19 Amazing Behind the Scenes From Iconic Movies

What better way to revisit your favorite movies than to take a peek at what happened during production. If these behind the scenes photos don’t ruin it for you, nothing will.

If you want to know how they filmed the original “Godzilla” with no CGI, or if you never understood how they made a raccoon talk in “Guardians of The Galaxy,” then this is the article for you.

Prepare yourself for a cinematographic journey that will take you from one blockbuster to another, across decades of entertainment. Grab some popcorn and brace yourself. 19 shots will blow your mind.

1. Steven Spielberg Shows The Jaws Are Big Enough

Seeing this photo without the caption we provide would have been scary.

The man enjoying himself in the mouth of a Great White is none other than film director Steven Spielberg. Mechanical sharks have been used to create terror on the set. That helps to explain the confident position next to the sea’s bloodiest killer.

Released more than 40 years ago (in 1975), Jaws opened Hollywood’s generous doors for the young Spielberg. At the same time, it created a cult around the idea of being eaten by a shark.

The shot proves that filming “Jaws” was fun mostly because it kept the production crew on the beach all day long. Short jeans, a pair of sneakers, and a giant fake shark mouth are all you need in life to be happy.


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