20 First-World Anarchists And Their Worst Acts Of Rebellion

As our personal freedoms are gradually being reduced, there are people out there willing to resist. First-world anarchism is alive and well, carrying out an invisible fight against the oppression of modern life.

You have to read this article if you are a rebellious youngster not sure what to do with the free time resulted from skipping school. If you think that society seeks improved ways of controlling us like sheep, this is again excellent material for you.

It all starts with going past the sign that says it’s not allowed to walk on the grass. Next thing you know you are disobeying crudely-drawn road signs.

Check out these first-world anarchists and their worst acts of rebellion!

1. Post No Bills

When laws are not precise, the results of people trying to break them are utterly hilarious.

That is what happened in the photo above. Bill Gates, Bill Murray, and Bill Clinton shook hands in a rather unusual way, upsetting those not ready to see more than one Bill.

Beyond the obvious word pun, the first-world anarchist bets on the fact that people are willing to do everything in support of their favorite celeb.

It might sound silly to you, but the photo can lead to a fierce battle between those that still like Bill Cosby and those who are convinced he is a serial rapist.


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