20 Unsafe Photos of People Who May Be Dead Now

Bless their souls! The following article is an homage to all the brave men that probably lost their lives just so that we can relax our minds and have a good laugh.

20 spectacular photos document their struggle to exit the gene pool in style. We can only say that Charles Darwin chose the wrong century to be alive.

As you can see from the very beginning, the activities they engaged in are completely unsafe. We recommend caution when attempting to replicate what we will show you here. And don’t forget to take pictures and send them to us. The reward might just be a spot in the updated list.

1. Don’t Look Down

Don't Look Down

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Some say the worst way to die is to have your body smashed by gravity’s relentless pull.

It seems this construction worker is completely unaware that a freefall from that height will kill him. Even the helmet on the head will do little to save his life. The only purpose it could serve is to keep the brain in one place.

You could call this bravery. However, we tend to believe that stupidity works best here. Even if you are not scared of heights, a wind gust can send you in the generous space between the orange trusses.

And there are countless other ways in which this situation can go wrong. Because we do not have information on how it evolved, we will assume the worse. The man found serenity in the gorge below.


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