Some say that it’s not about succeeding, but more about trying. However, the odds are never in your favor when your write Willy Wonka on an abandoned warehouse.

This collection of ridiculous attempts that aren’t fooling anyone has everything you ever wanted. From traps set primarily for kids to goofy spinoffs of famous merchandise, they fail to convince 99.9% of people.

However, curiosity sometimes beats common sense and logic. No one will ever take pride for falling into such obvious traps. We bet the stories would be hilarious, even if they ended badly.

1. Cops Will Never Search It!

Cops Will Never Search It

Breaking Bad taught us all how easy it is to get filthy rich by cooking meth back home.

All you need is a ton of chemistry and a location that doesn’t raise suspicions. Apparently, this garage doesn’t cut it for the job. Writing the statement will not help either. Some cops might be stupid, but that “never ever” will fool no one.

Of course, we might get things wrong. The message written in bold might be a shout towards the local meth enthusiasts that roamed the front yard begging for free samples.

Meth heads have quite a sense for the blue crystals, and that garage is big enough to supply the whole town.


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