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19 Amazing Behind the Scenes From Iconic Movies
Nov 29, 2016

19 Amazing Behind The Scenes From Iconic Movies


Grab a big bag of popcorn to soothe your broken heart. The irresistible peek behind the scenes of these 19 iconic movies will most likely ruin them for you.

Fantasy worlds and special effects certainly appear different once you learn they are nothing but elaborated costumes and fancy computer graphics. This article is dedicated to those who thought George Lucas enlisted Bigfoot to play Chewbacca.

1. Steven Spielberg Shows The Jaws Are Big Enough

Steven Spielberg Shows The Jaws Are Big Enough
via Universal Pictures

Seeing this photo without the caption we provide would have been scary.

The man enjoying himself in the mouth of a Great White is none other than film director Steven Spielberg. Mechanical sharks have been used to create terror on the set. That helps to explain the confident position next to the sea’s bloodiest killer.

Released more than 40 years ago (in 1975), Jaws opened Hollywood’s generous doors for the young Spielberg. At the same time, it created a cult around the idea of being eaten by a shark.

The shot proves that filming “Jaws” was fun mostly because it kept the production crew on the beach all day long. Short jeans, a pair of sneakers, and a giant fake shark mouth are all you need in life to be happy.

2. James Cameron Explains That Leo Will Have To Die

James Cameron Explains That Leo Will Die
via 20th Century Fox

We hate showing this photo to you, but it needs to be done.

As you can see, Cameron was caught breaking the bad news to Jack and Rose. One of them would have to let go of the raft to save the other. Although “women and children first” typically applies, Cameron insisted it was supposed to be Leo.

The prolific director put himself in the same situation as those shipwrecked, just to make things even more realistic. You can praise him for confronting the freezing waters of the Atlantic that left Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet with severe hypothermia.

We believe this memorable behind the scene photo broke your heart. Therefore, we are happy to announce that the next ones will mend it.

3. Princess Leia Laughs At Storm Troopers

Princess Leia Laughs At Storm Troopers
via Lucas Film

Want to know what made Princess Leia laugh so hard?

Apparently, the shot was taken seconds after the first Storm Troopers jokes emerged on the set. Yes, Luke, Han Solo, and all the other characters you love correctly spotted that Imperial forces are useless in combat.

Indeed, the Bucketheads miss even when they fire from close range. Filming fight scenes became much easier once the rumor was out.

Carrie Fischer’s idiotic laugh interrupted a scene when she was taken into custody by two Storm Troopers. As a result, George Lucas called for a break on set.

If you see Carrie now, you would have no reasons to laugh. The 60-year-old changed a lot since the 1977 blockbuster hit the big screens.

4. Bane And Batman Sharing Jokes

Bane And Batman Sharing Jokes
via Legendary Entertainment

Bane and Batman shared happy moments when they did not fight.

Just imagine how much fun the two had while filming one-on-one combat scenes in The Dark Knight Rises. Both Christian Bale and Tom Hardy had to alter their voices for the roles and telling stupid things would have been a delight.

We know that showing you this photo creates a moral dilemma. Good guys and bad guys should always be antagonists. Well, things are not so simple in real life, and you might as well accept that comic books exaggerate stereotypes.

Producers did their best to delete this leaked shot from the Internet. Apparently, it was Marvel that put it forward, just to ruin Nolan’s incredible box office success.

5. The Grady Twins Are Creepy Even When The Camera Is Not Rolling

The Grady Daughters Are Creepy Even When The Camera Is Not Rolling
via Warner Bros.

The Grady Twins can be seen walking on “The Shining” set in 1979.

Yes, the movie might be old, but the two girls earned their place in popular culture after the famous “Come play with us” scene.

The old shot reveals a disturbing truth. The ten-year-old girls filmed much more than the 30 seconds they appeared in the movie. However, the decision to cut them out belonged to director Stanley Kubrick.

Even so, the famous scene in the hallway of the creepy hotel scared generation after generation of viewers. Some go as far as claiming children that watched the film developed a phobia regarding twins.

Last Halloween’s costume extravaganza included, as always, girls dressed like the Grady Twins.

6. The Terminator And James Cameron Engage In Small Talk

The Terminator And James Cameron Engage In Small Talk
via IMDb

You have so much success captured by one photo that it hurts to see.

The 1984 Terminator sky-rocketed Cameron’s career as a director and consolidated Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the best-selling action actors.

Many years after the post-apocalyptic movie, the two are powerhouses in Hollywood and even beyond.

Cameron’s last reported net worth was close to $2 billion. Would you expect otherwise from a director that envisioned Aliens (1986), Titanic (1997), or Avatar (2009)?

As for Arnold, he switched the leather jacket for a more formal suit. The Austrian-born served as the 38th Governor of California between 2003 and 2011. He did not say the famous “I’ll be back,” but we bet he will be around at the highest level.

7. Hannibal Enjoying Lunch During Filming Break

Hannibal Enjoying Lunch During Filming Break
via MGM

Even serial killers deserve a good meal.

Dr. Hannibal Lector is seen here enjoying French fries on the set of the “Silence of The Lambs.” The shot was taken just before filming resumed. Tormenting Clarice (Jodie Foster) with tricky questions about her past is not easy.

We know what kind of questions haunt your mind. How can you eat when your film contains so many gruesome scenes? Blood and sex are nothing new in Hollywood, and great actors build quite a stomach for that.

The photo might be the last one showing the cop on the right alive. Hannibal kills and tortures him in a way that is too graphic to describe.

8. Time Alone For Katniss Everdeen In The Woods

Time Alone For Katniss In The Woods
via Lion’s Gate

Movie scenes look beyond recognition when you are in the same vantage point as the director.

If we remember correctly, Katniss was alone in the forest, attempting to survive the unleashed manhunt. The photo reveals the truth and will probably spoil the movie for those who did not see it.

You can imagine the level of quality which Hollywood requires from its leading titles. Forget about small budget films. When you need eight people just to shoot a simple scene, you are not talking about a production crew, but more about an industry.

Jennifer Lawrence put the 2012 production somewhere close to her heart. “The Hunger Game” boosted the 26-year-old amongst the best-paid stars. And it all started with kids hunting each other down in the woods.

9. Steven Spielberg Poaching The Last Dinosaur In Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg Poaching The Last Dinoasaur In Jurrasic Park
via Universal Pictures

Some believed the photo to depict Spielberg killing a dinosaur from an endangered species.

The Facebook post went viral a couple of years ago. It is hard to say if the gullible comments came from stupid people or if it was all a very elaborate prank.

One thing is for sure. “Jurassic Park” was a major commercial hit, one that brought for the first time in front of the audience a very accurate depiction of the mighty beasts that once roamed the Earth.

No, Spielberg did not use fossilized DNA to give life to dinosaurs. Animatronic animals were used to create special effects that were astonishing for that year (1993).

One fact about “Jurassic Park” will blow your mind. The blockbuster ignited incredible interest towards paleontology and urged many students to enlist in that field.

10. E.T. Giving Advice Last Time Before Going Home

E.T. Giving Advice Last Time Before Going Home
via Universal Pictures

We remain in the Spielberg universe to take a peek at another fascinating behind the scenes shot.

“E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” brought for the first time on the big screens an alien character viewers could sympathize with. Spielberg’s vision was clear. He wanted something more family friendly than the creature seen in the 1979 “Alien.”

Before you rush to say that they retrieved the body from the Roswell shipwreck, you should know that E.T. emerged from scratch. The animatronic cost a staggering $1.5 million to make. You will end up losing your mind if you adjust that for inflation.

Because of the small stature, they had to use dwarves and even a 12-yer-old born without his legs to give life to the friendly visitor from outer space.

11. The Real Identity Of Kermit The Frog Is Revealed

The Real Identity Of Kermit The Frog Is Revealed
via Disney

We hate to ruin your childhood. Without the hand of puppeteer Jim Henson, Kermit is just a piece of lifeless fabric.

The incredible photo taken behind the scenes reveals the beloved Muppets character from a rather unusual angle. If you think filming a child’s play is easy, you obviously don’t know the full story.

Introduced in 1955, Kermit is alive and well 60 years later, holding a comfortable spot in American popular culture. However, not the same can be said about his creator.

Jim Henson died in 1990 aged only 53, and someone had to take his place. It was the hand of Steve Whitmire that animated the beloved frog since then.

12. James Cameron As A Voyeur On The Set Of Titanic

James Cameron Voyeur On The Set Of Titanic
via 20th Century Fox

Filming “Titanic” put Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in multiple romantic situations.

However, they never had the chance to enjoy the time spent on the colossal boat. When filming was not on the agenda, Leo and Kate were constantly harassed by James Cameron.

The director was so obsessed with bringing every detail to perfection that he often forgot about leaving them space to breathe. Cameron directly supervised the “I’m flying” scene, asking the two to make out before, just to create sexual tension.

The above shot with Cameron observing the on-screen couple is one of the creepiest on the list. But stay tuned. We will ruin for you other iconic scenes as well.

13. Chewbacca Caught Flirting With Princess Leia

Chewbacca Caught Flirting With Princess Leia
via Lucas Film

We could not help ourselves. Here is another photo from the set of Star Wars.

It is evident that the stars of the beloved franchise had a lot of free time between the doubles. Fooling around and being late for rehearsals might have infuriated George Lucas, but he acknowledged the importance of maintaining morale.

The photo above depicts one of the many flings that involved Carrie Fischer. The beloved actress impersonating Princess Leia was everyone’s sweetheart. Even the hairy Chewbacca attempted to steal her heart.

Of course, we should be talking about Peter Mayhew, the man behind the Wookiee costume. Even if it was short-lived, the romance made Han Solo jealous and moody during filming.

14. Harry, Ron, And Snape Laughing About Hermione

Harry, Ron, And Snape Laughing About Hermione
via Warner Bros.

At least this is what we assumed the three beloved characters were doing.

It helps to remember that we lost the man playing Severus Snape (Alan Rickman) in 2016. Both Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint confessed that Rickman was like a mentor to them. This happened not only at Hogwarts but also in real life.

Because the actors spent a decade working together for the eight installments of the series, a special bond emerged. Even this photo is enough to reveal a bit of the chemistry that made the whole project so successful.

Of course, we could be talking a lot about the special effects and how they looked like from the director’s seat. However, Harry Potter was more about the growing pains and coming of age experienced by the little wizards.

15. Two Giant Men Prepare Godzilla For Final Battle

Two Giant Men Prepare Godzilla For Final Battle
via Toho Studios

Godzilla is one of the most enduring monsters in the movie industry.

Keep in mind that we are talking about 1954 Japan, the year the Toho released the first movie of the franchise. Computers, and therefore digital content were only a dream, and the poor filming crew had to do everything in real life.

Don’t let yourself fooled by the size of the power lines. Most scenes depicting the damages took place inside a studio, and buildings were all scaled down.

Instead, you should focus on the ridiculous costume created for the monster. Although the initial weight of the Godzilla suit was 100 kg, it was later made more lightweight. Even so, Nakajima, the man inside the monster, lost 10 kg during the two months of filming.

16. Drax Petting One Member Of The Production Crew

Drax Petting One Member Of The Production Crew
via Universal Pictures

You are probably shocked to see the mighty Drax (Dave Bautista) caressing a fellow crew member dressed in green.

Contrary to what you might think, action actors do not need such a form of stress relief. The unfortunate man is there to replace Rocket in the physical world.

We hate breaking the news to you, but the annoying raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper is a computer generated imagery. It is critical for directors and all the other actors to have real human beings in the same position that would later be filled with digital content.

Just watch again “Guardians of the Galaxy” and imagine the guy in green doing all the scenes that involve Rocket. Seeing the actual shoot would have been a killer.

17. Matrix Rehearsals Before The Actual Shooting Scene

Matrix Rehearsels Before The Actual Shooting Scene
via Warner Bros.

We apologize for ruining the “Matrix” with the above behind the scenes photo.

Although some still like to believe that Keanu Reeves performed the best moves in close combat history, the green background leaves no doubt. Firing multiple rounds while hovering in midair is impossible according to the laws of physics that govern our world.

Even so, Neo’s fight with Mr. Smith reserved a permanent spot in popular culture. We firmly believe you could not avoid watching the three Matrix movies all over again. The trilogy left behind a legacy still exploited by many productions of the genre.

Just to tease your mind, you should know that actors like Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Nicolas Cage, and Leonardo DiCaprio were all on the shortlist for playing Neo. Can you imagine “Matrix” with either one of them in the leading role?

18. Producers Caught Playing With Chucky

Producers Caught Playing With Chucky
via MGM

Chucky is the nightmare doll that made your first TV horror experiences unforgettable.

The photo above can do a lot to calm the nerves of those still unable to get past the trauma of their early years. The doll was nothing more than a small robot made to have movements as natural as possible.

The man holding Chucky seems thoroughly unimpressed by the monster that ruined many childhoods. We can all pay a little homage to a type of mustache only the 1980s found appealing.

Moving on, many critics accused “Chucky” of inspiring violence in children. One case went as far as reporting that a 16-year-old girl was forced to say “I’m Chucky, wanna play?” before being murdered.

19. Peter Jackson Settling Middle Earth Disputes

Peter Jackon Settling Middle Earth Disputes
via Warner Bros.

The charismatic New Zealand director is shown here on the set of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Including Jackson in the photo above ruins your memory of the fantasy world of elves, orcs, and hobbits.

There is no doubt that Jackson could have played many roles in the Middle Earth imaginary world. Shorter even than the actors that played the hobbits, Jackson makes Ian Mc Kellen (Gandalf) look like a giant.

Peter Jackson is known for a strange personal preference. He loves wearing short pants on every occasion, even in freezing temperatures. We think it is obvious that shooting LOTR and The Hobbit in New Zealand often exposed the crew to low temperatures.


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