20 Conspiracy Theories That Shocked The World

If you cannot prove something wrong, it means there is always a chance for it to be true. This mentality takes stories fit for children and turns them into urban legends and myths, ultimately giving them a warm and comfortable refuge in modern culture.

History’s 20 Biggest Conspiracy Theories attaches one or more question marks to events like Elvis’s death, the first moon landing, or the phenomenon of global warming. Fans of wider conspiracies would be happy to know we cover everything ranging from Santa Claus to the New World Order.

Everyone loves mysteries and life would have been dull with the truth always in the open. However, the American public is by far the most reliant on stories and legends that challenge reality and introduce question marks. The United States is the place where historical events have almost no chance of being accepted as they are.

1. Global Warming Is Fake

The theory that global warming is fake is incredibly prevailing, and it goes as far as to include celebrities and high-rank politicians.

With concrete evidence available anywhere you look, rejecting global warming is an easier alternative for major companies and industries relying on fossil fuels.

It is enough to peek at the chart that presents the average global temperature for the last couple of decades. Something happened in the 1980s, and the most plausible explanation lies in China. The booming economy of the world’s most populous state created air pollution like nowhere else in the world.

Global warming is, as the name says, a phenomenon happening at the greatest of scales. A local event like cooler summers might mislead people into thinking this is all part of a huge cover-up.

Let’s be honest! Most of us hate the idea of global warming because it forces us to change our habits and because it takes us far from our comfort zone.


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