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20 Weird And Unusual Animals You Won't Believe Exist
Jul 24, 2017

20 Weird And Unusual Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

Take that zoology book and burn it! You know nothing about the hidden treasures of the animal world and this list is guaranteed to amaze you.

Behold, animals that are so unusual and improbable they would make you think of Photoshop before anything else!

1. Rhino Mice

Rhino Mice
via George Steinmetz

Rhino Mice are real, and they are not what you think!

First, these mythical creatures are not the result of Photoshop wizardry meant to fool you. Second, they are not a distinct species, but rather a small group of mice that had malicious genes play a nasty trick on them.

Not only are these guys hairless, but also their skin is prone to develop wrinkles. That last piece of info should bring relief to you. No one shaved poor Jerry and gave him a long bath.

Would you keep as pet such an odd creature? The odds of scaring your friends who come to visit are extremely high.

The best thing about having a rhino mouse is that you don’t have to worry about your neighbor – the cat lady. Felines are meticulous enough not to include in their diet a creature whose claim to fame in the animal kingdom is unappealing.

Rhino Mice
via Catherine Chalmers

The next creature has a distinct feature that will make you say more than “wow.”

2. Ankole-Watusi

via Jornal Curiosoo

Just grab a photo of a normal-looking cow and take advantage of the Stretch tool.

That is how most of our readers envision the Ankole-Watusi breed of cattle first came to be. We hate to disappoint you, but this unbelievable animal is not the result of some elaborate Photoshop hoaxing.

These big-horned cattle are as real as it can get and are the direct consequence of selective breeding. Someone made sure the large horns pass down from bull to calf, in a lineage that made even the Devil jealous.

Derived from an African species, the Ankole-Watusi has bigger horns for an apparent reason – to protect itself from the world’s most efficient and ruthless predators – the ruthless big cats of the black continent.

The current record for horn circumference is slightly bigger than 100cm. We will not give the figure for the span because it scared us right. It is enough to say that the distance between the tips is typically bigger than the average height of an adult human.

The good news is that the Ankole-Watusi is thoroughly domesticated and does not tend towards violence toward the keepers. Not that we heard of!

via Watusi

The beauty of the next creature fueled rumors of it not existing. Check it out!

3. Glasswing Butterfly

Glasswing Butterfly
via Zulu Art

You might think there is nothing better in life than admiring playful butterflies chasing each other in a sunny field.

Keep that mental image and add a feature rarely displayed in the animal kingdom. A butterfly species accessed superior beauty by replacing the traditional wing material with something that resembles glass.

Photos of glasswing butterfly are the reason wildlife photography often creates trust issues. Most people are not open-minded to accept such an unusual twist played by Mother Nature.

To them, the transparent wings are the result of a basic Photoshop routine that requires little effort and is accessible to every wannabe prankster.

Completing your insectarium with glasswing butterflies has slim chances of ever happening. That’s because you would have to go all the way to South America to have a shot at an encounter. Very rarely, the insects travel north to Mexico or even Texas.

Glasswing Butterfly
via George Santayana

The color is the first place to look in search of fakes. The next unbelievable animal would fool you for sure!

4. Cemani Rooster

Cemani Rooster
via Greenfire Farms

Nothing is more tempting than to label this black rooster as the result of Photoshop.

However, you would be wrong. The highly unusual breed of chicken is real and comes from the Indonesian island of Java.

There, for the reason that eludes us, locals decided to pursuit a creepy kind of selective breeding. They preferred black roosters suffering from hyperpigmentation to the normally colored birds we are all so familiar with.

What will happen if a black chicken crosses your path from left to right? We hate thrashing your cherished superstitions, but such an encounter means only one thing – someone has difficulties in cooking dinner.

Yes, Cemani roosters are edible, at least if you get past the fact that the meat and the organs are also black. Nevertheless, we foresee a better use for them. Imagine fostering a champion in cock fighting. All black roosters would win each battle from the beginning, at least at a psychological level.

Cemani Rooster
via Greenfire Farms

Our next unbelievable animal will make you think of a celeb. Resisting the temptation is impossible!

5. Myanmar Snub-Nosed Monkey

Myanmar Snub Nosed Monkey
via Getty Images

The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey is a relatively new guest on the list of unbelievable animals.

The species was a cryptid until scientists venturing into the jungles of South-East Asia finally granted the shy animal a place in the zoology books in 2010. However, people dismissed even explicit photos.

In their minds, this was a cheap trick, a buffoonery that only one goal – to ridicule the obsession for rhinoplasty of the late Michael Jackson. The resemblance with how the pop icon used to look in his final years is indeed uncanny. However, it all ends there!

The snub-nosed monkey did not pursue plastic surgery. The lack of nasal flesh around its nostrils is the result of millions of years of evolution that left behind a funny defect.

Each time it rains, this monkey has to seek shelter or hide its face between the knees. Otherwise, raindrops would enter its nasal cavities, making the majestic creature sneeze.

Believe us. It rains quite often where this primate lives. That’s why they call it the rainforest.

Myanmar Snub Nosed Monkey
via Burrard-Lucas Wildlife Photography

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6. Softshell Turtle

Softshell Turtle
via Reptiles Magazine

Forget about the turtle template you have in your head!

The Florida softshell turtle looks like someone used impressive Photoshop skills to combine the features of the typical reptile with that of a snail. The result is hilarious and fully entitles trust issues among wildlife aficionados.

As the name says, this species lacks the hardness of the well-known turtle shell. The carapace has no scales and is leathery and pliable, especially on the sides.

Don’t let the two photos fool you! What you see are individuals caught in defense mode, with their neck collapsing at minimum length. When fully extended, they are like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Meeting your very first Florida softshell will leave you helpless. That is not because the creature is aggressive, but because it would appear as an alien to you. Just look at those nostrils and tells us what animal name comes to mind. It’s certainly not a turtle!

Softshell Turtle
via Turtle Survival

The next unbelievable creature will leave you speechless. You will have a big “why” lingering on your lips.

7. Australian Peacock Spider

Australian Peacock Spider
via Jurgen Otto

Photoshop artists are funny guys.

However, their sense of humor is brutally surpassed by the incredible ingenuity of Mother Nature. Behold, a spider species that employs a display similar to that of a male peacock.

That smiley face advertised by the Australian peacock spider is not an attempt to befriend your girlfriend or wife and avoid household genocide. No, it is part of a complicated ritual of attracting females from their species, which makes no compromises when it comes to color.

The pattern can vary widely, but there is no way you can avoid the thought that the spider is employing crude representations of human faces in an attempt to win our favor.

Nevertheless, that is something you can’t see with the naked eye.

Those guys are just a couple of millimeters in size, and you would need a terrible eyesight to see their signs of affection.

Australian Peacock Spider
via Jurgen Otto

Meet another member of the animal kingdom that is too weird to understand.

8. Indian Purple Frog

Indian Purple Frog
via University of Delhi

What happened to the normal-looking frogs?

Well, there are still there, on your porch and maybe even inside your home. What you see is not an odd result of photo manipulation, but a distant cousin that leaves on the Indian subcontinent and traces its separation from the wider family of frogs millions of years ago.

Meeting one of these noble creatures for the first time has all the premises to scare you death. It is not the size, but rather the strange pigmentation that puzzles the eye. It is as if someone flayed a sloth and left it to wander.

You will be sad (or happy) to know the Indian purple frog is close to extinction. The reason is obvious.
The local population enjoys with particular savagery to feast upon that succulent meat.

Can you imagine WWF volunteers acting as saviors in rural southwest India? It is like someone taking that hamburger off your plate and talking about saving the cows.

Indian Purple Frog
via Wikimedia Commons

Let’s move on to something cuter, shall we? The next animal is a dream!

9. Angora Rabbit

Angora Rabbit
via Gudsol

We all heard of Angora rabbits.

Their fur gives us one of the best types of wool. Do you know how this majestic creature looks like?

You could take the stuffed toy animals of your childhood as a reference. Even so, you would be far from the maximum level of fluffiness Angora rabbits can achieve.

Look at a particular breed of Angora rabbits known as Giant. They grow so big, and their wool is so thick, you could easily stuff one and use it directly as a pillow.

Angora rabbits offer sad spectacles when owners fail to perform regular grooming. Harvesting the wool provides not only valuable raw material for human clothes but prevents the gentle creatures from dying a horrible death.

You see, these silly rabbits groom themselves all the time, just like your cat. Once it reaches their digestive track, wool can create bottlenecks, causing the Angora to close their eyes and forever rest with their bellies up.

Angora Rabbit
via Gudsol

Are you ready for some sloppy work when it comes to evolution? Click next for an animal that appears taken out of a genetic wonderland.

10. Okapi

via Alamy

The Okapi is an animal that might as well be a logo for Photoshop.

The creature is an odd combination of zebra, horse, and deer features, one that screams photo editing the second you lie eyes on it. However, this unbelievable animal is as real as the pet conceiving a dastardly plan behind your back.

You’d better sit down for the next piece of information. Despite the well-known zebra-like pattern, researchers revealed the Okapi is, in fact, closely related to the giraffe. How is that for a bombshell?

Don’t be sad if you initially dismissed the Okapi as the result of manipulation. The animal remained shrouded in myth for centuries since the first European explorers spotted it in the jungle. The species was not formally recognized until the early 1900s.

The Okapi is also a living fossil. That means that despite its survival until modern times, it failed to keep up with the latest trends of evolution. Look again at that fur pattern and tell us if it makes any sense regarding camouflage.

via Nomad Tours

Check out the next animal and its funny nose!

11. Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkey
via Getty Images

You thought the monkey without a nose was photoshopped.

Check out the other end of the nose spectrum in the simian world and tell us if you also smell something fishy going on. As you might have guessed by now, the proboscis monkey is another real, yet unbelievable animal.

You will have to go all the way to Borneo to convince yourself that the proboscis monkey is real and not the result of photo manipulation.

The funny thing about the species is that the locals gave it the name – Dutch Monkey. In their minds, the creature resembled the colonists who came from Europe, largely because of the well-endowed nose.

Proboscis Monkey
via Imgur

It’s up to you to decide what is worse. Having water enter your nostrils or having a nose the size as a ripe mango fruit.

12. Naked Mole Rat

Naked Mole Rat
via Roman Klementschitz

The naked mole rat is real, and is coming for you!

Just joking! This creature does not intend to inflict any harm to you and is doing quite fine in its dark burrow.

As creepy as it is, the naked mole rat aroused unprecedented interest in the scientific community. The first thing that made the white coats sweat with excitement was the fact that the rodent feels no pain.

Another breakthrough came when it was discovered that the naked mole has an unusually long lifespan and resists cancer quite well. 30 cancer-free years, at which most of the time is spent in hibernation – doesn’t sound bad for a lifestyle, even if they don’t give you any pension.

Are you ready for another oddity? The naked mole rat exhibits the same social stratification as bees. Yep, they have a queen, and all the other rats are workers. Isn’t that something for a creature labeled the ugliest animal in the world?

Naked Mole Rat
via AP

Check out the next unbelievable animal that is the result of humans messing around with selective breeding.

13. Miniature Horse

Miniature Horse
via Pinterest

It was not the Scale tool in Photoshop that made miniature horses.

Instead, these unbelievable animals are the result of centuries of selective breeding, all with one purpose in mind – keep the animals as short and cute as possible.

What’s the purpose of toying with Mother Nature in such a deranging way? Let’s just say that people like extremes. Little horse acted as pets, circus animals, and even competed in races against normal-sized opponents. Saying who won would be redundant.

Nowadays, miniature horses threaten the place dogs have in our hearts. Some are trained to be assistance animals. Just don’t raise your eyebrows next time you see a scaled down stallion helping a blind person cross the street.

Miniature Horse
via Caters News

You might have to rub your eyes for the next unbelievable animal.

14. Colored Pigeons

Colored Pigeons
via Medio Ambiente

Seeing colored pigeons in the skies no longer means you have to pay a visit to your physician.

There are two reasons why these flying rats now come in color. A rare breed of birds native to Asia is making its way in the urban landscape – the Pink-necked green pigeon.

Second, street artists found it funny to paint the grayish dwellers of the city in bright colors. Don’t be alarmed!

The paint they used was completely non-toxic, and the method was also humane. Pigeons were lured into shelters where colors were sprayed on their feathers.

To feast your eyes with the colors of the rainbow, you’ll have to travel to Venice. The good news is that more and more municipalities are following suit, making their pigeons less of a nuisance and more of a photo opportunity.

Colored Pigeons
via Getty Images

Toss away everything you know! The next animal will make you wonder!

15. Tardigrade

via Science Source

Take a good look at the most unbelievable animal ever.

The Tardigrade might measure less than 0.5 mm in length, but he is one of the most resilient creatures to ever walked the Earth. Discovered as early as 1773, it became a symbol of the hidden wonders that lie right under our nose at a scale impossible to contemplate with the naked eye.

A Tardigrade would outlive Bear Grylls in every survival situation. From the Himalayas to the deepest marine trench, the Tardigrades don’t know the meaning of “harsh condition.” Hell, scientists estimated they could go as far as to survive extinction events that could wipe out all life on Earth.

Ever wondered would be the archaeologists digging up the remains of human civilization. We will tell you who – the tardigrades! Meanwhile, have a closer look at their underbellies.

via Getty Images

Go to the next page for another wonder of the animal kingdom most people would initially dismiss as fake.

16. Pink Bottlenose Dolphin

Pink Bottlenose Dolphin
via Taiji Whale Museum

Pink is not a color to stumble upon often in the natural world.

However, no manipulation was involved when photos of a pink dolphin emerged in a corner of the Internet. You will be surprised to know this was not a new species, but rather an individual exhibiting albino gene.

Now comes the tricky part. Why are they so rare? Our souls would overflow with delight to see a pod of pink dolphins performing their majestic tricks in the ocean.

Nevertheless, such a sight is highly improbable. Only a dozens of such unique dolphins have been spotted since the scientific community acknowledged they are more than a mirage.

Pink Bottlenose Dolphin
via Liam Croucher

You are now ready to meet something special. Click next for an animal you won’t forget anytime soon!

17. Axolotl

via Animals Adda

The Axolotl looks too good to be true – a walking fish that always harbors a smile on its face all the time.

Rest assured, the Axolotl is real, although it might not be for long. The species is currently labeled as critically endangered and significant conservation efforts target to keep them alive.

The Axolotl is a unique type of salamander that inhabits the waters of Lake Xochimilco in Mexico City. However, because of its particularities, it became the favorite guinea pig of those studying genetics.

Axolotls have a good reason to smile all the time. Their body has the incredible ability to regenerate tissue, which goes as far as repairing damaged limbs and even growing new ones.

Sloppy pet owners are in heaven. They no longer have to look with care for their favorite animal. Hell, you can even flush your pet Axolotl down the toilet. It will come back, good as new.

via Viral Portal

Let’s end the list with another highly unusual animal that turned out to be real.

18. Alien Cat

Alien Cat
via Alien Cat Matilda

Once you are done staring at the photos in disbelief, it is time to hear the story.

Yes, the cat is real, and her name is Matilda. The poor soul suffers from a peculiar medical condition that kept her eyes growing while the rest of the body stopped.

Nicknamed the alien cat, Matilda can count herself lucky. A loving family took care of her despite the malformation that steered her away from the ideal of beauty running in the feline world.

The cat is not completely blind, and the little light she can still distinguish keeps her cheerful and active.

Now imagine the photos without this little story. You might as well have embraced the theory that cats are aliens from outer space acting as pets until the most opportune moment to strike comes.

Alien Cat
via Alien Cat Matilda

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