19 Times People Had ONE JOB And Screwed It Up

We all try to do our jobs well. However, there are nasty people in this world that never bother to check twice. They had one job, and they screwed things up beyond repair.

While most of the errors are harmless, the 19 photos we included show a different side of the story. Something as simple as putting the toilet paper support too far away from people using the restroom can be the root of all evil.

People not doing their jobs well doesn’t always turn tragic. In most of the cases what you get is a decent dose of fun. However, the fun ends when you pay good money for something crooked.


Welcome aboard for the exciting voyage that will show you how easy it is to sabotage order and watch the world burn.

1. Double Trouble

Double Trouble

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Bathrooms are delicate ecosystems of privacy where is relatively easy to screw things up.

Take this photo here. In what godforsaken country do people sit side-by-side while taking a number two? We get it that space economy is a significant coordinate of interior design, but this is utterly disgusting.

Even more disturbing is that we have no toilet paper rolls in sight. Sharing the trash bin also puts you uncomfortably close to the naked body of a person taking a dump.

Of course, we might forget the fact that times are changing. Now that restrooms dedicated to only one gender are a thing of the past, it might just be that synchronized pooping is also trending.

However, people who suck at doing their only job did not stop there. Check out the rest of the thing they can ruin for you!


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