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18 Funniest Photobombs Ever Captured On Camera
Sep 5, 2016

12 Funniest Photobombs Ever Captured On Camera

Photobombing makes you a terrorist that doesn’t have to serve a single day in jail. There is nothing better than to make others feel miserable by ruining their photo session.

From meddling animals that have no shame to your neighborhood’s selection of stalkers and exhibitionists, no frame is safe.

1. Squirrel Photobomb

Squirrel Photobomb

A couple of extra seconds added on the camera timer can make all the difference.

What was supposed to be an excellent vacation photo to put on Facebook turned into a nightmare. This middle-aged low-income couple learned the hard way what it means to deal with wild animals.

We all know how squirrels are greedy for attention, but this is a bit too much beyond the line. The small mammal forced the modern device to change the distance at which it focused, blurring its unsuspecting victims, as well as the scenic background.

Some photobombs happen by accident, but this one was the result of a plan. We can only hope a fox or any other local predator made the world a safer place for tourists by consuming the rodent.

2. Angry Girl Photobomb

Angry Girl Photobomb

There are millions of possible captions to describe this creepy photobomb, so we went for the most graphic one. 

We will start by saying that the framing is perfect. The angry girl sticking its head out of the vegetation is a metaphor for evil lurking in the shadow. She is ready to strike and make your life miserable, even if it is just with ruining a photo.

The lighting setup is also great, with the sunset rays giving the girl’s head a red tint.

It is impossible to say if the two girls are arch enemies and if this is one small battle in a long photobomb war. We also don’t know if a catfight followed the shot.

3. Ruined Shot

Ruined Shot

This incredible shark attack photo might have been the picture of the year if it was not for the girl ruining the composition. 

It is enough to look at her face to see that she was either drugged or coming after a sleepless night.

Why was she so slow to get out of the way when the photographer shouted? With people screaming as they get out of the water, she was not even interested in the knife-edge action.

Some people photobomb because they are slow, lazy, and even plain silly. The photo community is unanimous to say they deserve the death penalty for limiting the commercial potential of shots.

4. Final Photobomb

Final Photobomb

One innocent attempt to take a selfie at sea ended in a bloodbath. 

The shark was clearly a jerk, as it ruined the man’s life twice. First, what might have been the perfect profile picture for social media was destroyed by this shark eager to showcase its denture.

Fast-forward the action just a couple of seconds from this pic, and you probably imagine what happened. The man was eaten alive in one the most terrific unprovoked shark attacks in recent history.

For reasons unknown, the photographer did not make public the shots he took immediately after this, somehow forcing our minds to do the math.

5. Innocent Japanese Schoolgirls

Innocent Japanese Schoolgirls

Japan is the home of the weird and this photo points in the same direction.

Bored Japanese men are doing this as a sport. Each time a group is taking the time to devise the perfect setup someone else in the background feels his blood pumping.

Unbuckling a belt and taking one’s shirt off can be achieved in a matter of seconds, enough to fool the unsuspecting photographer.

Photobombing is an art and a dangerous sport at the same time. Stay for too long at the scene of the crime and police will charge you with indecent exposure.

6. Bad Day At The Zoo

Bad Day At The Zoo

There is nothing more romantic than taking your crush at the zoo. 

Seeing stressed animals being caged and force-fed is the perfect ambiance to remind you of your future wedding.

Taking photos together might seem like the coolest thing, but not when there are giraffes in the area. These giant animals are notorious for using their long tongues to steal the show.

With appendices bigger than a man’s neck, this giraffe would have done much more damage if it wanted. Count the man lucky, as this animal only wanted his place in the photo.

7. Cat Is Angry

Cat Is Angry

Cats are notorious for being jerks, but this one here really crossed the line. 

When you do a photobomb, you usually settle for a small area of the photo. The cat wanted to fill the frame.

Those teeth are big enough to create nightmares in which whiskers tickle your face before feeling the bite. Cats were once mighty felines, and they are pissed on people because they call them cute and innocent.

Mommy there in the background is probably not aware that a cat photobombing can also plot to kill you during sleep.

8. The Kid Wants to Get Inside

The Kid Wants To Get In

Having your picture taken while waiting for dinner turned out nasty for this woman. 

The creepy kid snooping around ruined the shot for her.

Our imagination is working around the clock to imagine what might have caused such a strange face. Only a bucket full of chocolate would push someone to ignore an obstacle made of glass.

Put this scene in a European restaurant, and that kid is obviously a refugee having a first glimpse of the luxury and abundance of a civilized country. Those poor souls traveled thousands of miles and crossed many borders just to end up behind one final obstacle.

That woman should have shared the meal with him!

9. Emotions


That woman in green was clearly surprised and accidentally photobombed this perfect proposal pic.

We can only hope this is not the only shot taken and that the two did not have to invite the woman to their wedding.

Nevertheless, we might have extracted the wrong information from this photo. Another scenario that might work is one in which the man just found a 50 cents coin on the ground.

Just look how excited she got!

10. Father Knows Everything

Father Knows Everything

Father watching hidden behind the curtain is the evilest thing imagined. We can attach so many questions here.

Is he plotting to take over the world? Will he ever allow his daughter to date someone without him stalking her every move?

Is he just a creep who dislikes photos and tries to ruin one with every occasion? Did he saw something else down the street that triggered this strange face expression?

Many questions have no answer. Can you help solve the mystery and come up with a more reasonable explanation?

11. The Stingray Steals the Show

The Stingray Steals The Show

Aquatic animals are usually shy and seek comfort away from shallow waters where flip-flops are aligning for that classic holiday photo. 

Blue skies and crystal clear water were everything the agency advertised. No one told the unsuspecting women that stingrays are social beings with a real passion developed around photobombing.

Just imagine feeling that flesh on your skin. This is more awkward than being close to your uncle Joe’s greasy beard, as he attempts a group photo with all the nieces. Go away, Joe! You are gross, and no one likes you!

Someone should have told those women that a creature like that killed the Crocodile Hunter with one steady hit to the heart. Judging by the position, this stingray had a different purpose in mind.

12. Old Man Relives The Glory Days

Old Man Relives The Glory Days

The beach is the perfect place to show your carefully sculpted body. 

All that diet and exercise finally pays off, and you get to show everyone how hot you are without extra clothes on you. Having a girlfriend or two around for contrast is even better.

This beauty train had a mysterious wagon attached to it at the back. The old man probably has Hugh Hefner as a role model, and he listened to the advice and went for his dream.

Being polite requires you to treat the old folks with respect and chances are those girls were aware of the photobomber and allowed him some fun.

What harm can an old creepy guy do to eight gorgeous girls?

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