20 Badass Pictures That Prove Vladimir Putin Is The Tsar

We warn you from the very beginning! The 20 badass pictures of Vladimir Putin can make you switch sides and betray your country.

Putin is so cool that most readers are willing to go past the fact that he is a tyrant for its people and a scarecrow for Eastern Europe. With one hand on the nuclear button and the other caressing the bears of Kremlin, Putin is the most colorful political leader of our days.

You will get to see Putin from the best angles. The man is a marketing machine that alternates between riding bare-chested through the wilderness and embracing a James Bond attire.

By the time you are done with the 20 badass pics, Putin will be your idol and friends and family will call you a commie. But it’s worth it!

1. How Fast Can It Go?

You no tough guy until you prove you can handle a fast car.

Vladimir Putin took up the challenge and put himself behind the wheel of a genuine Formula 1 car. We will only say this. The president needed just 2 minutes of briefing before going full throttle on a St. Petersburg circuit.

Although Putin did not drive the fastest lap, his display of authentic masculinity pushed him well ahead of other world leaders. Could you imagine Obama giving gas to a 1,000 hp monster? We also can’t force our imagination onto that.

You need cold blood to be able to keep that amount of torque on track, and Mother Russia is at the perfect latitudes to give you the chill.


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