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19 People Had ONE JOB And Totally Screwed It Up
Dec 15, 2016

19 Times People Had ONE JOB And Screwed It Up


Most of us are workaholics that will go any length to do our jobs well. But some nasty people never bother to check twice. They had one job, and they screwed it up (big time!)

Something as simple as putting the toilet paper support too far away shows just how easy it is to sabotage order and watch the world burn.

1. Double Trouble

Double Trouble
via PlayBuzz

Bathrooms are delicate ecosystems of privacy where is relatively easy to screw things up.

Take this photo here. In what godforsaken country do people sit side-by-side while taking a number two? We get it that space economy is a significant coordinate of interior design, but this is utterly disgusting.

Even more disturbing is that we have no toilet paper rolls in sight. Sharing the trash bin also puts you uncomfortably close to someone else.

Of course, we might forget the fact that times are changing. Now that restrooms dedicated to only one gender are a thing of the past, it might just be that synchronized pooping is also trending.

However, people who suck at doing their only job did not stop there. Check out other things they can ruin for you!

2. Advertising A Magic Show

Advertising A Magic Show
via Imgur

These contractors wanted to hide the scaffolding with the image of a gorgeous woman.

But it did not work as they planned. The one invested with the job screwed things up in a crude anatomical twist. Or was it all on purpose? Maybe some bribe from the local magicians entered his pockets.

We all know the stunt where the illusionist cuts his lovely assistant in two with a saw. What better way to make people buy tickets than put them face to face with their favorite trick?

Of course, feminists would tell you a different story. From their angle, men are objectifying the woman’s body like always. However, only serial killers and people working at the slaughter house will find themselves aroused by such an add pinned on the façade.

Are you ready to see more wacky stuff? The next one killed people!!

3. Confused?

via You Had One Job!

You are driving down the road when, all of the sudden, you end up face to face with incoming traffic.

As you wake up in the hospital, you should remember to hate the ones responsible for your horrific car crash. They had one job and plenty of time to do it. What happened?

Road signs are supposed to be clear in instructions and guard the driver’s safety. However, bloopers make their way even in actions as simple as writing something on the pavement.

We all mistake right with left once in a while. Would you follow the arrow or the text saying “Left”?

If you can’t decide, then is probably time to move along to the next awful job that requires no decision making.

4. You Missed A Spot!

You Missed A Spot
via Reddit

What did the grass say to its barber?

Doing the job was supposed to be simple. After all, this is why we pay kids to do it in our place.

Someone was in a real hurry and forgot to check under the practice cones. What resulted is something that will haunt your mind for ages if you suffer from OCD. We all love seeing a perfect football pitch, so we share your agony.

Even so, it is amazing to see what Mother Nature can do with a bit of light inside a tight space.

The failed job will most likely make you think about the risk of getting a short haircut these days. Can you imagine that untrimmed patch on the back of your head?

As we move down the list, it gets better and better. Losing your job and everyone’s respect is not the worst thing that can happen to those that fail.

5. A Real Life Saver

A Real Life Saver
via You Had One Job!

Someone decided to be hysterical during the last Summer Olympics.

You can’t imagine how many ice-skaters drowned to death because of the sign. Yes, there is no excuse for mistaking the swimming pool for the hockey ring. When you count the illegal substances, it starts to make sense.

Of course, from a lexical point of view, the sign tells no lie. Because it is water, it is indeed wet. And it because it is a surface you can call it a floor. The “caution” word acted as the perfect disclaimer – “We warned them, and they didn’t listen.”

You will never believe how an innocent mistake destroyed a family at #6.

6. Problematic Top Drawers

Problematic Top Drawers
via Reddit

Interior design is prone to include epic fails, and this one made the kitchen a living hell.

Just imagine the nightmare unfolding while doing the simplest chores. It is not enough that you have to open the drawers one at a time. To make things worse, you can’t access what’s at the back end.

Goodbye, happy cooking days and make way for kitchen drama! Can you imagine being a contractor and delivering such a result to Gordon Ramsay? He will not settle with just killing you. He would boil you alive, skin you, and serve your meat to your family.

We tend to ignore the obvious advantage of the dysfunctional furniture. Guns and kids don’t get along quite well so it’s smart to hide your small caliber weapon where their little hands can’t reach.

Not impressed by having to solve the kitchen’s maze? Check #7 for the worst bathroom design ever.

7. Something Went Wrong

Something Went Wrong
via Twisted Sifter

You can’t beat this! The sink looks like someone was out of toilet paper, deprived of running water, and in a real rush to get in time for a date.

An evil mind conceived this atrocity, and we are probably talking about a student that failed to get his Interior Design degree. Killing sprees are nothing compared to this crime against good taste.

Just imagine waking up to this after a heavy night of boozing. You would trough up instantaneously and also pull all your guts out. After finishing with that, you would scratch your eyeballs until they bleed.

Some people failed even more miserably at doing simple stuff. #8 is heartbreaking!

8. It Was Supposed To Be Inside!

It Was Supposed To Be Inside!
via Reddit

This joker decided that is fun to mess with one of the most enjoyed simple pleasures of life.

The result is indeed amusing. The message that was supposed to go inside is left out in the open, creating an elaborate pun. We reject any possibility of a mistake here. You can’t be that stupid.

On the other hand, people who hate fortune cookies see this as a way of simplifying the ordeal. You just eat the cookie whole and toss away the annoying piece of text without reading it.

This was the last dose of innocent fun on the list. We bring in the heavy guns just to show that there are people out there who not only screwed it up but made no effort in hiding it.

9. Road Guy’s Artistic Touch

Road Guy's Artistic Touch
via You Had One Job!

Being stuck in a job you hate is not good for the morale. Road workers are required to be meticulous, disciplined, and to keep things straight. Literally!

It’s hard to define the calling of the man that left behind this awful mark. We will explore only two of the many leads.

Judging by the fact that he did not want to move a fallen branch a couple of centimeters away, the bastard would do a better job as an environmentalist. Yep, the philosophy that humans should not interfere with nature will get this road blocked in no time.

However, there is another way of seeing things. Painting straight lines all day long can make you go nuts if you have an artistic mind. A slight anomaly always works well to fight boredom. Can you imagine what such a guy would do on the last day at the job?

10. At Least You Tried!

At Least You Tried!
via Imgur

City infrastructure and torrential rains never have a good relationship.

And that is not because municipalities lack the funds to avoid floods like the one Noah saw. The primary cause is other. People invested with the responsibility do their jobs in a terrible way.

Almost anywhere around the world, road contractors are considered to be the laziest and most irresponsible persons ever. The Internet abounds with pics showing them taking long naps or siestas, right on the construction site.

For the unlucky park, the sewer grate was included just to mimic functionality. You have to be foolish to expect water to behave differently, just because you were too lazy to level the surface.

The good news is that the sewage becomes useful only when water goes beyond 20cm. But at that time people would have already started to ask the municipality for an ark.

11. Fans Will Love This

Fans Will Love This
via Monifest

Printing such a message on a t-shirt can put the awful worker on death row in many US states.

Yep, fanboys don’t take lightly such insults. You have to consider the fact that Star Wars and Star Trek are not just movie franchises. They are religions that foster fanatism and thirst for bloody vengeance.

Talking about the resurrection of Spock while placing it on Tatooine is profanity. It would be the equivalent of mixing up Islam and Christianity.

We assume that the job was done poorly by an underpaid, underage, Chinese worker. But chances are someone messed with the original t-shirt design just to see the world burn. Better said, to see people at comic conventions take on each other.

You will be thrilled to know #12 is a similar kind of mix-up, just way creepier!

12. It’s Evolution, Baby!

It's Evolution, Baby!
via Animal Planet

Last time we checked, tarantulas looked quite different than that.

But we might ignore the long period elapsed since the previous time we left our computer monitors to check Mother Nature for vital signs. Chances are cockroaches took over the world and mated with all other species, obliterating their genes.

You might say that the error here is harmless. Stop for a minute, and think of the ticking bomb put up for sale. What about the kids that take things for granted? Next thing you know they will sell you living scorpions in pet shops and call them bunnies.

We don’t want to be mean. However, the next terrible job belongs to someone either mentally disabled or high on drugs. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse!

13. Meanwhile, In A Parallel Universe

Meanwhile, In A Parallel Universe
via Know Your Meme

Making mistakes is easy. However, there are no excuses when you are manufacturing products that everybody uses.

Only two theories can work to explain why this cup has its handle on the inside. One of them is that workers in the Chinese factory have a limited understanding of modern pottery. The other one suggests that the cup is a relic from a parallel Universe.

Yep, according to the most recent scientific explanation of how reality works, there is an infinite number of parallel universes, each one based on a bizarre twist of what we consider normal.

Of course, there will always be one or two smart guys to pinpoint the metaphor. You drank your coffee wrong the wrong way your entire life. Our dirty minds are not prepared for such subtleties.

We only acknowledge that “two girls – one cup” is not possible here.

14. The Classic “You Had One Job”

The Classic "You Had One Job"
via Bored Panda

Some say that this is where it all started.

Back in the days, people were grateful for what they had. Bad-looking or faulty, it made their lives brighter and more colorful. No one is perfect so why should we stress about innocent errors?

However, it doesn’t apply to the pavement. Take everything away from us, but leave us with pavement assembled according to tradition. The error seen here is the root of all evil and the reason this list exists in the first place.

Call it a bad day at the “office” or the inability to focus for too long. The one that did this wreaked havoc inside the local community. Babies could not stop crying, and elders took their lives just seconds after witnessing the horror imprinted on the ground.

What comes next shows how bad we ended as a species! Nothing can prepare you for #15!!

15. Everyone Is A Winner

Everyone Is A Winner
via Bored Panda

Everyone is a winner, and the important thing is to show up and take part in the action.

The lie convinced many kids to accept the awful destiny that life had in store for them without complaining. The truth is shocking. No one gives a crap about what is bellow first place.

Just grab a history book, or, even better, a Guinness Book of World Records. Where are losers there? Right, they don’t exist.

We never saw such medals in real life. If we did, we would buy them just to have them shipped directly as scrapped metal. Wait, we might make some use of them.

Elders playing bingo might see no trouble in finishing “3st.”

16. Architecture

via PlayBuzz

Unfortunately, the planned “Stairway to Heaven” had to settle for the cold inner face of a concrete slab.

You have to be distracted not to notice the fact that the last segment of the stairway is unnecessary. This is what you get when you listen to the Architect confined in his office and who never came to test reality.

But maybe we got it all wrong. Maybe this is a metaphor for our society, cleverly hidden in the interior architecture. Where are we heading? Is there a dead end halting all future progress? How close are we from reaching it? Will it hurt your head?

You can still take more! #17 is so morbid; they had to do something about it.

17. Back To School

Back To School
via Bored Panda

Going back to school comes attached with its dilemmas.

Forget about buying a new backpack or getting a larger lunch box. This year, the question troubling the young minds is what knife is better suited for the job.

What job? Do we have to tell you how much children hate their teachers? Knives come in all shapes and sizes and serve various purposes, all equally bloody.

You have no excuse to buy only one. How is supposed your kid to stab and flay with the same tool? You must buy the whole set! Picture it as an investment in your children’s future.

Are in the mood for another way people doing their one job can affect your children?

18. Childhood Ruined

Childhood Ruined
via Instagram

Stuffed animals are the joy of every kid before he/she discovers cigarettes and alcohol.

Accurate replicas teach the little rascals to love and caress animals. How can you expect them to love beasts with funny looking eyes?

Someone here did not pay attention to the big picture or felt that a bit of harmless fun never killed. Let us tell you a secret. Poorly stuffed animals like the one on the right can lead to autism and other severe behavior disorders.

Someone should put this poor creature out of its misery and take it away from the shelf. Even so, we tend to believe the harm done is at a much bigger scale.

Are you ready for the last one? The Jewel of the Crown will make you think long and hard about stuff!

19. The Longest Walk

The Longest Walk
via PlayBuzz

A quick look at the photo above reveals no problems.

The interior design of the restroom is loose enough to promote peace and relaxation. Too loose if you ask us. Why? Because you would have to walk like a crab to access the toilet paper from the far wall.

Of course, with practice, you can develop a new habit. Take with you a stash before sitting comfortably on the throne. But what happens when your worst case scenario is way off?

Chances are what we showed you in #7 comes from the same bathroom. Someone made a desperate attempt to control the explosive situation.


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