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20 First-World Anarchists And Their Worst Acts Of Rebellion
Jan 3, 2017

18 First-World Anarchists And Their Worst Acts Of Rebellion

As our personal freedoms are gradually being reduced to nothing, there are people out there willing to resist. First-world anarchism is alive and well, carrying out an invisible fight against the oppression of the system.

If you think society seeks improved ways of controlling us like sheep, this is excellent material for you. Check out the worst acts of rebellion one can do without ending up in jail!

1. Post No Bills

Post No Bills
via Pinterest

When laws are not precise, the results of people trying to break them are utterly hilarious.

That is what happened in the photo above. Bill Gates, Bill Murray, and Bill Clinton shook hands in a rather unusual way, upsetting those not ready to see more than one Bill.

Beyond the obvious word pun, the first-world anarchist bets on the fact that people are willing to do everything in support of their favorite celeb.

It might sound silly to you, but the photo can lead to a fierce battle between those that still like Bill Cosby despite the awful stuff he stands accused for.

2. No Diving

No Diving
via Flickr

Don’t let others tell you what you are allowed to do or not!

The same philosophy convinced the diver to go for a water pool that is under one meter in depth. The daredevil ignored the large text that says “No Diving” and went for an unforgettable experience.

Scuba diving under such rare conditions was far from being spectacular. The man found no cave or coral reef and had to settle with admiring the tile pattern from close by.

The Jacques-Yves Cousteau of the swimming pool has only one thing to feel make him feel proud. He now knows the mental stress of being a fish inside a tank.

You can’t be happy when you circle your world in under 20 seconds!

3. War Zone Anarchy

War Zone Anarchy
via Imgur

Anarchy makes its way everywhere, even in the rigid structures of the army.

The photo shares with us the story of the one soldier that joined the bad guys all over the world that mock poorly-drawn road signs. Who said bringing democracy to the Middle East is not fun?

All you have to do is stay on the hood of your car with one foot in the air. Who cares about road rules anyway? People from those God-forsaken lands can call themselves lucky if they still have roads left once the bombing is over.

4. Breaking The Gender Barrier

Breaking The Gender Barrier
via Imgur

Sometimes heroes don’t wear a cape.

We know what goes through your mind. You are wondering how many years this poor hipster is facing for reading content intended for women only.

We will not answer that. Instead, we would like to focus on how the bearded man rebelled against society’s bad habit of drawing thick lines between genders.

Last time we checked, women were the ones oppressed. However, it seems that the scale tipped in the opposite direction. Men are now the ones persecuted.

Trust us! You don’t want to know the awful way in which a group of feminists lynched the poor soul. They humiliated him in terrible ways.

5. After Eight

After Eight
via Lowbird

Pulling this out is not for those with a faint heart.

The “After Eight” chocolates are notorious for triggering acts of mutiny all over the world. However, no one had the guts to come clean with the awful habit.

The first anarchist to post such irrefutable proof committed social media suicide. Being sued by the company is nothing compared to the avalanche of negative comments attracted by the barbaric act.

Why not wait for the clock to go past 8:00 like the rest of the ordinary people? You had to go and screw the only sure thing in this world!

6. Someone Should Call The Smile Police

Someone Should Call The Smile Police
via Imgur

There is one theory that can work to explain why this man is not obeying the law.

Pennsylvania is known for its zero-tolerance towards unhappy people. It goes so far that they installed signs reminding visitors that they should replace a grin with a bright smile the moment they walk in the state.

We have all reasons to believe the man is not a mere tourist. Entering the State of Independence so depressed means one thing only. You are a British that came to shed a tear on the land that once belonged to the Crown.

7. Double Trouble

Double Trouble
via Imgur

When so many felonies make their way into one photo, it hurts just to see.

It all starts with parking the bicycle in a “no parking” area. Things get even worse once you get a glimpse at the road signs. Keeping the bike upright and walking with your right arm swinging in front of your body makes this teenager an outlaw.

He could have gone away with it if he did not choose to post it on social media. There was no escape from the long arm of justice once the authorities had the proof flaunted before their eyes.

8. Being A Rebellious Anarchist 101

Being A Rebellious Anarchist 101
via Imgur

The photo can make any outlaw cry and remember tasting rebellion for the first time.

Walking on the grass is the simplest of felonies, excellent to test whether this kind of life suits you well. All you have to do is find a local park where they take a lot of pride in having a pitch-perfect lawn.

If you see people wandering around with rulers, you know you struck gold. Keep in mind that ignoring signs like the one in the photo can bring you a substantial fine.

9. Don’t Even Think Of Parking Here

Don't Even Think Of Parking Here
via Imgur

The Nazi would be proud of the man that came up with that sign.

We should be grateful for living in a world where they still can’t see inside our heads. Our cogs are still free to generate thoughts as we please and turn them into action after analyzing the risks and the benefits.

However, the warning did little to scare this nonconformist. By the look on his face, he is thinking about pulling the car close to the sign just to see if he can get someone with a shotgun chasing him.

We will take a moment to tell you that some anarchists are pure pleasure seekers. For them, the adrenaline that comes packed with doing something forbidden is the only reward.


10. Risking Your Life For The Sake Of Anarchy

Risking Your Life For The Sake Of Anarchy
via Buzz Feed

Let’s rephrase that!

Most signs are the work of dumb people that ignore all the possible puns first-world anarchists can develop. All you need to do it’s analyze word by word and think at all the meanings.

It is evident that touching the sign poses no danger. However, the rebellious youngster used the opportunity to make a clear statement. He is against all laws that make no sense and are there just to complicate our lives.

Of course, you don’t know how the story evolved. Thrilled by the fact that nothing happened after touching the sign, the man went on to do even more dangerous stunts.

11. The Postal Office Won’t Like It

The Postal Office Won't Like It
via Imgur

Sticking the stamp outside the designated area is a major sign of rebellion.

The letter stood no chance at the postal office. The meticulous employees found no reason why they should let this trough. It might not look as much, but it could be the terrorists’ way of knowing each other.

Across the pond, the British used the stamp trick whenever they felt like assembling an angry mob to lynch the king/queen. However, their method was a bit different. Instead of placing the stamp in the wrong position, they used to put it upside down.

Licking Queen Elizabeth and placing her head down might sound fun, but it isn’t. An old law still in effect can send you to jail for treason.

12. Badass Pigeon Crossed The Line

Badass Pigeon Crossed The Line
via Reddit

The photo shows no ordinary bird.

Instead of begging for food and changing the color of your car, this little fellow attempted a dangerous stunt. The lone pigeon stood behind the line, putting its life at risk just to prove a point.

It doesn’t matter if you are just a bird. Anyone can walk at the wrong end of the law. Rules are made to be broken, and all it takes is someone with real guts (even if bird food fills them).

Anarchist birds might not plot to take over the world, but leaving the flocks do has its perks. This rat of the sky became an internet sensation that inspired many to wait for the train behind the safety limit.

What most daredevils ignored is that pigeons can fly out of harm’s way.

13. Environmentalist Want Him Dead

Environmentalist Want Him Dead
via Will RL

There is no better place to display your anarchic agenda than the park.

You have all the elements needed – people walking only on paved surfaces, owners picking up after their dogs, and old folks obeying the speed limit.

Hell can break loose at a blink of an eye. All you need is someone crossing the line between what is permitted and what is not. The rebellious gentleman makes a clear statement that sunbathing on the green should never land you years behind bars.

He is taking a risk, but no victory against the system was ever easy. You need others to join the cause and display resilience. Occupying the lawn should go as planned for at least several days until they call the lawnmowers troops to disperse the crowd.

We will have Tiananmen Square all over again!

14. He Cut His Head Off Just To Break The Law

Cutting Your Head Off Just To Break The Law
via Fundir

Some would say that this is too much.

Decapitation is not fun, and the photo fails to include all the blood left behind. However, this was one great way to exit life and social media in style. The young men became a legend amongst fellow anarchist – the headless comedian that mocked the park’s signs.

Who’s the one to blame? Obviously, the uninspired artist that designed the sign. We don’t know what they teach in art classes, and we are afraid to ask.

Depicting the human body in a simplified manner has gone a long way. Even so, nothing explains why the head is missing. Was it just a trap for rebels seeking some cheap thrills? We will never know.

15. Rebellious Granny

Rebellious Granny
via Imgur

Who said you have to be young to go against the law?

No one is too old to take on the system and its stupid laws. For this granny here, the sign asking people not to fall asleep at the table was impossible to resist.

Who are they to ban you from having your post-snack unconscious siesta? As far as we see it, the old lady is just warming up for something more complex.

The power nap is often enough to keep rebellious folks in that state of alert needed to exploit each and every rule they can break. You don’t want to know the horrific way in which the lovely old lady tipped the waitress.

Kids read this article so we can’t dive into the gruesome details.

16. Smoking Alcohol Is Bad For You

Smoking Alcohol Is Bad For You
via Imgur

Last time we checked, smoking alcohol was not exactly a big thing.

However, the sign leaves no doubts, and this anonymous rebel acted against it without giving it a second thought. The experience left the lad reassured that his mission was just.

One additional crappy rule they made up to keep people away from the great things in life. Since the photo reached the Internet, smoking alcohol took off in clubs and pubs around the world.

Do we still have to tell you the perks? For starters, you can get stoned for free. All you have to do is sit near one of your buddies that became addicted to smoking alcohol.

Why should they still ban the technique? Ask the tobacco companies. Their sells plummeted.

17. The Irish Way Of Disobeying Rules

The Irish Way Of Disobeying Rules
via Imgur

There is the traditional way of breaking the rules, and then there is the Irish way.

Disobeying one sign was not enough for this Paddy. He went through a lot of effort to act against all four interdictions. Seconds after the shot was taken, the young revolutionary feasted upon all four vices at once.

Technically, we don’t have a rebel without a cause here. Eating fast-food, drinking, smoking, and talking on the phone, all done at once, might have scored the student a cozy place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

If not, he could easily settle for a Guinness beer or two. Being a badass around the campus all day long certainly builds an appetite for heavy boozing.

18. Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

Don't Tell Me What To Do!
via Reddit

Anarchy functions based on awkward laws.

You can’t just go and ask a regular Joe to rebel against the system. You would fall into the trap of behaving just like his mother. Spreading chaos and tackling the oppressive rules is spontaneous and has a lot to do with being in the right mood.

City dwellers lived to tell the story of how they survived what most considered an apocalypse of people breaking the law. No one acted upon the call.

One thing is for sure! Rebels don’t like being told what to do and when to do it. They are well aware of the fact that anarchy is supposed to take people by surprise and act in unexpected ways.

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