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20 Ridiculous Attempts That Aren't Fooling Anyone
Dec 1, 2016

20 Ridiculous Attempts That Aren’t Fooling Anyone

This collection of ridiculous attempts that aren’t fooling anyone has everything you ever wanted. From traps set primarily for kids to goofy spinoffs of famous merchandise, they fail to convince 99.9% of people.

Some say that it’s not about succeeding, but more about trying. However, the odds are never in your favor when you write ‘Hannah Montana Concert Shuttle’ on a redneck’s van.

1. Cops Will Never Search It!

Cops Will Never Search It

“Breaking Bad” taught us all how easy it is to get filthy rich by cooking meth back home.

All you need is a ton of chemistry and a location that doesn’t raise suspicions. Apparently, this garage doesn’t cut it for the job. Writing the statement will not help either. Some cops might be stupid, but that “never ever” will fool no one.

Of course, we might get things wrong. The message written in bold might be a shout towards the local meth enthusiasts that roamed the front yard begging for free samples.

Meth heads have quite a sense for the blue crystals, and that garage is big enough to supply the whole town.

2. The Teacher Didn’t Notice!

The Teacher Didn't Notice

Late night school hours are easy to get around if you are an industrious little bugger.

Why take the laptop to school when you can “work” on the leftovers from lunch? Just draw an Apple logo on the lid, and you are ready to go.

Brand fidelity is so powerful with Apple fanboys that they rarely notice something else. You might as well sell the improvised notebook in an Apple shop, and someone will take the bite guaranteed. Too bad Steve Jobs is not around to take this genius redevelopment and make it the next big thing.

Just imagine sitting side-by-side with this guy. While you press CTRL+Z in despair, the late student makes no mistake in finishing that last chicken wing.

3. Let The Children Come To Me

Children Traps

Don’t blame the people that wrote them. Blame books and movies that sell the idea that magical worlds have awkward entries.

Hogwarts, Narnia, Wonderland might have inspired kids to override the sense of impending danger and explore creepy places. Children nowadays are smarter than we once were. Even so, these ridiculous traps bring joy from time to time.

We have to ask the question. Who will offer you free hugs if you step into that sewer? Common sense tells us that you will only find rats and corpses there. Not a comfortable place to stay if you are so sweet with the rest of the world.

As for toys and candy, they quickly lose their appeal once covered in waste and chewed by homeless people.

4. The Hot Meal Hero We All Deserve

The Hot Meal Hero We All Deserve

The world needed a hero to save the third meal of the day – Souperman!

We live in desperate times. The quest for fewer kilos ruined what was for a long time a delicious guilty pleasure.

Yes, we know how to write “super” in English. However, “souper” is the French version and we tend to believe it was the first to appear.

Pay attention to the instructions written on the box. Only 2 to 4 players are allowed, and you can forget about bringing grandma to the table.

Souperman comes to your kitchen and cooks for you. Nevertheless, there is one small catch. You have to eat everything on the plate, including the vegetables.

And do yourself a favor and hide that Batman poster you keep on the wall.

5. Where Is PETA?

Where Is PETA?

Pay attention the next time you put your stinky feet in those cozy bunny slippers that wait by the bed

A cruel joke that apparently has no chance of succeeding left some poor creatures gutted, and begging to be killed.

Let us make it even more graphical. For your feet to fit the living “slippers,” you need to take everything out first. And real rabbits don’t have wadding inside them like the stuffed ones you destroyed in your early childhood.

PETA will most likely hunt down the ones that took this photo. Someone will pay for making the rabbit on the left suffer.

We can even anticipate their next campaign – someone walking barefooted on cold floor tiles.

6. Two-Dimensional Police

Two-Dimensional Police

Local law enforcement units often encounter the problem of having a small budget.

Fortunately, there is a way to work around it in a very elegant way. Just give a call to your parallel universe equivalent. Unfortunately, these guys here came from the world with only two dimensions.

Many drivers speeding on this stretch of road for the first time got their heart pumping with adrenaline when they saw the police car. However, only a few stopped to see if the officers experienced a wormhole malfunction.

Of course, the failed attempt could have an unexpected twist. Nothing guarantees you that a cop is not behind the phony car, equipped to have the last laugh.

7. Enter Toilette

Enter Toilette?

You have to be really in need to fall for this one.

The crude drawing on the door gives it away. The toilet sign is too big to be a real one. However, that is not the only clue.

Last time we checked, assuming genders was the biggest offense you could make. Mixed-use bathrooms are gradually imposing themselves as the best way to provide equality between the sexes in society.

The awkward graffiti discriminates by inviting only women inside. Could this be the plot of a sick pervert? Might be, but all falls second when you have to go.

What could go wrong in there? A door you can open only from outside?

8. Mom’s Simple Signature

Mom's Simple Signature

This is an all-time classic that fooled no one.

Since times immemorial, kids sought a way out of trouble by forging official school paperwork. Just take a look at this masterpiece that only an experienced graphologist could tell.

Analyzing the photo leads us in two different directions. The parent might have adopted a simpler style of signing just to rub it in people’s nose that she has children.

The unlikely version is that the kid who did it left his brain in the locker at school. No teacher will ever fall for this, although you have to give credit to the idea. It was cute.

9. Bill Gates Hates China

Bill Gates Hates China

If you are sick of Windows, there is always the Chinese version – Bimbows.

However, you might receive something else rather than a good-at-all operating system. Whatever the case Michaelsoft is a good company name. It makes you think that the girls are treated right and are free from viruses, Trojans, and other malware.

This is either bad marketing, or the action doesn’t happen on that floor. All we can see are computer monitors from the time Grandma was a young lady. Even the logo replicates the less popular Windows 95.

Not keeping up with the latest tendencies is bad for business. Please, someone, call Michaelsoft and suggest an upgrade to Bimbows 10.

10. The Van That Ruined Miley Cyrus

The Van That Ruined Miley Cyrus

Behold, the van responsible for the disaster.

We lost Hannah Montana some years ago, and chances are her incredible transformation was triggered by the tragic news about the missing girls.

No one knows what happened to the girls that hitched this ride. The police found the van with the incriminating text and no answer to the “who” and “why.”

The joyride van is a clear sign that pop music perturbs the minds of the young and triggers wrong decisions. The thrill of arriving in time to see Hannah made many teenagers ignore the bear behind the wheel.

Of course, the inconspicuous driver asked for ID to make sure everyone aboard was underage.

11. The Hollywood Sign From An Unusual Angle

The Hollywood Sign From An Unusual Angle

The Hollywood sign is one of the most iconic landmarks. However, few people saw it from this angle.

That is mostly because few endure the long ride necessary to reach this remote Siberian village. The photo might not fool many, but those impressed by the effort boost the local tourism beyond recognition.

The two locals became walking encyclopedias and learned enough English to tell visitors all the useless facts you did not know before. You learn that Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother the moment you accept the invitation for a drink at the local pub.

The two and others from the village struck luck when a bunch of wannabe actresses left their jobs as waitresses in the Western world for a very unlikely shot at fame.

12. Death From Ankles Down

Death From Ankles Down

Few signs are honest as the one in the photo.

It promises you exactly what you will receive once making steps on the territory of this ferocious beast. Technically, death is a strong word. But you never know!

When you don’t get the classic “Beware …” you might suspect the owner did not go through all the trouble of ordering a custom made sign for nothing. You might be reading a disclaimer.

One step beyond it and you accept the terms and condition. Any lawyer can confirm that.

We don’t have accounts from victims, but something tells us their experiences were gruesome. The ankles are crucial joints of the human body and all it takes is underestimating the “good boy.”

13. Dogs Are Smart

Dogs Are Smart

We remain in the canine Universe. A smart dog will know there is something fishy with the above coincidence.

If the fact that an animal hospital shares a wall with a Chinese restaurant doesn’t ring a bell, we will explain. The man’s best friend often makes the ultimate sacrifices and ends up on the menu. China is strange, and this random fact might make you wary of traveling there.

Yes, dog meat is edible, and it is a matter of what is acceptable in society. The dog in the photo above knows that an Asian asking “Who’s a good boy?” is a false friend.

Now you know why taking your favorite pet to the doctor makes him/her so nervous? Places are serving Chinese food all over the town.

14. Nice Try, Eggplant!

Nice Try, Eggplant!

Someone tried a clever trick here. You have to be either drunk or in a real hurry to sip from that inconspicuous eggplant.

Of course, the photo might be something else altogether. We could be seeing a call to action that promotes equality of chances.

We all know the rigid hierarchies that exist in everyone’s fridge. Eggplants that end up being cooked can call themselves lucky. Most people hate the bad-tasting vegetable and postpone the recipe that would include it indefinitely.

Pepsi has a different fate. The soda bottles often survive just one day before fueling a night of heavy gaming.

15. KKK Members Hate Him

KKK Members Hate Him

Ku Klux Klan might resurface to punish those that created this scandalous add.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand where things don’t add up. 12 week of intensive training might get you ripped, but it is highly unlikely to change the color of your skin.

The reverse Michael Jackson effect seen here misled only a few simple minds. Most of them wanted a career in basketball and adopted the “white people can’t jump” mindset.

A bunch of the eggheads that fell for it pursued a career in rap music. Slim Shady was apparently not enough motivation for them.

The ad is dangerous because it promises to turn a minority out of white people. Once you go black, you never go back!

16. The Real Girlfriend

The Real Girlfriend

Getting a new girlfriend is often as simple as learning Photoshop.

We deliberately put the two photos side-by-side to show how easy it is to get from one extreme to another.

The prepubescent on the left probably did the editing in MS Paint. Otherwise, we can’t explain the awful work. There is no doubt there at all. You have to be under the age of two to believe that a woman’s arm can take that odd twist around one’s neck.

Moving on the right, we are dealing with an expert. The transition is smooth enough to fool the untrained eye. Even the lady seems to enjoy herself under the caressing arms of this future Casanova. We bet some of his friends took the bait.

17. Don’t Let Others Bring You Down

Don't Let Others Bring You Done

We don’t know how the guy qualified for the final, but he most likely did not fool the judges.

The contrast between the weak faulty body and the packs of muscles nearby it too obvious to ignore. To make matters worse, skin color tells a sad story. The poor wannabe had no money to invest in visits to the tanning salon.

The situation made one decision easy. There was hardly a struggle for awarding the last place in the competition.

One wise guy once said that winning is not as important as participating. That guy was not there to see the poor boy cry. It is never easy sending your dreams to the recycle bin.

18. The New iPhone Is Retro

The New Iphone Is Old

This trick probably worked for those that have been in a coma for the last ten years or so.

Let’s remember. Those were not happy times when you had to press four times just to write a letter. On the other hand, you could crack nuts with those incredibly sturdy Nokia phones.

If we recall correctly, the iPhone was launched a bit too late to have a physical keyboard. However, some antique lovers fell into the trap.

When you have a bargain in your hands, checking for historical accuracy often gets ignored. Not a smart move!

Somewhere deep inside China, someone evil thinks of new ways of confusing the gullible westerners. Sooner or later someone does something stupid.

19. Willy Wonka’s Is Out Of Business

Willy Wonka's Is Out Of Bussiness

Last time we checked, the chocolate factory was more glamorous than the warehouse where this joker invites its victims.

However, the reference might sound too tasty to ignore. If you are a fat kid that commutes to school each day through the area, it is very likely to give in to temptation. When candy is life, free candy is a ticket to the ultimate hedonism.

You remembered correctly. Only one in five boys got out of Wonka’s mysterious compound. Even so, the charm of chocolate is known to drive people mad.

Although highly unlikely, we are sure at least one kid opened the door to see what is on the other side.

20. Gotta Catch’Em All

Gotta Catch'Em All

The vehicle seen here is the dream of every child molester.

The van has the latest development regarding bait. Who can refuse the chance at catching a rare Pokémon? The game that changed our world in 2016 is far from exhausting is momentum, with many kids too lazy to complete their collections by now.

The “not a rapist” text can make any mother sleep at night. Why call the police when your kid gets a one in a million chance at adventure.

We did check other sources, and it seems that Pedobear was spotted driving the minivan. A peek inside shows that the vehicle has a safety net keeping the driver safe from those in the back.

Catching kids is not easy. But once you start, there is no stopping until you catch ’em all.