20 Unbelievable Facts That Will Literally Blow Your Mind

Tired of reading the same news over and over again? If you feel that your brain has gone lazy, this article is just the antidote. The unbelievable facts mentioned here will literally blow your mind and make your think twice about everything.

We prepared for you a cocktail of celebrities, historical facts, and oddities from the animal world, enough to put that blood back in motion.

We advise discretion, mostly because blowing things makes you a terrorist. Even so, you can share this with friends and colleagues. They recovered from the surprise Trump victory just in time to have their minds blown again.

1. In 1726 an English woman named Mary Toft gave birth to rabbits.

Mary Toft was the woman that gave birth to rabbits. Or at least she tricked everyone into believing so.

You might think that people had better things to do back in the 18th century than play medical hoaxes. You should guess again. Mary created one of the most exciting stories of her time, one that reached even King George I.

What was most astounding is that the prank fooled many reputed surgeons of the time. The women that meticulously hid small rabbits in her genitalia did have some helpers to “pull” this out for weeks in a row.

It is enough to look in the archives. The story was the equivalent of today’s “viral” content.


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