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18 Scandalous Moments That Thrilled The Paparazzi
Apr 18, 2017

16 Scandalous Moments That Thrilled The Paparazzi

It all started somewhere in Italy when one photographer first took a candid shot without asking first. Decades later the paparazzi became the worst modern day poachers, terrorizing celebs with their potent zoom lenses.

Paps developed a unique sense for scandalous moments and are always there to take the compromising frames. Episodes of bad parenting, domestic trouble, and even acts of pure savagery – those are the thrills that keep them high and ready.

1. Britney Spears Attacks Paparazzi with Umbrella

via X17 Online

Britney’s curious umbrella incident brings us back to a time when the iconic pop singer was tabloid gold.

Chased by a paparazzo that wanted a cleaner shot of her recently shaved scalp, Spears went berserk and used the improvised weapon to affirm her anger. She wrecked the car of celeb photographer Daniel Ramos before fleeing the scene.

Ten years later, the lucky victim is auctioning the infamous umbrella, promising to redirect half of the earnings for charity. An organization that teaches troubled women better umbrella fighting techniques is just one of the many that signed up for the giveaway.

Not only that, but someone had the bright idea of re-enacting Britney’s savage moment. ‘Britney Ever After’ refreshes our memories on the intensely-mediatized breakdown that followed the star’s failed relationship with Kevin Federline.

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The next paparazzo was thrilled to capture on film savage evidence of domestic violence.

2. Amy Winehouse and Husband Post-Fight

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Celeb couples would do anything to hide their less flattering domestic episodes.

Fortunately for the rest of the world, candid photographers are behind their cameras even at 3 in the morning. Amy Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil learned the hard way just how determined paparazzi are to get those magazine-selling shots.

The two left their house covered in blood from head to toes. Amy had her fair share of violent behavior, but no one expected the blatant signs of a love-hate relationship that went a bit too far.

Blake looks like he upset some back-alley cats. Only God knows what was under that scarf. As for Amy, the photo was cropped down no to include her bruised knees and the blood stains on her shoes.

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Encounters with the paps don’t always end in violence.

3. Ashton Kutcher Hooked Up With Younger Woman

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Behold the pic that ended the six-year marriage between Demi Moore and much younger Ashton Kutcher.

The story takes us back to 2011. Charlie Sheen’s replacement in ‘Two and a Half Men’ was caught having an affair with no-name Sara Leal. The paparazzi spotted the pair as they left a hotel in San Diego.

The shot became a Holy Grail for tabloid media and an auction for the rights quickly ensued.

At this point, we feel compelled to mention that paparazzi have no souls and are entirely immune to emotions know to us as guilt and remorse. Some go even further and say that Sara was bait.

The women that charmed Ashton later claimed she had high hopes of getting pregnant and receiving substantial child support. Leal went as far as warning Mila Kunis about the troubles her marriage will soon face.

via Pacific Coast News

The next celeb reacted to annoying flashes in a way that went viral.

4. Justin Bieber Being Aggressive

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Bieber’s 2013 UK tour was not a lucky one.

The superstar went from medical problems on stage to quarrels with the paparazzi. In a famous video that immediately flooded social media, Bieber can be seen lashing at those struggling to get a good mugshot.

That’s what happens when you take a 19-year-old and make it a teen idol. Keeping up with such a status led many on a path of addictions that not rarely ended tragically.

Bieber was lucky to have staff members holding him back. Shots of bodyguard holding him in the air with his pants down made the whole situation even more ridiculous.

Bieber’s angry outburst was not an isolated event, and his war with pushy photographers continues.

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Paparazzi chased the next celeb until they killed her. Since then everyone hates them!

5. Princess Diana Chased by Photographers

via Daily Mail

This last image of the car that took Diana to her death is haunting.

Diana was caught staring at the paps chasing from behind unaware someone was taking photos from a car upfront. Her driver, Paul, is overly enthusiastic for one that has to drive a car at high speed through the Parisian traffic. The investigation revealed he was drunk.

Although fans saw the paparazzi as the only responsible for the regrettable loss, the official inquiry designated the driver as the real culprit.

Even so, there is a thing we can’t accept. How could one take shots of an accident without providing first aid before? It seems paparazzi have their brain-washed until they retain no trace of dignity or ethics.

It’s a long shot to say that Diana’s death delighted the paparazzi. However, it gave the industry a topic to keep it busy for years.

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Although blurry, the next pics seem to show a famous actor blowing cocaine.

6. Heath Ledger Doing Cocaine

via Street Knowledge

Nothing gives photographers sweaty palms like the prospect of catching a celeb doing something wrong.

The pap that took shots of Heath Ledger doing drugs later claimed his work foresaw the future. ‘The Dark Knight’ actor died just two years after compromising yet shaky footage of him snorting cocaine sent shock waves across Hollywood.

According to the conspiracy theory, the one that took the photos was the same who earlier played dealer for Ledger. That’s a shameful way of exploiting a weakness!

The Australian movie star died in 2008 following an accidental intoxication from prescription drugs.

via Weinstein Company

A reckless mother almost drops her baby. A sea of cameras competed for the best angle.

7. Britney Spears Almost Drops Baby

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‘Ooops, I did it again!’

No wonders Britney Spears lost custody of her two children. After being spotted driving the car with baby Sean Preston on her lap, Britney struck again. Only this time it could have been much worse.

Britney left the Ritz-Carlton hotel in New York and stumbled on the sidewalk. Fortunately, one of her bodyguards was there to do the catch. The Yankees apparently wanted to sign the man on board after photos of the incident hit the Internet.

Paparazzi work often makes the job easier for the judges. Britney acting reckless gave her no hopes of sharing custody with Kevin.

Britney walked with Sean Preston in one hand and a glass in the other. The fact that she didn’t spill a single drop of drink says everything about her maternal instincts.

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A couple enjoying the last moments together makes for a great paparazzi pic.

8. The Last Moments of Bradiffer

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The last photo of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston sent millions of fans packing extra paper napkins for the celeb Apocalypse that followed.

The stroll on the beach that got everyone talking saw the ex-couple enjoy one last vacation in Anguilla. There is something about Pitt wearing a shirt with ‘trash’ written in bold that fits the situation incredibly well.

But there is hope! Brangelina did not survive more than a decade, and everyone is excited, despite Jennifer’s marriage to Justin Theroux.

Remakes are a big thing in Hollywood at the moment, so why don’t give love a second chance? Entire communities that continued to worship the Bradiffer have answers to both the ‘how’ and the ‘why.’

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Up next is one paparazzi moment guaranteed to trigger powerful emotions.

9. Husband Beating Nigella Lawson

via Mirror

You witness domestic violence, and you rejoice because you will make good money from it.

That’s how you should train your mind to work if you aspire to pay the bills as a celeb photographer. What happened to poor Nigella Lawson was like finding gold in the desert for the lucky paparazzo that stalked the pair as they enjoyed dinner.

Multi-millionaire husband Charles Saatchi grabbed Nigella’s throat a record four times and made her burst into tears after leaving the table. The aftermath turned the glamorous TV cook into a household martyr and bestowed her a rewarding divorce settlement.

The worst thing is that the abuse took place in public and that no one chose to intervene. That granted a milder sentence to the pap that witnessed and documented the ordeal.

via Mirror

Everyone lost its mind when a celeb flaunted a blanket over a balcony.

10. Michael Jackson Dangling Baby Over Balcony

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However, that was not an ordinary blanket.

‘I got caught up in the excitement of the moment. I would never intentionally endanger the lives of my children.’ That was Michael’s lame excuse dangling his nine-month-old son five floors above the ground.

Prince Michael II grew up as one troubled and awkward kid. Not only he is constantly harassed about the incident, but he also needs to respond to the nickname ‘Blanket.’ The poor soul saw enough bullying to hate his celeb ancestry.

Michael’s worst paparazzi moment took place in 2002 as he was in Berlin. It made many authorities question his abilities as a parent.

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Are you ready for a vintage paparazzi masterpiece?

11. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

via Marcello Geppetti

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton provided the best cheating scandal ever.

Taylor and Burton first met on the set of ‘Cleopatra.’ They were spotted hanging out together on a yacht during the long breaks the production took.

Their relationship was based on cheating and went as far as outraging the Vatican (‘Cleopatra’ was shot in Rome). Both were married to someone else at the time.

Taylor and Burton made the transition from cheaters to official lovers and eventually married (twice!) Their union lasted roughly ten years and was probably the equivalent of today’s West-Kardashian saga.

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Everyone was disappointed to see a great actor make us of questionable techniques to fend off a paparazzo.

12. Sean Penn Attacks Photographer

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Sean Penn often plays a thug on screen, but that’s no excuse for hitting innocent photographers.

The actor first clash with the paps goes back to 1986 when he found one hiding in his bedroom. Let’s just say he almost killed him and had to fled the country (China).

Lacking footage, we will move on a more recent incident. Penn was caught on film while kicking an intruder just outside his property.

You will be relieved to know the pics below have a different story. Penn is pictured on the set of ‘Gangster Squad.’ Maybe appearing in violent movies has to do with him going directly for the foot kick.

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Let’s explore another cheating moment that delighted the paps.

13. Marlon Wayans Caught Cheating

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Cheaters have no excuse, but some were quick to criticize paparazzi intrusion that ruined a perfect escape to a tropical heaven.

Photos of Wayans and a mysterious brunette produced shock waves in the showbiz world. The ‘White Chicks’ star wasn’t technically single at that moment.

Back home waiting for him he had a girlfriend of 12 years, as well as two children. Someone had some awkward explaining to do.

If it weren’t for the infidelity, such photos would be worthless. Who wants to get a better look at your romantic getaway when you already flooded Instagram with samples?

Working as a paparazzi has its perks. Imagine the sheer delight of traveling on the crystal clear waters of the French West Indies. And picture savoring your cocktail after sending the compromising footage back at headquarters.

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Our next paparazzi victim lost it. Going mad is a mild way of putting it!

14. Lamar Odom Thrashes Paparazzi’s Car

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Some celebs have a short temper when it comes to paparazzi harassment, and Lamar Odom irrupted in an unbelievable way.

The former NBA player was stalked on rumors that he cheated wife Khloe Kardashian. It didn’t end well for the field reporters once they started taking pictures and approaching the delicate topic.

The footage of the incident shows Lamar throwing a suitcase full of expensive photo gear on the ground before stuffing it all in the trunk of his car. He was inches away from a grand theft sentence.

Lamar on and off relationship with Kim’s younger sister graced the headlines far too often to make anyone raise eyebrows.

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Being a paparazzi can be extremely dangerous if you mess with the wrong celeb.

15. Alec Baldwin Gets Physical With The Paparazzi


Alec Baldwin has a long record of confrontations with the paparazzi that stalk him.

The phenomenon is more than interesting. The worse Baldwin gets, the more are willing to risk their camera gears and bones to capture him in action.

The modus operandi of celeb photographers reminds us of how pack animals cooperate to get the pray. One of them leads the attack, collecting the most damage at the same time. In the meantime, the others pick up the spoils, high definition samples of the actor’s rage.

The incredible scenes of Baldwin pinning a veteran photographer against the hood of the car took place in 2013. Something tells us he didn’t take anger management classes.

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Let’s conclude the list with shots that made people pitty our next celeb.

16. Nicole Richie’s Eating Disorder Bikini Body

via REX

The 2006 version of Nicole Richie looks unbelievable, especially if you compare it with her current bikini body.

What happened? Let’s just say the adoptive daughter of Lionel Richie got her act straight and stirred away from negative influences. Ditching her BFF Paris Hilton was arguably her best decision to date.

The horror beach paparazzi shots emerged at a time when Nicole was the spoiled kid of tabloid media. Her numerous escapades with drink driving and drug abuse probably have a lot to do with flaunting an unnaturally thin frame.

Not few were the fans that bet their money on Nicole eventually evaporating out of existence. Those pics were indeed daunting!

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