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18 Most Shockingly Short Male Celebrities
Jun 7, 2017

18 Most Shockingly Short Male Celebrities


Being short can make a man’s life miserable. When women look through you (or worse, over you), you wished Mother Nature had gifted you with some extra centimeters.

But enough with the wailing! Our list focuses on the few lucky ones who made it big and are riding high. Prepare yourself to greet 18 of the most shockingly short male celebs.

1. Josh Hutcherson – 5’7” (170 cm)

Josh Hutcherson
via Getty Images

Pray for the lost souls that had no idea how short Josh Hutcherson truly is.

“The Hunger Games” hit the box-office with such a sheer brutality, fans forgot to double check the facts. Take the posters showing Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, and compare them with the photo in which Jennifer Lawrence towers shamelessly over poor Josh.

Everything was one huge lie. As a consequence, fans started a riot in District 12, demanding that someone taller would replace Hutcherson in the next installments of the franchise.

Can you imagine the torture of spending long hours filming alongside Jennifer Lawrence, knowing that you risk mockery each step of the way? Trust us when we tell you Peeta ended up hating the role that brought him so much fame and wealth.

Josh Hutcherson
via Associated Press

On the next page, you will get to see another surprisingly short male actor.

2. Emile Hirsch – 5’7” (170 cm)

Emile Hirsch
via E-News Daily

Emile Hirsch used to make girls weak in the knees. Those joint will certainly stiffen up once they get to confront the naked numbers.

Standing 1.70 tall, Emile is below average and part of a cohort of men haunted by insecurities and stigma. The actor who played Christopher McCandless in “Into the Wild” seems to be stuck looking like an 18-year-old forever.

Just look at the photo showing him with gorgeous and not-so-tall Olivia Wilde. No wonder Hirsch has a hard time settling into a stable relationship. His height triggers inside the female mind an urge to friend zone and reject any form of romantic involvement.

Even Hollywood draw some thick lines for poor Hirsch. He stands slim chances of playing in the big league and starring in action-packed blockbusters. You need to lead the pack of A-listers for producers to overlook your height shortage.

Emile Hirsch
via Pop Sugar

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Check out the next Hollywood star with a centimeter shortage!

3. Tom Cruise – 5’7” (170 cm)

Tom Cruise
via Getty Images

History remembers the fans that had a heart attack when they first realized just how little Tom Cruise is.

You would certainly expect more than 1.70 from a heart-throb that gave multiple generations of women reasons to watch otherwise discouraging action movies. Not only that, but the 54-year-old has a thing for girlfriends that surpassed him with a couple of extra centimeters.

Tom Cruise coined the term “towering.” Both ex-wives Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes had to look down at Tom each time Shorty wanted to say something. Living at different altitudes might work to explain why the two marriages ended in divorce.

Trust us when we tell you that working with Cruise on set was a nightmare. The 54-year-old actor checks each frame to be sure there is no banana in view people might use for scale.

Tom Cruise
via Pacific Coast News

On the next page, you get to see why comedy is the safest refuge for short male celebs.

4. Jack Black – 5’6” (168 cm)

Jack Black
via AP

Jack Black is another A-list actor whose body failed to output the badly needed centimeters.

Height never bothered Jack as he embraced his stature and even turned it into a source of inspiration for his act. The 47-year-old actor is not shy about generous curves that are light years away from the masculine ideal.

Looking like Jack Black helps when you are auditioning for the role of Po (“Kung Fu Panda”). Although he only voiced the character, there is something about Jack that makes you want to hug him without worrying the consequences.

Gwyneth Paltrow might have never dated Jack Black, but showing the two together serves a useful purpose. The stare on his face shows just why hot women have a hard time accepting a shorter partner – they have to look down all the time.

Jack Black
via REX

Being short often makes it easier to get a particular role. Check out our next male celeb and his fabulous saga!

5. Elijah Wood – 5’6” (168 cm)

Elijah Wood
via AP

Once a hobbit, always a hobbit!

Elijah Wood had no troubles in winning the auditions for Frodo Baggins. However, because the role brought him fame at the highest level, people had a hard time identifying him as someone else rather than the brave hobbit who saved Middle Earth.

For some, the height of 1.68 speaks for itself. Even so, we couldn’t resist the temptation of searching for a photo that makes things even clearer.

Katie Holmes looks like a mother accompanying her teen boy on Graduation Day. Check out the creepy stare of the guy in the background to the right. You don’t get to see often such an odd couple parading in broad daylight.

Elijah Wood
via Splash News

Small stature didn’t stop him from going big in Hollywood. Meet our next short male celeb!

6. Martin Freeman – 5’6” (168 cm)

Martin Freeman
via Getty Images

Martin Freeman is another actor that made use of his low altitude to play a hobbit.

1.68 seems to be the ideal height for playing the smallish inhabitants of Middle Earth. However, the risk is having the role stuck to your name like glue, as it happened to Elijah Wood.

Martin Freeman can call himself lucky to have diversified his portfolio with roles like Dr. Watson in “Sherlock” and Lester Nygaard in “Fargo.” It’s easy to imagine a real-life Freeman bullied, and having his life turned into a nightmare by someone of a bigger stature.

Studies tend to suggest short men are more faithful and have longer relationships. When most women prefer taller over shorter, it helps not to be picky.

Freeman’s marriage to Amanda Abbington spanned 16 years and concluded in 2016. Will he have a hard time finding love again?

Martin Freeman
via Shortlist

Check out another short actor who embraced comedy to soothe the pain of missing crucial centimeters.

7. Aziz Ansari – 5’6” (168 cm)

Aziz Ansari
via Getty Images

Aziz Ansari employed comedy to get past being smaller than most men.

You probably know Ansari as Tom Haverford from “Parks and Recreation,” but the polyvalent American actor is not limited to that. Stand-up comedy is by excellence a refuge for those willing to embrace self-deprecation and make fun of everyone (starting with themselves).

168 centimeters doesn’t make you look like a dwarf. At the same, it forbids you from stepping into the Hollywood macho quarters reserved for guys like The Rock.

Performers like Aziz Ansari stand no chance but to accept their small frames and the idea that fans would always use diminutive words to talk about them. The hardest part is dealing with women’s reluctance to see boyfriend material in someone of a similar (or lower, yikes!) height.

Aziz Ansari
via Getty Images

Let’s toss a couple more centimeters and looks at another actor playing in the small league.

8. Daniel Radcliffe – 5’5” (165 cm)

Daniel Radcliffe
via Getty Images

They grow up so fast!

You tend to say that about every child star out there that keeps up the good work. However, Daniel Radcliffe enjoyed a less fruitful growth spurt and ended up with a height below average.

Now that’s a serious handicap when you aspire to make people remember you for something other than Harry Potter. We pity the 27-year-old English actor each time he appears alongside Emma Watson. She comfortably puts 7cm between them with her high heels.

For the sake of understanding Radcliffe’s height better, we handled Katie Holmes again. The former Ms. Cruise is close to becoming a standardized unit of measure.

Radcliffe has a height of 0.94 Holmes. Although the two never dated, you can’t help unleashing the cringe of seeing a shorter man accompanied by a taller woman.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Daniel’s excellent training in avoiding an unappropriated stare.

Daniel Radcliffe
via Getty Images

Can you guess who the next short male celeb is? You love his songs.

9. Bruno Mars – 5’5” (165 cm)

Bruno Mars
via Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is candy for the ears.

However, each lady fan experiences a slight disappointment the moment she sees her idol live. Bruno Mars (real name – Peter Gene Hernandez) is amongst the shortest male celebs, with an official height of 1.65.

When Mother Nature gets stingy with the centimeters, most men embrace a “Hello darkness, my old friend” kind of attitude. Bruno Mars went the other way, and his positive vibes tell the story of one can come to terms with his struggle.

Nothing shows just how tiny Bruno Mars is like the times he shares the stage with other performers. The 31-year-old made Taylor Swift look like a giantess while accepting his MTV Music Award.

“Towering” is a gentle word to describe the incredible contortionist Swift’s neck had to endure to look down at Bruno Mars. Check out the awe in the audience!

Bruno Mars
via Getty Images

On the next page, we explore another actor who owes his success to his small stature.

10. Johnny Galecki – 5’5” (165 cm)

Johnny Galecki
via Getty Images

Johnny Galecki is a hero amongst fellow short men, and that’s not because he leads a syndicate or party where affiliation is based on small stature.

Galecki proved that, against all the odds, short guys could end up with the hot girl. His relationship with Kaley Cuoco empowered millions of men under 1.65 to go chase cheerleaders or even approach Amazons that play professional volleyball.

You will be sad to know that despite the hype, the relationship between actors playing Penny and Leonard remained only in its on-screen version. Two years were enough for Kaley to figure out that she wants a taller man. The fact that she married 1.96 tennis player Ryan Sweeting speaks for itself.

Like with most celebs on the list, Johnny Galecki does all possible to compensate for the height deficit. Leaked information from the set of “The Big Bang Theory” confirms that Leonard wears shoe lifts to catch up with taller co-stars. Can you imagine the post-processing needed to make him appear taller?

Let’s use Taylor Swift’s again. Obviously, we are talking about the convenience of choosing her as a reference system to map the short guys of the showbiz world.

Johnny Galecki
via Getty Images

You will be surprised to know how short the next actor truly is!

11. Dustin Hoffman – 5’5” (165 cm)

Dustin Hoffman
via Getty Images

Dustin Hoffman is another short guy that sneaked himself into stardom.

Wearing special shoes or choosing the right camera angle? Dustin Hoffman needed none of that. His talent was enough to make people don’t bother too much with the fact that he is amongst the shortest celeb to reach the A-list.

With two Academy Awards for Best Actor to cherish, the 79-year-old is a living legend of the silver screen. Movies like “Rain Man” and “Papillon” should be high on your list to watch if you want to uncover just how easy it is to trash misconceptions about short men.

Even with so much success coming his way, Hoffman still feels a slight discomfort each time he needs to stand next to someone way taller. Having Scarlett Johansson so close to you would make most men nervous, but for Dustin, it’s just another day at the job.

Dustin Hoffman
via ABC

Short, stocky, and bald. Can you guess who is next on the list?

12. Jason Alexander – 5’4” (162 cm)

Jason Alexander
via Associated Press

Jason Alexander being short is doubled by the fact that he packs a couple of extra pounds.

How could anyone take George Costanza serious? Jason knew that the only way he could make it big was to accept his flawed silhouette and make it part of his act as a comedian.

Ignored by all common sense women and having a thing from getting himself into embarrassing situations, George stole everyone’s hearts throughout the nine seasons of “Seinfeld.” Who can forget the hilarious ways he tried to weasel out of his engagement with Susan and how he eventually killed her by accident?

Nothing reveals the short nature of Jason Alexander like a group photo with fellow cast member Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Richards. You probably need one and a half George to come up with a full Kramer.

Jason Alexander
via Getty Images

Who said short guys don’t get to play villains?

13. Joe Pesci – 5’3” (160 cm)

Joe Pesci
via Warner Bros.

Joe Pesci ruined the limiting belief that short guys are harmless.

You certainly don’t want to mess with someone like Tommy DeVito. With an appetite for violence and murder that eventually got him in trouble, Pesci won the 1990 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

One of the biggest hurdles for short men like Joe Pesci is to have others respect you. That is because it is deeply entrenched in our nature to fear larger individuals and to treat smaller ones like a punching bag.

Joe Pesci’s career came to an unprecedented halt in 1999 when he decided to retire prematurely. Was it too much for him? Or maybe being the shortest guy ever to win an Oscar sets the bar too high for anything else to go past it.

Joe Pesci
via Getty Images

Check out another comedian and his take on being “gifted” with a small stature.

14. Seth Green – 5′ 3” (160 cm)

Seth Green
via Wikimedia Commons

“I’m probably small enough to fit into places that other people couldn’t.”

That’s the line Seth Green uses most often to avoid the ridicule of admitting he is one of the shortest guys in the industry. The 43-year-old probably embraced the comedy genre to better cope with his frail stature and the perpetual roast it attracts.

Now the burning question that is tormenting your tongue. How did you miss such detail that was right before your eyes? Hollywood is the place where what matters is not how you look, but how they can make you look.

Just remember that once you give a microphone to Seth Green, he instantly morphs into Chris Griffin from “Family Guy.” Can your mind handle the 1.60 m comedian doing a live take on everyone’s favorite chubby?

Being one of the shortest male celebs did not stop Seth Green from marrying a woman way out of his league.

Seth Green
via Getty Images

We subtracted extra centimeters to reveal the height of our next male celeb.

15. Kevin Hart – 5’2” (157 cm)

Kevin Hart
via CNN

Kevin Hart is one short male celeb pointless to tease.

The 37-year-old actor and comedian built his act around self-deprecation. He probably said enough height jokes in his lifetime not to bat an eye when people say mean things about him.

“Think Like a Man,” “About Last Night” and “Ride Along,” all those movies made use of Kevin’s stature to create humor. Hart even named his first stand-up album in a manner that makes it clear he is at peace with his body.

Kevin Hart’s secret is simple. He compares life with poker. “This is what I was given. This is my playing cards. If we were playing poker, I’ve got to make this hand work.”

Seeing him alongside Shaquille O’Neal is fascinating enough for you to start learning more about the limits of the human body.

Kevin Hart
via Getty Images

Height gets lower as we go down the list.

16. Danny DeVito – 4’10” (147 cm)

Danny DeVito
via Emmys

Danny DeVito is the man to call if you need to fill in a role with someone under 1.50.

You probably remember DeVito from Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns.” The 1992 film featured him as one of the most memorable villains of the Batman universe – The Penguin. Apart from that, most of DeVito’s work in Hollywood is comedy-related.

Behind that generous smile, Danny DeVito dealt with something that would send most men into a deep depression. DeVito’s short stature is the result of multiple epiphyseal dysplasias, commonly known as Fairbank’s disease. The rare disorder happens at a genetic level and limits bone growth.

If you cringed seeing male celebs in the vicinity of taller women, it means you are not prepared for the photo below. It hit you, didn’t it? DeVito looks incredibly funny alongside an unknown model that is at least 40 cm taller.

Danny DeVito
via Getty Images

Being short makes it easier for fans to remember you. Check out the success story of the next little guy?

17. Peter Dinklage – 4’5” (135 cm)

Peter Dinklage
via Getty Images

Peter Dinklage is everyone’s favorite short guy.

Tyrion Lannister is one of the outstanding roles that turned “Game of Thrones” into a TV success story. Hating the wisest man in Westeros is impossible. Tyrion evolved from being an embarrassment for his family to the stature of most appreciated political adviser of the Seven Kingdoms.

Dinklage never hid the fact that he suffers from achondroplasia, a common cause of dwarfism. The good news for him was that his height reached the upper limit allowed by the condition. Less lucky short people stop growing at 62 cm.

Most people would be offended to be called a dwarf. That was not the case with Dinklage. The 47-year-old withstood all the hate speech boldly and grew to become a superstar.

Peter Dinklage
via Madame Tussauds

Can someone be even shorter? The answer on the next page will surprise you.

18. Warwick Davis – 3′ 6” (107 cm)

Warwick Davis
via PA

Warwick Davis is our last shockingly short male celeb.

The 47-year-old English actor stands no taller than 1.07. He became an enduring brand of the entertainment world. Davis earned a ticket to stardom after playing Ewok Wicket in “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.”

Warwick suffers from a rare condition called spondylo-epiphyseal dysplasia congenital (SED). You will be deeply saddened to know his wife, Samantha, has a similar problem, and that two of their four children died as a result of the complications.

Don’t let the photo below send you the wrong message. Warwick Davis and Ricky Gervais are actually friends and there is no bullying involved.

via HBO

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