18 Worst Things That Ever Happened At The Zoo

The 18 worst things that ever happened at the zoo is the real-life equivalent of “The Planet of the Apes.”

If you plan on going with the family to the local zoo, you must read this. One wrong step and you might find yourself inches away from animals that can kill you in seconds.

From gorillas smashing kids, to tigers savoring human meat, we have everything in between.

You will end up like us after reading this article. Are we the beast, for holding innocent beings in captivity and holding a grudge on them when thing go wrong? Are we the ones behind bars, getting chip thrills from watching creatures crave for freedom?

1. Karate Enthusiast Receives Darwin Award For Jumping In The Lions’ Den

When the karate master finished the course by saying “you are strong enough to kill animals with your bare hands” one of the students took the words for granted.

32-year-old Mr. Ellie broke into the Melbourne Zoo in the middle of the night and went straight into the lions’ den. He was so confident in the recently acquired karate skills that he forgot who is the king of the animal world.

It is pointless to say it did not end well for him. Zookeepers found only his hands, enough to serve identification purposes. In honor of his act of courage, they gave him the Darwin Award postmortem.

Now that we got you started, it’s time to move to the most incident happening at the zoo in the last couples of years.


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