18 Weirdest Celebrity Habits That Will Make You Question Their Sanity

Everyone has their fair share of strange habits, but nothing is more awkward than finding out what your favorite celebs do when no one is watching.

Reading this article will make you question their sanity. You will embark on an awkward and uncomfortable joy ride that will take you from using bird poop as facial to eating foods of a single color. And, of course, anything in between.

Don’t read this article if you still want to believe celebs are human beings perfect in every way. Also, the weird things mentioned here might ruin your appetite.

1. Steve Jobs – Single Fruit Diet

You probably think you know all about Steve Jobs. Guess again!

The most shocking chapters in Job’s many biographies cover his strange and damn right repulsive eating habits. The mastermind behind Apple was never a joy to have in the office, and it all started with what he packed for lunch.

For a reason unknown to us, Jobs believed that feasting on one fruit for days in a row is good for health. The tech guru made famous by his love for turtlenecks alternated between apples (obviously) and carrots. The diet based on the later gave his skin an orange glow that Apple employees of that time remember well.

It seems that frugal eating made Steve Jobs cranky and hard to work it. Tales from the workplace depict him walking around barefoot jus after dipping his feet in the cold water of the toilets. Apparently, this was a form of stress relief.

Can you imagine Jobs reviewing your code while munching on a carrot and preaching the alternative use of the toilet?


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