20 Strangest Laws That Will Make You Love Your Government

People blame the laws for everything that is not working right in their countries. Wait to see what others go through just to stay on the right side of justice.

You will be thrilled to see how legal dilemmas affect one’s life every step of the way. From the way you love to the way you drive, the long arm of the law can reach everyone, everywhere.

Of course, most of the whacky rules are relics of a time long gone. Lawmakers were too lazy to revoke them, so they remained to annoy people and make them feel uncomfortable and have doubts.

1. In UK, any whale or great Sturgeon you caught is property of the Queen

Long live the Queen and God bless the courageous fishermen that risk their lives on the seven seas in her name.

Everybody knows that catching a whale or a great sturgeon brings little joy on board British whalers. This is largely due to the law still in effect, one that makes any capture of that type the property of the Queen.

We will help with an easy to assemble mental image. Can you imagine Queen Elizabeth II, anxiously waiting on the docks of Liverpool? Once the ships unload their precious cargo, the 90-year-old proceeds to gut the sturgeons in search of the delicious caviar.

Accompanied by her dogs, the Head of the Commonwealth engulfs massive quantities of the rare and very expensive roe, revealing her secret beauty tip.

Once the feast is over, the brave men that fish for a living are allowed to take home the remains.

And we still ask ourselves why they voted out of Europe.


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