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18 Incredible Things Are Legal In Some Countries Only
Mar 17, 2017

18 Incredible Things Are Legal In Some Countries Only


Let’s face it! Breaking the law feels good, but we all hate the consequences. Fortunately, there are places in this world where you don’t have to pay for some of your crimes.

Be careful! Reading about things that are perfectly legal in some countries might turn you into an evil tourist.

1. Legal To Be A Witch – Romania

Legal To Be A Witch - Romania
via Cyd

What happens when it’s hard to make ends meet regarding the national budget?

Romania’s Government made the incredible step of admitting witchcraft as a profession, just to be able to tax it. Old ladies doing silly stuff with fire and animal parts might be a source of ridicule for most, but the amount of money they make on those who believe is breathtaking.

From fortune telling to love spells, both local politicians and celebs pay good money that otherwise goes undetected. Including witches amongst other liberal professions simply makes it legal and morally acceptable.

The ridiculous situation might seem like a step backward to medieval times. However, most financial analysts see it as an improvement of the fiscal system. Can you argue with that?

Legal To Be A Witch - Romania
via AP

Coming up next is an animal lover’s biggest fantasy.

2. Legal To Marry A Dog – India

Legal To Marry A Dog - India
via Barcroft Media

The Indian subcontinent is home to 1.2 billion people and an unknown (but probably similarly high) number of dogs.

It was not long until someone did the math and came up with this incredible way of making marriages even more emotional for the local communities. Benefiting from a law that was lazy to prohibit interspecies unions, every Indian is now entitled to take a dog as wife/husband.

The two photos are clear to show that the poor canines are not exactly sure what is happening to them. You could easily spot it was overzealous owners who pushed them into marriage.

Nevertheless, the big question here is not why India doesn’t change its marital laws. Even more intriguing is figuring out what it is to gain from sharing the rest of your life with an animal as a partner. The answer lies somewhere between Bollywood and the ancient superstitions surviving in people’s heads.

Legal To Marry A Dog - India
via AP

Even the United States holds a secret only the finest law interpreters know.

3. Legal To Kill Someone – Idaho Death Zone, U.S.

Legal To Kill Someone - Idaho Death Zone, U.S.
via The Sun

Avoiding the long hand of the U.S. judicial system has been as elusive as El Dorado for generations of rapists, serial killers, and domestic terrorists.

However, the hunt for the perfect crime on American soil is close to an end, all thanks to a professor at Michigan State University. Brian Kalt identified an omission in federal law that makes one small part of Yellowstone National Park a heaven for those who thrive on breaking the law.

Located at the intersection between the park’s territory and the state of Idaho, the so-called Death Zone became instant headlines, scaring hikers and attracting an entirely different crowd to the region.

Yellowstone might look like a Paradise for wildlife and landscape photography, but that is about to change. The Government’s slow reaction on addressing the loophole is very likely to cause a modern day Cain-Abel feud that would have no legal consequences.

Legal To Kill Someone - Idaho Death Zone, U.S.
via Inquisitr

4. Legal For A Woman To Marry Two Men – Nepal

Legal For A Woman To Marry Two Men - Nepal
via Matador Network

We all know that Muslim culture allows men to have more than one wife. Can it go the other way around?

The answer is yes and comes from the remote mountainous villages of Nepal. Here the questions whether to share or not your gal with your brother/brothers receives a simple answer.

Survival is tough in the Himalayas, and the number one concern communities have is staying united. Forget about the European model of the Prodigal Son that ventures out in the world to find love and fortune.

Polyandry guarantees that the family estate will not get divided between brothers. Men accept joint custody over babies, and it is very common for children to have more than one father.

The best part of women marrying more than one man is that this is not an isolated practice surviving in quasi-legitimacy in some God-forsaken village. No, the whole thing is legal according to Nepalese state law.

Legal For A Woman To Marry Two Men - Nepal
via MHHE

Driving under the influence is punishable in most countries. Others keep a blind eye.

5. Legal To Drive Drunk – Burkina Faso

Legal To Drive Drunk - Burkina Faso
via Saham Insurance

In Burkina Faso, there is no such thing as a designated driver.

That is because this African country has no law whatsoever to impose a limit to drunk driving. Even more interestingly is that Burkina Faso doesn’t report a high level of traffic incidents.

No, driving under the influence doesn’t improve concentration under the merciless African sun. The explanation lies in the country’s poor road infrastructure.

Take a look at the photo below. Who cares how much you drank? The roads are nothing but a collection of crocodile-infested puddles. And we are talking dry season here!

Forget about struggling to pass the driver’s license! In Burkina Faso, you could call yourself lucky if the instructor is sober during the exam. As for wild boozing parties, people have one thing less to worry. Anyone can drive!

Legal To Drive Drunk - Burkina Faso
via Huffington Post

There is one place in the world where although drugs are illegal you can get your fix right in front of the authorities.

6. Legal To Have A Government Employee Help You Inject Drugs – Canada

Legal To Have A Government Employee Help You Inject Drugs - Canada
via CNN

Canada treats its citizens so well that they even lend a hand in finding the right vein.

No, this image does not come from a peak in the distant future. Vancouver’s Insite project conquered significant ground in limiting the harmful effects of drug abuse and is a model some other countries are interested in copying.

Drug addicts are given free medical supplies and are advised on how to take just the right amount to avoid an overdose. The scene where Government employees help you prepare your fix might be surreal, but it helped reduce HIV transmission as well as drug-related deaths.

Don’t let this fool you! Drugs are still illegal in Canada. The only difference is that its Government was smart enough to acknowledge that throwing people behind bars is not a long-term solution.

Legal To Have A Government Employee Help You Inject Drugs - Canada
via CBC News

Human organs on sale on the streets? There is one country where that is legal.

7. Legal To Sell Your Organs – Iran

Legal To Sell Your Organs - Iran
via AlJazeera

Those are not Iranians military bragging about their wounds.

Iran is one of the few countries in the world that made selling organs perfectly legal. While that might sound horrifying, the good news is that waiting queues for transplant operations are non-existent.

Look at the photo below. For a casual foreign tourist walking through Tehran, those posts say nothing. However, those who know Persian can get a good hold of the offer and demand that shapes the organs’ market.

Giving up a kidney is for many Iranians a ticket out of poverty, and the Government runs the entire business. Apparently, the law makes room for a substantial black market and even for abuse.

What is truly incredible is that Iran is known around the world for its backward laws. Not long ago adultery was punishable by stoning. Women are still required to cover their entire body while venturing outside the house.

Legal To Sell Your Organs - Iran
via Pinterest

The next thing that is legal just in some countries is guaranteed to make you chuckle.

8. Legal For Small Children To Pee Or Poop In Public – China

Legal For Small Children To Pee In Public - China
via Swellnet

Public toilets are a real problem when you have a population over 1.3 billion, and you just relaxed the one-child policy.

China shocked an entire world when it decriminalized one of the most offending things that can happen in a public space.

The three children share with us the best positions for peeing or pooping on the streets. The boy on the left shows his gratitude towards the Communist Party for issuing the decree that makes #1 and #2 legal in public areas as long as you are a child.

The worst thing about Chinese families getting comfortable with such a nasty habit is that they take it with them wherever they go. The photo below shows a boy and his grandmother diving into the final stage of digestion right in front of an UK Burberry store.

Legal For Small Children To Pee In Public - China
via Red Wire Times

There are people in this world that love their animals more than they should. The odd thing is that one country has no law against it!

9. Legal To Have Sex With An Animal – Hungary

Legal To Have Sex With An Animal - Hungary
via Bangor Daily News

Hungary is one of the few countries in the world where it is perfectly legal to have sex with animals.

No, the country doesn’t have an amendment to its constitution stating exactly that. It goes the other way around. There is no law to incriminate the offense, thus making such an odd behavior acceptable.

Zoophilia added up to Hungary’s spa industry to make it a hotspot on Europe’s map. One thing led to another, and local porn producers quickly spotted the potential.

What makes some seek a romantic affiliation to what we, ordinary people, see as pets or food? It’s hard to say, but we sure hope PETA will raise a flag here.

It’s interesting to note that zoophilia gets you a death sentence in countries where religion plays an important part in politics like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Legal To Have Sex With An Animal - Hungary
via MR Wallpaper

You must see the next incredible thing legal only in Russia!

10. Legal To Declare Any Ethnicity At The Census – Russia

Legal To Declare Any Ethnicity At The Census - Russia
via Funniest Meme

Russia is so big, cold, and far away that its customs often appear weird to us.

Just take a look at the photo above that depicts a man sharing a drink with a bear and an Orthodox priest. It can get even weirder than that!

According to the law that governs over the way censuses are carried out, you are entitled to declare any ethnicity, without providing proof. The most recent count shows that the Russian population accommodates a small percentage of Martians, dragons, and the other minorities that are impossible to describe in simple words (like the gentleman in the photo below).

Of course, the only time when authorities ask you to think twice is when you are a Ukrainian living in Crimea. Finger drumming from the census inspector is a sign you should switch to Russian to please papa Putin’s territorial ambitions.

Legal To Declare Any Ethnicity At The Census - Russia
via Acid Cow

Drugs put a lot of people in jail. Not in the next country!

11. Legal To Possess Smaller Than 10 Days Stash Of Drugs – Portugal

Legal To Possess Smaller Than 10 Days Stash Of Drugs - Portugal
via ABC News

When the police find this in your pocket, you are screwed in most countries.

But not in Portugal. Here, the authorities learned to differentiate between those who use drugs for personal and recreational purposes and dealers who are in for profit. Jail time makes room for fines and hours of community service.

According to the law, it is perfectly fine to have on you a drug stash to last you ten days. Of course, it’s easy to see that loophole getting bigger and bigger until small risk drugs like cannabis become legal.

However, the addict in you must see both parts of the glass. The measure reduced the number of HIV infections and drug-related drugs. On the other hand, drugs have become incredibly easy to acquire, even for young users.

As you can see, the Portuguese have plenty of reasons to cheer on the streets.

Legal To Possess Smaller Than 10 Days Stash Of Drugs - Portugal
via Reuters

The next thing that is legal only in one country could easily turn you into the coolest kid on the block.

12. Legal To Torch to Death Anyone Trying to Enter Your Vehicle – South Africa

Legal To Torch to Death Anyone Trying to Enter Your Vehicle - South Africa
via AP

A couple of decades, carjacking was one of South Africa’s biggest problems.

However, one invention helped drastically reduce the number of cases. The Blaster (also called BMW flamethrower) allowed the driver to torch to death anyone approaching his vehicle.

The incredible defense potential of the Blaster was acknowledged by the authorities who declared it street-legal. Can you imagine something like that happening in Europe?

Many car enthusiasts followed the South African, even though just for fun. Exhaust pipes that produce flames exhilarated a generation that saw that happening only in their computer games.

Legal To Torch to Death Anyone Trying to Enter Your Vehicle - South Africa
via My Car ID

You will never guess the freedom women have in Hong Kong! You must see what they can do to their husbands!

13. Legal To Kill Your Cheating Husband – Hong Kong

Legal To Kill Your Cheating Husband - Hong Kong
via The Big Plans

Adultery passes as part of human nature in most jurisdictions.

However, some countries decided to take action and give the victims a way to fight back. Forget about rocks thrown at you for looking under the skirt of another woman. In Honk Kong, wives that can prove their husband cheated on them are legally enabled to take that man’s life.

However, the law is strict with the method of punishment. Women must use their hands and are entitled to no aid. How is that affecting the marriages that struggle to mend themselves after a cheating episode?

Let’s just say that husbands sleep with one eye open all night and fear looking at the shower curtain, expecting that cliché Hitchcock moment. Their lives become miserable once their partners sign up for martial art classes.

Can you read the rage in her eyes?

Legal To Kill Your Cheating Husband - Hong Kong
via Exclusive Pix Media

Life is beautiful once you shed all the clothes.

14. Legal To Go Naked on the Streets – Spain

Legal To Go Naked On The Streets - Spain
via Exclusive Pix Media

What happens when your country is blessed with thousands of miles of sunny beaches and a predisposition for siestas?

It’s obvious! Allow people to walk around naked and absorb that vitamin D trough a maximum area. Spanish law came to the aid of the nudist industry, and the results are incredible.

People from all corners of the world come to Spain to experience full nudity. Of course, a small percentage of them just mimic the pleasure of walking around like Adam and Eve and are there as voyeurs in disguise.

Like in many other cases, nudism law is often a gray area. Don’t expect to walk around naked trough an ultra-conservative Catholic pueblo. The local officer might just hand you to the Inquisition.

Legal To Go Naked On The Streets - Spain
via Costa Brava

What they are allowed to do in Yemen is disgusting. Check it out!

15. Legal To Marry a Newborn Girl – Yemen

Legal To Marry a Newborn Girl - Yemen
via PRI

Marriage laws around the world can make you bless your country.

Muslim tradition says that women should start marrying men the sooner they become sexually active. Laic laws often intervene to set a minimum age, in an attempt to prevent completely awkward unions.

You will be shocked to know that is not the case with Yemen. The Arab country has no written law to prevent baby girls from being delivered directly into a forced marriage.

Yemen has experienced a mounting pressure from the international community to get its act straight. However, the civil war that followed the Arab Spring is likely to delay the work of common-sense lawmakers.

Yemen continues to violate fundamental human rights under the pretext of allowing traditions to survive in modern times. What is your opinion on the delicate topic? How would you react to see your little girl marry a man ten times her age?

Legal To Marry a Newborn Girl - Yemen
via Evelyn Hockestein

Are you curious about the place that turns thieves into rightful owners?

16. Legal To Own Stolen Art – The Netherlands

Legal To Own Stolen Art - The Netherlands
via Wide Walls

Welcome to the Netherlands, a country with the most relaxed legal system in the world.

While legal drugs and prostitution are already trademark attractions, a few tourist come here expecting something completely different. A loophole in the Penal Code allows art thieves to become legal owners of the stolen items after a 20-year period.

Next time you stare at a Rembrandt in a Dutch museum, picture yourself two decades in the future, heading nonchalantly to Christie to claim your 8-figure check. Prices can only go up in the world of art dealing, and all it takes are steady nerves and learning stealth techniques.

Obviously, the biggest problem here is patience. 20 years is a long time, and one can be tempted to sell the stolen masterpiece on the black market. Don’t be the guy that makes such a terrible mistake!

Legal To Own Stolen Art - The Netherlands
via Westfreis Museum

A country allows brothers and sisters to love each other. Can you guess?

17. Legal To Have Consensual Incest – Turkey

Legal To Have Consensual Incest - Turkey
via Flickr

Turkey might be on its way towards a dictatorship, but some laws are considerably more relaxed than elsewhere.

For example, incest is perfectly fine as long as both parts agree on it. The law forbids marriage between brother and sister. Sex, though, is perfectly fine.

Turkey’s less rigid moral frame is a continuous offense to countries where Muslim law punishes incest with death. The odd thing is that even liberal Europe has a hard time admitting such intimate relationships.

At this point, it helps to remember why incest is bad. Repeated medical studies show that communities, accepting it report an almost double incidence of congenital disabilities.

Even animals obey this rule. Why should we deny the evidence?

Legal To Have Consensual Incest - Turkey
via Pinterest

What laws apply to no man’s land?

18. Legal To Do Anything – International Waters

Legal To Do Anything - International Waters
via Faliraki Fun Club

The International Waters create an unusual legal scenario.

Technically, you are allowed to do anything, as no national jurisdiction apply. However, the maritime law states that each ship should fly under a flag, making it apparently impossible to avoid the long arm of the law.

The workaround is simple. Getting on board an unregistered boat is not legal, but once you reach international waters, you can do whatever you want. Some exploited this through tourism. Thematic lawless parties one the seven seas attract the young generations like nothing else.

The problem is when you have to sober up and return to port. And forget about establishing your very own nation on a raft, in the middle of the Pacific. Someone already attempted and it didn’t end nicely.

Legal To Do Anything - International Waters
via Unitrips

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