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18 Weirdest Celebrity Habits That Will Make Your Mind Implode
Dec 5, 2016

18 Weirdest Celebrity Habits That Will Make You Question Their Sanity


Everyone has their fair share of strange habits, but nothing is more awkward than finding out what your favorite celeb does when no one is watching.

You will embark on an awkward and uncomfortable joy ride that will take you from using bird poop as facial to eating foods of a single color. And, of course, anything in between.

1. Steve Jobs – Single Fruit Diet

Steve Jobs - Carrot Diet
via Life Buzz

You probably think you know all about Steve Jobs. Guess again!

The most shocking chapters in Job’s many biographies cover his strange and damn right repulsive eating habits. The mastermind behind Apple was never a joy to have in the office, and it all started with what he packed for lunch.

For a reason unknown to us, Jobs believed that feasting on one fruit for days in a row is good for health. The tech guru made famous by his love for turtlenecks alternated between apples (obviously) and carrots. The diet based on the later gave his skin an orange glow that Apple employees of that time remember well.

It seems that frugal eating made Steve Jobs cranky and hard to work it. Tales from the workplace depict him walking around barefoot jus after dipping his feet in the cold water of the toilets. Apparently, this was a form of stress relief.

Can you imagine Jobs reviewing your code while munching on a carrot and preaching the alternative use of the toilet?

2. Katy Perry – Obsessed With Tooth Brushing

Katy Perry - Obsessed With Tooth Brushing
via Life Buzz

We are all obsessed with Katy Perry, and it might have something to do with her generous smile.

The singer is so fearful of ending up with cavities that she surrounds herself with toothbrushes. Packing up for world tours always starts with 20 or more brand new brooms, of all shapes and sizes.

Yes, what we all dread doing in the morning is more than a good habit for Katy. The 32-year-old revealed she brushes at least six times a day, enough to make future visits to the dentist highly unlikely. She goes as far as interrupting concerts for a chance to unstuck leftover with some mouthwash.

Perry recently embarked on a journey across the world, to find the last places untouched by modern dentistry.

Of course, we all know that Katy Perry violates the unwritten deal we have with the Tooth Fairy. Cash for bad teeth is a vital component of the economy in countries where being toothless is a beauty mark.

3. Johnny Depp – Playing With Barbie Dolls

Johnny Depp - Playing With Barbie Dolls
via Quien

When you receive tens of millions for each and very role, many fun pass time activities come to mind.

However, Johnny Depp developed a strange and disturbing addiction towards Barbie Dolls after playing long hours with his daughter, Lily-Rose. What started as an innocent way of strengthening the bond became an essential factor in his on-screen success.

Depp came out and confessed that altering the pitch of his voice while giving life to the plastic bimbos helped him with acting. Yes, characters like Jack Sparrow and Willy Wonka were probably developed with a Barbie in one hand and with Ken in another.

Last time we checked, dolls were for girls. But we give in to the social pressure of not drawing a thick line to differentiate genders. Even so, picturing Depp playing make-up and talking boys crushes with his teenage girl would be wrong in many ways.

Lily-Rose Depp is herself Barbie-like. Inheriting traits from Johnny and Vanessa Paradis left no room for mistakes in the genes pool.

4. Sandra Bullock – Hemorrhoid Cream

Sandra Bullock - Hemorrhoid Cream
via Pop Hitz

Sandra Bullock came forward and admitted using hemorrhoid cream on a constant basis.

However, the purpose is other than treating what we all know as a difficult condition. We don’t know the state of Bullock’s rear end, but we do know that the 52-year-old is desperate to hide the signs of aging from her face.

The star from Gravity discovered that putting ointment around her eyes limited the unwanted lines and dark circles from growing bigger. Soon enough, she became addicted, convinced that the cream also helps the rest of the face stay wrinkle-free.

Although inspiring, the original beauty recipe proved its limits once female fans tested the miracle on their own skin. They failed to acknowledge that you need to be famous and get some tan from Hollywood spotlights before calling yourself beautiful like Sandra.

Of course, we have to answer to the question burning you right now. What was a hemorrhoid cream doing on Sandra’s nightstand? Hollywood is teaming with dirty little secrets, but we would have been better without this one.

5. Angelina Jolie – Eating Bugs As A Snack

Angelina Jolie - Eating Bugs As A Snack
via Pop Hitz

Angelina Jolie is a messenger of hope for third world countries, but this made her bring home strange habits.

Ordinary people like us know that the right place for insects is outside your home and not inside your stomach. And then there is Angelina. The recently divorced actress shared with the rest of the world a disturbing mental image – her kids eating crickets like Doritos.

Apparently, the insect-based diet comes from Cambodia, where Jolie produced her last movie. What started as a form of bonding with poor local communities, turned to full-scale madness.

Insects are low in carbs, and it seems they are the culprits for the recent drop in weight experienced by the 41-year-old. Some go as far as saying that eating “nopes” ruined Brangelina.

Everything fell apart when Pitt caught his wife hunting and devouring household cockroaches. You will know how to interpret the ‘irreconcilable differences’ the couple claimed as the basis for the divorce. Eating bugs ruined a 12-year-long fairy tale.

6. Christian Bale – Pushing His Luck

Christian Bale - Pushing His Luck
via Pop Hitz

Christian Bale recently revealed a strange habit that will make you change your mind about him.

The actor that played the most iconic Batman to date likes to challenge superstitions and prove those still believing in them wrong. While this might sound harmless, details will intrigue you.

Sources close to Bale suggest that the actor hires people to chase black cats so that they cross his path. Other stunts involve walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, and opening umbrellas inside the house.

You are wrong to think that this odd habit came out of the blue. It all started after the tragic death of Heath Ledger, the 28-year-old co-star from The Dark Knight. The 2008 loss that shocked Hollywood came packed with the death of a stunt double on set and with Morgan Freeman’s car accident.

Bale probably felt that he was next and tried to speed up the inevitable. One thing is sure. Nothing bad happened so far. Of course, it might just be that Bale is incredibly lucky, or that superstitions don’t work when they are tested on purpose.

7. Catherine Zeta-Jones – Strawberries Mania

Catherine Zeta-Jones - Strawberries Mania
via Pop Hitz

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a beauty that defies the years. What is her secret?

It seems that the rest of the world used strawberries wrong. The 47-year-old revealed that we should all resist the urge to eat the aromatic fruits and put them in our mouths for an entirely different reason.

No, we are not referring to a kinky new way of surprising your loved one. Catherine uses strawberries to brush her teeth after every meal, claiming they contain an acid which repels tooth decay.

Just wait a second before rushing to cancel the appointment with your dentist. Replacing toothpaste with strawberries might sound sweet and tasty, but one small detail will ruin your enthusiasm.

This beauty tip comes from a woman whose husband recently recovered from tongue cancer. We don’t know what farmers do to their strawberries crops nowadays, but it most likely brought Michael Douglas inches away from death.

8. Teri Hatcher – Wine Extravaganza

Teri Hatcher - Wine Extravaganza
via Pop Hitz

We all know that wine is a desperate housewife’s best friend, but Teri Hatcher turned the nightcap into a fully-fledged habit.

It doesn’t matter if it’s white or red, aged or from last year’s yield. Added in hot water of the bathtub, it works miracles for the body. At least this is how the Golden Globe winner promotes her beauty secret.

However, Teri doesn’t exhaust cellars with her habit. One glass is enough per bath, and it might even help you keep your boozing under control. Although Teri Hatcher never joined the Alcoholics Anonymous, it is natural to assume she discovered the anti-aging treatment by accident.

Seeking comfort in a glass of wine and relief after a rough day of filming turned into something else when Teri had one drink too many. What Tori initially saw as a waste of the precious liquor, quickly turned to a life-changer.

9. Stephen King – Cheesecake To Cure Writer’s Block

Stephen King - Cheesecake To Cure Writer's Block
via Pop Hitz

Although it might sound strange, eating cheesecakes goes very well with writing sick twisted horror stories.

Stephen King admitted his culinary weakness in an interview that tried to dissect the alchemy of his success. We all know that sugar is good when the brain has to do a lot of thinking. What we cannot explain is why to stick with a single dessert.

Superstition or just a random detail to tease the fans? The man that wrote “Under the Dome” and “The Shining” might have played a silly experiment on us, one that will probably be the basis of his future work. We just hope he doesn’t make cheesecake a silent killer, lurking in the plate.

But King’s strange eating habits don’t stop there. The author is scared to death about the prospect of eating anything slippery or slimy (like oysters or octopus). Yep, the array of foods he dismisses only because of how they look can make your stomach growl in disapproval.

10. Tom Cruise – Getting Face Covered In Poop

Tom Cruise - Getting Face Covered In Poop
via Pop Hitz

We surrender in the face of what Tom Cruise does to keep his money-maker young and neat.

The actor that adopted Scientology as a lifestyle hitched a ride on the spa train with treatments typically reserved for ladies. Cruise linked his regained youth with applying processed Nightingale droppings on his face.

Although the recipe includes other ingredients like rice bran and water, we are technically speaking about poop here. Yes, people pay to receive the same treatment your car gets from those pesky birds. The trend was launched by Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, and took the world of celebs by storm.

It is a known fact that Tom doesn’t like the idea of Botox or plastic surgery. However, we are convinced mother nature can present those active ingredients in a more user-friendly manner.

Just take a moment to picture Tom Cruise lying face up under a tree where nightingales do their rehearsals. The image of fresh poop on his face makes him happy and will most likely make your day brighter.

11. Cameron Diaz – Extreme Germaphobia

Cameron Diaz - Extreme Germaphobia
via Pop Hitz

There is one good reason why Cameron Diaz has all doors open for her or uses the elbow to operate the knob.

Yes, There’s Something About Mary not all fans know. The 44-year-old has OCD with a profound life-altering fixation on germs. The world according to Diaz is teaming with evil little buggers waiting to enter your body and turn things nasty for you.

Of course, the actress has a bit of reason. Door knobs of public spaces come in contact with thousands of hands (more or less dirty), and it is common sense to see them as a vehicle for germs. However, the invisible danger can pose a bigger threat to your mind instead.

More complicated doors make poor Cameron wash her hands in despair multiple times a day. Not to mention the fact that her biceps are abnormally big for a woman her stature.

Just take a peek at the photo. We bet Diaz can reach her elbow with her tongue although we doubt she would ever try that.

12. Jessica Simpson – Chewing Nicotine Gum

Jessica Simpson - Chewing Nicotine Gum
via Pop Hitz

You don’t have to be a smoker to develop a nicotine addiction. Jessica Simpson is an excellent example of how boredom can lead to acquiring unnecessary bad habits.

Chewing gum that contains nicotine is intended to ease the transition towards being a non-smoker. As far as we see things, it works by fueling your body with the drug but removes the fun part – blowing smoke in people’s faces.

Simpsons described her first experience with the special gum as “a party in my mouth.” It is easy to attach a double meaning to such words coming straight from a former sex-symbol.

The 36-year-old singer that mesmerized a generation of men with her Daisy Duke impersonation rode the weight roller coaster in recent years. We have reasons to believe that besides the two pregnancies, nicotine addiction had a role in her shape-shifting.

Jessica will most likely disgust you with the awkward habit of brushing just three times per week. You might say that she fears the fluorine would make her even dumber, but the official reason is keeping her teeth white. A perfect logic here!

13. Simon Cowell – Climbing Trees

Simon Cowell - Climbing Trees
via Pop Hitz

Love or hate Simon Cowell, it doesn’t matter. He has one of the coolest habits on the list (and weird at the same time!).

The same guy that roasts ordinary people on their way to fame does something you probably did only once or twice in your childhood. Climbing a tree is the first thing that shows a young mind the concept of falling/failing.

Yep, we all had our falls, either by losing grip or because the branch snapped under the weight. For the 57-year-old, the fall never came. He climbs trees each morning and extracts an incredible sense of well-being by doing so.

However, Cowell’s arboreal pursuit derived from an unresolved issue. The man that is now worth hundreds of millions once suffered from bullying. His only escape was climbing trees and waiting for his molesters to lose interest – a common tactic in the animal kingdom.

Cowell added another awkward habit – replacing early morning news with an episode of The Flinstones. Life was much better with dinosaurs around and people in trees.

14. Demi Moore – Blood Sucking Relief

Demi Moore - Blood Sucking Relief
via Pop Hitz

If you once were a sucker for Demi Moore, you were not the only.

We are not talking about the millions of fans that congregated to watch the highly attractive actress in Indecent Proposal. Moore developed an addiction towards having her blood sucked by leeches.

It all started with a visit to a European spa where the 54-year-old allowed wacky Austrians to play with her body. Leech therapy is an anti-aging treatment known since Antiquity and allegedly the favorite of Queen Cleopatra.

Although no scientific proof exists, many celebs believe that losing blood at the hands of leeches restores your youth. Everything is worth trying when your biological clock is ticking.

Of course, there might be something else here. Common, Hollywood has long accepted plastic surgery and Botox stuffing. Why bother with the creepy worms crawling on your body. We have reasons to believe leech therapy evolved from treatment to sexual fetish for Demi Moore.

15. Wayne Rooney – Sleeps With A Vacuum Cleaner

Wayne Rooney - Sleeping With A Vacuum Cleaner
via Pop Hitz

When footballers reveal bedroom secrets, what happens in the field falls second.

However, Wayne Rooney’s relationship will not satisfy your thirst for the sensational. There is nothing romantic between him and vacuum cleaners.

Apparently, Man United’s captain cannot fall asleep when there is dead silence in the bedroom. Counting sheep (or red devils) doesn’t cut it. He needs a background noise like the one made by a vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, a hairdryer is just fine.

Rituals like Rooney’s might seem harmless from a distance, but they are a real annoyance for those around. Although his wife Coleen learned to go with the flow and use headphones at night, not the same can be said about fellow football players.

Wazza sleeps alone when Man United or England’s squad play away from home. Even so, teammates still have a strange feeling that their captain is doing house chores all night long.

16. Pamela Anderson – Hates Seeing Her Own Face

Pamela Anderson - Hates Seeing Her Own Face
via Pop Hitz

This one is strange. You might think that being one of the most desired women in a world entitles you to a great relationship with mirrors.

Pamela Anderson shocked everyone when she admitted her brain works in a peculiar way. She is genuinely afraid of seeing herself. Mirrors and even her own shows on TV scare the former Baywatch beauty.

Call us heartless bastards, but we might have a reasonable explanation for a behavior unworthy for someone that makes a living by selling her personal image. Pamela is no longer young (49), and she does anything possible to forget that. Aging with dignity is out of the question, and mirrors are keen on showing that.

17. Mariah Carey – Purple Diet

Mariah Carey - Purple Diet
via Pop Hitz

Mariah Carey wages perpetual war with extra kilos, and it seems she recently turned to a surprise ally.

Last time we checked, you could judge food’s potential by counting nutrients, vitamins, and the calories they pack. We were wrong the whole time. Food color is the essential part here.

The so-called purple diet wreaked havoc amongst plump celebs too lazy to hit the gym. For the miracle to happen, you need to eat only lilac food. Potatoes, cauliflower, and carrots, all of them have equivalents in this color range.

Three days a week of eating purple fruits and veggies is enough to make your body diva material. We have to admit it worked for Carey. The 47-year-old is in top shape even after two births.

However, what we can’t explain is her failed engagement to Australian billionaire James Packer. He probably put some tomatoes on the table in the wrong day of the week.

18. Eminem – Lights Out

Eminem - Lights Out!
via Bussiness Insider

Getting to sleep is not easy for the Real Slim Shady and that is not because his mind is stuck creative rap verses and seeking feuds with other musicians.

Eminem has a strange addiction he developed while touring the world. The rapper sleeps only in rooms that are entirely dark and soundproofed.

We all know that it is not easy to achieve that, especially in bustling cities that keep most lights on throughout the night. Eminem’s team plans in advanced his stay by requesting windows to be fully covered with tin foil.

However, that is not enough. The only white man able to rap uses an eye mask to block those meddling photons that do enter the room.

Sleep troubles taught Eminem that not using electronic devices 30 minutes before bed also works. That sounds reasonable enough to work.


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