur. Can’t blame people sharing these babies all over the Internet. They are hilarious!

A primer on Greek mythology would tell you that people once believe Centaurs to be real. Folks of the past had indeed a strange imagination. Could this be a tribute to a bygone era when zoology books also included dragons and mermaids?

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21. When the Bride Is Too Heavy

When the Bride Is Too Heavy
via Funny Pics Only

When the bride is too heavy, you have to bring in the big guns.

Marriage is like one vast construction yard and moving your wife around is not the hardest part. Just consider the daunting task of building the baby!

Guests were surprised when they were asked to wear helmets for the ceremony. The two newlyweds are notorious for their fights which escalate all the way to the point of throwing bricks at each other.

“Danger! Under Construction.” The yellow tape used to decorate the venue for the party gave anyone an early warning sign that this was far from being an ordinary couple.

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22. Towering over the Guests

Towering over the Guests
via Awkward Family Photos

“Look at us being happy, you worthless mortals!”

Weddings of the past were creepy, and this kind of special effects left little courage in the hearts of those attending the ceremony. How can you have fun when the pair towers over you like evil dictators?

Hell, even worse is that this happened inside a church. We don’t know the name of the man in charge with the over-sized altar projection, but we already see a bunch of pious people that would stone him to death for blasphemy.

This wedding photo obviously took things too far on the wrong side and raised the bar for any couple of serial killers desiring to wed.

On the next page, you get to see another wedding accident that is hilarious.

23. Women First

Women First
via LifeBuzz

Now you know why they always say “women first.”

Men use their unsuspecting partners to test the structural integrity of every surface they are stepping on. The method proved its effectiveness once more – the pontoon collapsed, and this wedding went off on the wrong foot, a wet one.

Let’s perform a debriefing. Obviously, we are talking about a bride and maid of honor who are not shy in visiting the fridge late at night. Their joint weight proved to be too much for the frail dock.

The structure broke, offering the unfortunate souls a cold shock, and also delaying the ceremony until all dress folds were dry. Some would call it a good omen, a sign that the marriage will be plentiful.

As for us, we can’t stop thinking about the powerful instinct to pee when immersed in cold water.

We end the list with truly spectacular. Be sure to click next for the story.

24. Savage Response

Savage Response
via Reddit

All the hilarious wedding fails you’ve seen so far could have been avoided.

A simple “no” would have meant less embarrassment and fewer people queuing in front of the divorce office. Although savage, the bad romance happening on the city walls has its fair share of humor.

Can you imagine the face of the poor lad when he returned to see the hammering answer written in bold? Anyone could have usurped Naomi’s right to respond to the question.

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