18 Stunning Women That Won Miss World

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s hard to deny this age old saying. However, we can all agree that winning Miss World indeed requires a minimum level of beauty.

A beauty pageantry is an excellent opportunity to scratch your eyeballs. Yes, perfect women do exist, and most of them had modest early lives before luck struck them. Unpolished gems are all around the world, waiting for someone to show them the way towards the spotlights.

This article will resume the last 18 winners of Miss World. We will tell you from the start, just to spare your nerves. There was no incident like the one Steve Harvey produced at the last Miss Universe. Not, yet.

1. Linor Abargil (1998)

Linor Abargil is an exotic beauty that brought the first and ever Miss World title for Israel.

The most remarkable aspect of her 1998 victory in Paris was that she was successful despite being raped seven weeks earlier. The 18-year-old was abused at knifepoint by her travel agent, Uri Shlomo Nur, in Milan.

The beautiful model reported the case, and Israeli authorities were prompt to take action. The man spent 16 years in jail for his crime.

Although traumatic, the experience attracted a lot of attention and eventually influenced the jury’s vote. Forgetting was not Linor’s choice.

After winning Miss World she became an ambassador for anti-violence movements, inspiring, and empowering thousands of women to take action and break the silence.

Linor Abargil is now an actress, model, and even certified lawyer. Her fight against sexual abuse wages on.


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