19 Stunning Daughters That Have Equally Famous Parents

Some say that the apple never falls too far away from the tree. It is impossible from a genetic viewpoint for celebs to experience having disappointing offspring, mostly because of beauty running in their world like a plague.

Even so, letting others have a bite from the apple of your eyes is not easy. Seeing so many fans crave after your stunning daughter is deranging like nothing else.

You do not want to be in the shoes of Alec Baldwin, Eric Roberts, or Eminem. All of them fight to temper tens of thousands of pretenders that makes claims to enter the family.


We have prepared a list of 19 stunning daughters, just to show you a glimpse of the celeb dynasties that are taking form. Do not forget to take a bib. Daddy’s girl is so hot you will drool for sure!

1. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

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We are the lucky ones! Our generation is the one that gets to see Emma Roberts growing up and leaving the parents’ nest.

The 25-year-old did not face the age-old problem of being seen alongside your father. What for most teenagers is a huge source of annoyance, worked to kickstart Emma’s acting career.

You cannot go wrong when you have a dad like Eric Roberts and an aunt like Julia Roberts. The acting genes run in the family, and all daddy’s little pumpkin had to do was open her mouth and roll her eyes.

Emma won so many “teen choice” and “people’s choice” that it makes it impossible to find someone who does not know her. If you want to see her playing an on-screen daughter, we recommend seeing “We’re The Millers.”

Her father-daughter chemistry with Jason Sudeikis might give away a portion of what Eric Roberts had to deal with.


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