Either we are talking about car drivers, officers on duty, or just kids trespassing, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” are the words of the day. 

For those who thought that the past should be left buried, Pokémon GO provided one of the greatest comebacks in recorded history.

Trying to catch as many Pokémon as possible puts you face to face with a strange mix between reality and fiction. If you are assaulted by news of people getting in trouble for keeping their eyes stuck on the little monsters, you should take a look at the sexy side of the Pokémon GO phenomenon.

Pokémon trainers often stumble upon hot girls cosplaying as the cute Japanese monster, practically begging for attention. Players are puzzled when their Poké Balls are ineffective against these hot babes.

Feeling wanted is flattering for any girl, so they are willing to do almost anything, even fight each other in sexy Pokémon battles.

No one is missing Misty when there is much more mature Pokémon-related content walking down the streets. Guys at Niantic are worrying that these girls might put a stop to the craze, and ruin their profits.

Meeting a real life fantasy with Pikachu-size boobs can make you forget that Pokémon GO is life!

1. Victreebell

1. Victreebell

Victreebel is a carnivorous Pokémon based on the Nepenthes plant.

With an average diet consisting of bugs, it is not uncommon for small animals to end up in the menu. A Victreebel attracts prey by producing a scent similar to honey.

However, the girl cosplaying Victreebel has a different technique for attracting her favorite prey, Pokémon Go players. Revealing that perfectly-shaped front-package will act as a beacon for all male Pokémon enthusiasts.


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