20 People Who Thought They Met Celebs But Didn’t

20 People Who Thought They Met Celebs But Didn't

The excitement of meeting a celebrity is something we are all familiar with. But what would you honestly do if someone had you mistaken for a celeb? Would you be the good guy and tell that you are just a ordinary person, who happens to look a bit like a celebrity – or would you embrace the moment, play the part and enjoy being in focus. We are not saying that the people who made the mistakes hadn’t been drinking 🙂 Take a look at the following pictures, and see fans meeting their “idols”.

1. Why would George Clooney turn Down a chance to drink with these guys. We couldn’t imagine what else he would spent his spare time on.


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2. Pretty lucky just to ran into Chris Pratt. Must be the Beard.


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3. You know it’s Mike tyson, when you see Mike tyson. Wonder if that’s why he Got the tattoo?


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