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18 Sorority Photos Show What Really Means To Join The Greek
Dec 26, 2016

18 Sorority Photos Show What Really Means To Join The Greek


Sororities are an interesting phenomenon. You take the weirdness of one girl and multiple it hundreds of times.

Women are social by nature. If a girl does a stupid thing and lives to tell the story, younger ones will soon retrace her steps. That is why sororities were born. To allow good girls to come in close contact with older heavy-boozing role models.

1. When You Dress As Starbucks Coffee Cups

Starbucks Sisters
via Total Sorority Move

As you can, sorority girls obsess over Starbucks.

Nothing yells “I am in a sorority!” more than showing up in class 15 minutes after the teacher, accompanied by all the other sisters, each holding a huge cup of coffee.

The four girls in the image took their obsession to a whole new level. They volunteered to dress as coffee cups.

Take notes about this! You can hurt a sorority girl if you call her “fat” or “big-boned.” She prefers the label “Venti.” Of course, we don’t even consider the remote possibility of you dating a “Trenta.”

Stay tuned for even more photos that show just what it means to be part of a sorority. It’s more than having Greek letters on your shirt!

2. When You Accidentally Join The KKK. It Will Be Fun They Said!

Join KKK, It Would Be Fun They Said
via Uberhumor

We can’t hope but notice that little Stacey on the right did not read the full “terms and conditions” of the sorority she joined.

Given her ethnic background, she made the worse decision possible. The KKK organization did not play nicely with minorities throughout its history.

Don’t let the costumes fool you. What you see is just their casual Friday attire. You can see them wearing their infamous white cloaks all the other days.

Our hopes and prayers go towards Stacey. What we fear most is her hazing ceremony. Her white sister will most likely go hard on her, testing if she is prepared to make the commitment.

Who said that being part of a sorority is all fun and games? Take a look at the next strange custom that might make your daughter think twice!

3. When You Create One Vagina With Your Hands

Sharing One Huge Vagina
via Total Sorority Move

The girls recreated the logo of their Greek sorority. 

That is both good news and bad news for any frat male approaching their enclosure. Anyone is welcomed!

However, the strange hand gesture might represent something else. That sorority house holds one sinister secret. Sisters share everything, even boyfriends.

The giant fertility symbol suggests both the unity of the group and its internal harmony. It’s warm and cozy inside, and the girls never get lonely.

Being part of a sisterhood has its uncomfortable moments. They all wanted the next photo deleted!

4. When You Sit In An Awkward Sorority Sandwich

Sorority Sandwich
via Total Sorority Move

The photo is as embarrassing as it gets. 

Most sorority girls grow to regret the things they do during the college years. Dressing like your other sisters and holding each other might look like innocent fun at first sight. The truth is disturbing.

You can’t overlook the vast quantity of sexual tension visible there. Finally getting to leave the parents’ hose sends many young ones on an orbit of strange sexual habits, all taught to them by older members.

People that are trying to figure out why we have an epidemic of gay people should look no further than fraternities and sororities. What starts with a group hug ends with an orgy.

Cosplay is a new addition to sorority traditions. The next pic shows an awful way to do it.

5. When You Dress As Retarded Minions

You Don't Want To Mess With Those Weird Minions
via Total Sorority Move

We all love Minions. However, there is something deeply disturbing about these girls using plastic cups for the eyes.

Don’t get us wrong. We do appreciate the shorts and the cute faces. What we don’t like is that these girls force you to stare into their hollow eyes.

Just imagine taking your prepubescent boy for a stroll in the park and coming across this awkward dress-up. You can bet on instant childhood ruined. Minions can melt anyone’s heart, but your young man will ask you why they make him feel funny down there.

Being part of a sorority often involves leaving people puzzled. Should you blame the generation gap or is it something more sinister?

Coming up next is a crash course about the hazing ritual.

6. When You Get Ready For Some Hardcore Hazing

Time For Some Hazing
via Total Sorority Move

Take a look at the photo. The three on the floor are seconds away from a session of intensive hazing they will never forget.

If you are not familiar with the procedure, hazing is like a rite a passage. It’s never enough to hand in your motivation letter and take part in an interview.

Far away from the eyes of the public, hazing is a tradition that goes back to the first sororities ever established. Nothing prepares you better for the years of heavy partying than gruesome rituals that involve corporal punishment and body shaming.

Can you read fear in their eyes? Hazing happens behind closed doors and information is often vague. The mental trauma of not knowing what is about to happen to you makes many girls give up in the first place.

Greek sororities adore gameday fun. Check out how a bunch of sorority girls ruined a baseball match for the rest of the crowd.

7. When You Watch Baseball With The Sisters

Watching Baseball With The Sisters
via MLB

When a group of sorority girls scored some free tickets from the MLB, no one thought it would end this way.

They were so interested in taking hundreds of group selfies that the match fell second. The photo went viral, showing once more the women’s limited ability of understanding sports.

On the right, you have a classic example of a duck face. Although it grew unpopular because of the mocking it attracted, it remained a habit for girls her age.

Even so, the cameraman had real trouble focusing on what was happening down on the field. Who wants to see a home-run when you have a bunch of sorority girls outside their natural habitat?

Everyone knows the sorority squat. Ruining young knees since forever.

8. When You Do The Sorority Squat

The Sorority Squat
via Her Campus

Nothing beats the sorority squat! 

We don’t know who launched this hilarious trend, but girls all over the country put their weak knees to a severe test each time they assemble for a group photo.

We get it why it is important to stay like that. Nothing makes boobs look bigger than gravity, and those cleavages prove the point.

However, it is important to address one issue. Squatting it’s simple for short girls and turns into a nightmare when you are a 1.85m diva on high heels.

We will take a moment of silence for our friends in Turkey that don’t have standard toilets and have to stay like that while taking a dump.

Substance abuse is mandatory if you want to have fun. The next pic shows some sisters gone wild.

9. When You Let Alcohol Run Trough You

Wild Sorority Girls Partying Hard
via Uberhumor

They are out of control, and nothing will stop them.

Everyone likes to talk about fraternity boys and their boozing orgies. Surprisingly, girls have the same potential to go wild and set aside those useless inhibitions.

Of course, beyond a certain point, things get messy. Girls and alcohol share a well-known history of bad decisions. What starts with a wine stein on your favorite dress ends with you best friend holding your head as you grace the toilet with the partly digested lunch.

Not to mention the times when you wake up in bed with four guys, just to harass them later with paternity tests.

Check out how a sorority photo foresees future careers!

10. When You Train To Become A Waitress

Training To Be A Waitress
via Total Sorority Move

Sororities are always keen on preparing their girls for what’s awaiting them at the end of college.

Check that agonizing economy again! We are heading towards a moment when having a higher degree would be mandatory for a waitress.

In the meantime, the girls seen here prepare those weak biceps for the heavy trays of food. Who wouldn’t tip those hot bodies and gorgeous smiles?

Of course, there might be another key to reading this pic. Showing that you belong to the same organization requires a lot of effort. Not only do the girls have to dress the same, but they are bound to imitate each other’s gesture like a flock of geese.

Still not impressed? Check out an awful cosplay that shows the nasty side of sororities they will never put up on that poster.

11. When You Do An Awful Spice Girls Cosplay

Awful Spice Girls Cosplay
via Total Sorority Move

Forget about the stereotype that all sorority girls are blonde, hot, and ready to engage in casual sex with random guys that cross their path.

If you think the Spice Girls are part of the past, you are wrong. The pop music phenomenon still has some aftershocks. When nothing comes to mind for that 90s party, getting all posh always does the trick.

One thing doesn’t add up, though. Last time we checked, there was no Asian Spice alongside Melanie Brown. Also, Victoria Beckham on the left looks like she went through some second rounds at the cafeteria.

Sororities are like packs of wolves. The only difference is that they don’t kill their weaker members. They just let them have their deranged fun, with the only condition of not wearing the Greek letters.

You have to see the next one! The camera caught one sorority girl getting wild on her own.

12. When You’re The Only One Flashing

When You're The Only One Flashing
via Total Sorority Move

The most awkward thing that can happen to a sorority girl is to be out of sync with the rest.

Little Suzy got her dates mixed up. She took the casual dinner with teachers and faculty staff as a frat party. We all know how they unfold. All you need is someone to get wild and signal the start.

Just take a look at her besties! Not only they are shocked, but they also started to think of the best suited corporal punishment. What the rest of the pack will do to her is beyond our reach.

Even so, we can estimate it will fall somewhere along the line between painful and kinky.

Let’s move on to a photo that is equally embarrassing. A strange ritual shows why sorority is no place to show mercy for the weak!

13. When The Girls Destroy The Wedding For You

The Best Part About Being A Sorority Bride
via Total Sorority Move

Being in a sorority means you get to tease other members in crucial moments.

Take this photo for example. It deviates from traditional wedding photography with a confusing message addressed to the groom.

Of course, another unwritten sorority rule is that you can’t hold any grudge, even when your best friends plot to compromise you on what was supposed to be the happiest day of your life.

What no one told these girls is that they suck at anatomy. We won’t dig into the details, but let’s just say someone should hold a hand at the very top. No one from med school here!

You will be happy to know that the next sorority photo shows the same gesture in a different context. The possibilities are endless.

14. When You Make Small Va**nas And Fail At Math

One Vagina Missing
via Total Sorority Move

Although the photo is similar to what you saw at #3 and #13, the message is completely different.

Instead of forming one huge va**na, these girls went for something classier. Nothing tells a more emotional story about what means being in a sisterhood than symbolizing each other’s genitals.

However, the girls failed terribly at math. As you can see, there are six girls and only five organs. There is something fishy about that.

Out best guess is that one of them is not a girl. Modern plastic surgery is capable of delivering miracles nowadays.

Keep any food away from you! The next photo might look like another sorority squat, but the truth is way more sickening. You will never believe what the two girls attempted at #15!

15. When You Do A Sorority Squat For A Different Purpose

Sorority Squat With A Different Purpose
via Total Sorority Move

So you saw that squatting is a big thing amongst sorority girls.

However, these two are using the position for an entirely different reason. The awkward photographer caught the two college sisters while attempting to pee in public. Right in time before it became NSFW material.

You know very well what led to this. The line at the little girl’s room is long enough to give you numbered tickets. The two decided to throw away yet another barrier in the way of full gender equality.

If boys help irrigate the bushes leading to the main entry, why shouldn’t we do the same thing? Of course, the two did not expect opposition from their instincts. Even on a full bladder, going out when other drunkards are cheering and laughing doesn’t count as easy.

Let’s move on to something less disgusting. The next girls are a disgrace for their sorority!

16. When You Don’t Feel The Burn

Feel The Burn!
via Total Sorority Move

Let’s face it! Not all sorority photos have that special charm.

Even with the short jeans and flaming letters, the chemistry is simply not there. Maybe it has something to do with trying too much.

They might not tell you when you sign up, but you need to be outgoing and a bit perky to do a good job in promoting your sorority. Do you know what this photo achieved?

It will keep all the hot girls away from A ∑ T, helping the organization spiral down to utter obscurity. Things can get so wrong that the board might decide to switch genders. Although it sounds unbelievable, sororities that fail miserably become fraternities.

Check out the pic! That is more like it!

17. When You Beg For It

Begging For It
via Her Campus

There is a simple reason why girls choose to coagulate themselves into sororities.

If you hang strange-looking Greek letters above your door, you suddenly get access to a lot of cool things that are typically forbidden. Take boys for example.

Most sorority members make the pledge just because it brings them more man meat that they could handle. Take a second look at those desperate college girls. They resemble a hungry pack of wolves waiting to feast on whatever comes their way.

They were not drunk, and they were not preparing to meet Justin Bieber. All they want is the “D,” and we are not talking about a passing mark for their latest exam.

The last photo on the list shows once more how important are choreographies for sorority members. The way they twist and bend their bodies is utterly hilarious.

18. When You Do A “Skinny Arm” Pose

The "Look At Me I Have Skinny Arms" Pose
via Her Campus

Taking thousands of photos with your besties is the coolest part of joining a sorority.

When you are with your kind, no one will judge for spending more time creating your social media image than studying. Girls of all ages know how important it is to show potential mates that their bodies respect the rules of sexiness.

All you need to highlight those skinny arms is to roll up them sleeves and put your hand on your hip. The more sisters are mimicking the gesture, the better. You have to give those lands a sense of proportions.

What no one will tell is that frat boys want entirely different kind of pics. They don’t care about your arms as longs as other parts of your body are well enough.


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