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20 Badass Pictures That Prove Vladimir Putin Is The Tsar
Dec 20, 2016

20 Badass Pictures That Prove Vladimir Putin Is The Tsar

Putin is so cool that most readers are willing to go past the fact that he is a tyrant for its people and a scarecrow for Eastern Europe. With one hand on the nuclear button and the other caressing the bears of Siberia, Putin is the most colorful political leader of our days.

You will get to see Putin from the best angles. The man is a marketing machine that alternates between walking bare-chested through the wilderness and showing up in the most elegant clothes.

1. How Fast Can It Go?

How Fast Can It Go?
via Getty Images

You no tough guy until you prove you can handle a fast car.

Vladimir Putin took up the challenge and put himself behind the wheel of a genuine Formula 1 car. We will only say this. The president needed just 2 minutes of briefing before going full throttle on a St. Petersburg circuit.

Although Putin did not drive the fastest lap, his display of authentic masculinity pushed him well ahead of other world leaders. Could you imagine Obama giving gas to a 1,000 hp monster? We also can’t force our imagination onto that.

You need cold blood to be able to keep that amount of torque on track, and Mother Russia is at the perfect latitudes to give you the chill.

2. Let Us Ride For Mother Russia!

Let Us Ride For Mother Russia
via Reuters

We can all agree that there is nothing better than see Putin ride alongside some badass bikers.

Although it happened in the recently annexed Crimea, the rally that had amongst the guest the President of the Russian Federation looked more like something you would see on American soil.

Putin had no trouble keeping that Harley under control and waving the Russian flag gives him the stature of a national hero.

The poor people of Russian might not have genuine democracy or gay rights, but they have the coolest president. As you will see, it gets even more badass that that!

3. Grow And Make Big Eggs For The Motherland!

You Grow And Make Big Eggs For Russia!
via Ria Novosti

State propaganda is a powerful thing in Russia and Putin is seen here educating the new generation of chicks.

Dancing with bears requires a lot of stamina and the youth of Mother Russia need all the nutrients they can get to grow strong. You can bet that the small bird will remember the words Putin whispered each time it would lay an egg.

Wait a second. You might ask since when holding cute chicks is considered manly. Well, it’s not, but it makes Putin look committed and bold enough to show himself in a situation that would make most men blush.

Of course, you are free to imagine the uncrowned Tsar crushing the poor being and eating it alive. Proving a point often goes that far in the land of vodka.

Stay tuned, this time for traditional badass pics!

4. I’m Sexy And I Know It

I'm Sexy And I Know It
via Reuters

Putin is sexy. We dare you to say otherwise!

But be careful. If you are an Internet user from Russia, chances are someone is monitoring you as you read this. Go ahead and change your wallpaper with something more Putin-related.

We have to give credit to Mr. President here. His walk in nature turned into a perfect opportunity to show fine-sculpted abs and muscular arms. It doesn’t matter that the catwalk was a creek and that the only female population is deer.

The military style is back in fashion this year, and you don’t need to go hunting to wear it. You might be a model, but you can never be as cool as Putin.

Ready for more Putin porn? Check out the nest photo in which he looks like a total badass.

5. I’m Sexy And I Know It Part 2

I'm Sexy And I Know It Part 2
via Reuters

The above pic will get you started quick.

What can be more badass than to see Putin riding a horse bare-chested in the middle of the Siberian forest? Ladies should check their panties because they might have dropped.

It’s true that you can easily find a hotter body. However, remember that Putin is a 64-year-old with one of the toughest and stressful jobs. Being the ruler of the second military and ideological power of the world might sound fun, but it’s not.

Putin rarely gets to leave the Kremlin, and when the chance arrives, he rushes for adrenaline-pumping activities. Nothing shouts “We have a badass over here!” like venturing into the great outdoors.

6. These Australian Bear Are Quite Small!

These Australian Bear Are Quite Small!
via Reuters

Oops! It seems that our editors want to make the job difficult. As we try to prove that Putin is a badass, we keep stumbling upon pics of him and cute animals.

Don’t let the apparent fool you. Putin believed he had in hand an Australian bear, a distant relative of the mighty beasts that roam the Russian forests.

The peaceful koala and the man that ruled Russia with an iron fist for the last two decades have nothing in common. Putin had to wash away that uncontainable smile of his with a massive dose of vodka.

Acting sweet for the camera is just a mask. The next shots will reveal the real Putin, the one that will tell you to cut the crap and get to work.

7. Let’s Bomb Things!

Let's Bomb Places
via CNN

Nothing yells badass more than getting on board a fighter jet.

Putin did not settle for a photo of the cockpit. Although not having a pilot license, the Russian President was not afraid to go all the way and operate the aircraft as a co-pilot.

Putin’s passion with flying started in early childhood and had to be put to a halt as he scrambled for top political positions.

To make things even better, Putin did not do it all for the photo opportunity. He helped put out a fire and was the one who pressed the button that released the water.

8. Who’s The Taught Guy Around Here?

Who's The Taught Guy Around Here?
via Reuters

Russia is a land full of badass people, and it takes a strong persona to rule them all.

Putin is seen here establishing contact with a band of renegade bikers, just moments after they accept him as one of their own. It is enough to say that the man on the left is known as “The Surgeon.”

The shirtless photos we showed earlier make one thing clear. Putin is not a fan of tattoos. His juvenile record is crystal clear, and he never joined a gang. However, it is evident that he has all the street smarts and knows how to deal with other badass guys.

Ready for more manly pics? By the time we finish, you will develop a personality cult and friends will call you a commie.

9. Proper Education For Russian Kids

Proper Education For Russian Kids
via Getty Images

The young generations are prone to take wrong paths. But not in Russia.

Putin stepped in a couple of years ago to raise one good point. Kids are growing soft nowadays, and there are obvious things to blame for that.

We agree with Putin that the “evil” comes from across the ocean. Junk food and video games are keeping Russia’s youth stuck in the house and doing little to no physical exercises.

Mr. President is seen here showing his signature move, disappointed that the two quoted “Karate Kid” during the fight. Mother Russia needs strong men if it hopes to maintain its dominant position.

The two unlucky boys will always remember the day Putin kicked their asses. But it will help them build strong characters.

10. Joining The Bears For Some Salmon

Let's Join The Bears For Some Salmon
via Ria Novosti

We move again in the endless boot camp that is Siberia.

Putin is seen here taking a refreshing swim in what is prime bear country. Doing front crawl is not easy, especially when you go against the current.

There is nothing more badass that to see a man take on all outdoor activities. And Putin makes it all look simple. He teaches us it’s possible to do almost anything bare-chested and projecting incredible confidence.

What message does it send? You don’t want to mess with this guy, and you would rather be his ally. Did it ever come to mind why terrorist are not successful in Russia? Well, because they fear Putin chasing them down at the ends of the Earth.

Sometimes, being a badass is all about skills and ingenuity. The next pic shows Putin before he became the omnipotent ruler.

11. Meeting Reagan As A Tourist In Disguise

Meeting Reagan As A Tourist In Disguise
via White House

What is more badass than going undercover on a delicate mission?

Back in 1988, 36-year-old Putin was many years ahead of taking high political ranks. Even so, he was actively involved with the KGB and was assigned premium missions.

The photo above shows Putin acting casual as a tourist. He greets former US President Ronald Reagan posing as a middle-class Russian that just happened to be around.

We don’t know the mission Putin received from KGB, but things went well. Reagan attended a crucial summit and described his stay in Moscow as very comfortable.

Ready for more incredible shots of Putin?

12. Your Place Is On The Floor!

Your Place Is On The Floor!
via Getty Images

Putin projects dominance one more time by plummeting his opponent to the ground.

Yes, we know what goes through your mind. Who would be nuts to defeat Putin for real? It wouldn’t look right on the camera, and the victor’s family would end up breaking stones in Siberia.

But the truth is that Putin is excellent at it. He is the proud owner of an 8th Dan black belt in karate and also holds a 5th-degree black belt in judo.

Yes, we have a real badass in charge of Russia, and we can all see it. You might be the wealthiest oligarch, but you still get in a defensive stance when Putin is around.

Ready for some more outdoors action with Vladimir?

13. I Caught Once A Fish This Big

I Caught One This Big
via Ria Novosti

There are two keys to reading this photo.

In the first version, Putin is firmly asking his assistants to keep it down, as they are scaring the fish away. The alternative is that Putin tells the story of his biggest catch to date.

Whatever the case, Putin is the one to watch if you want to rediscover the lost art of manliness. Who cares about sunburn, mosquitos, or the Siberian cold when you want to show your healthy physique to the rest of the world?

Putin is badass enough to keep the fishing rod with one hand. We die to see him spearfishing or commanding a whaler ship.

The wish is partially granted, as the next pic shows Putin take the seven seas.

14. Take Us Below!

Take Us Below!
via Ria Novosti

Remember our talk about Putin being great as a James Bond?

Well, he could easily take the role of a villain, narrowly escaping underwater in his submersible.

Putin is the only head of state to try so many vehicles and put himself in harm’s way on so many occasion. You might think that there is nothing to worry here. Let us remind that you need steady nerves to go hundreds of meters below the surface.

When a thin layer of glass is the only barrier between you and the tons of water above your head, you sure hope those Russian engineers did their job well.

For smaller countries adjacent to Russia, this is bad news like always. Putin will probably lead the next expedition to acquire land. There is nothing more badass than pillaging and Vladimir knows it.

The following pics will confirm it’s perfectly reasonable to fear Putin in the future.

15. Defending The Motherland

Defending The Motherland
via Ria Novosti

Call us nuts, but there is only one caption right for this photo. Putin is preparing for war and it won’t be pleasant for his opponents.

The only thing comfortable is that Putin was not allowed bare-chested at shooting practice. Left with few possibilities, he went for the James Bond persona.

Mr. President is seen handling the pride of Russia’s assault arsenal. The AK-47 goes by the more familiar name of Kalashnikov, and every Russian patriarch owns one.

Give this man a uniform, some dirt on his face, and a clear mission. Putin would do a great job as a commando leader, and Europe has this pic keeping her awake at night.

But it gets way scarier than that! When your worst nightmare is a joke for Putin, you have no option than to surrender to his manliness.

16. Jaws? Never Heard Of It!

Jaws? Never Heard Of It
via Pinterest

A remake of Jaws would benefit from Putin’s apparent shark immunity.

Call us crazy, but what we see in the photo is beyond common sense. The same beasts that decorate the planet’s oceans with human blood act completely submissive when the Tsar is in the water.

We are not sure, but it might have something to do with pheromones. The vicious killers of nature recognize Putin as their overlord. One thing leads to another, and the first signs of the Russian takeover of the world will appear in the water.

Keep the thought in your mind. A string of shark attacks means Putin unleashed his unstoppable armies.

Ready for another badass pic of the man that has the potential to become the next Hitler?

17. Deal With It!

Deal With It!
via Reuters

After swimming with the sharks, Putin is seen on board a luxurious yacht.

Even when you are the most badass character ever, the first lines are not for you. Putin is a strategist, and he will prefer to watch his pawns operate on the world’s chessboard.

There is something genuinely scary about Putin wearing black glasses. From the comfort of the dark lenses, his eyes are free to envision a world united under the Russian flag. Impossible?

Just remember that our neighbor from the East was the last to redrawn the political map of Europe. Who could say no to the man that proved his authority on countless occasions?

Let’s move on the next pic. This one raised enough hairs!

18. Saving The TV Crew From Certain Death

It Was Too Easy! These Tigers Are Pussies
via Reuters

Putin proved himself to be an outdoor geek.

Hunting, fishing, riding, swimming in raging rivers, nothing scares the former KGB foreign intelligence officer. It’s easy to imagine him leading a guerrilla operating in the woods and opposing the invading western imperialists.

Nothing spells “defending the motherland” better than seeing Putin in camouflage clothes. However, what we see here is not a hunting trophy. Putin joined a production crew that traveled deep into Siberia to track and film one of the last remaining tigers.

The trip was close to a catastrophe. Putin allegedly saved the TV crew by spotting and shooting the tiger with tranquilizers before things turned bloody.

Real or not, the story boosted Putin’s image as a badass. Check out the next pics to see him get even cockier.

19. You Can Bring The Blindfold Now

You Can Bring The Blindfold Now
via Ria Novosti

You need steady hands when you are the man in charge with the world’s largest nuclear arsenal.

Putin keeps his aim by practicing each time his busy schedule allows it. He is seen at a shooting range just seconds after delivering all the rounds dead center.

Call us imaginative, but we see a Hollywood career awaiting Putin at the end of his Presidential bid. Daniel Craig would have to admit defeat. Putin would make a great James Bond, and his Russian accent would be the ultimate weapon for picking up women.

One more to go. The last badass picture of Vladimir Putin shows him doing what no other would dare.

20. To Start WW3 Or Not?

Should I Start WW3 Or Not?
via UPI

No one else in the world would afford the same gesture seen here.

Putin thinks twice about shaking Obama’s hand, a gesture that could have had dire consequences. It is quite common for troubles to start from something as simple as that.

Russia and the US are enemies since the end of World War II and were very close to all-out nuclear war on several occasions. Relations might be good now, but all it takes is a small slip.

Putin is by far the most badass Russian ruler since the fall of the Soviet Union. Although much shorter than Obama, his virility is much more poignant. The only cool thing the American President did during his terms was dropping the microphone and calling “Obama Out.”

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