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18 Craziest Things Found By Airport Security
Feb 14, 2017

17 Craziest Things Found By Airport Security


1. Stuffed Armadillo Sheriff

Stuffed Armadillo Sheriff
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A stuffed armadillo dressed like a sheriff can make anyone laugh, except Australian Customs.

Do Aussie officers have something against taxidermy? Are they too picky when it comes to art?

None of the above questions can explain why a man flying from Texas to Sydney could not take home his prized possession. The answer will shock you.

The strict laws on wildlife importation apply even to dead animals. Everything that contains genetic material that is not native to the continent will get rejected at the security check. Art or no art, the armadillo is native to the Americas and is not welcomed in the outback.

Even the carefully crafted hat, holsters, and sheriff badge failed to impress the officers. We think it is evident that the man denied entry was furious. The stuffed Armadillo was shipped back to the States and gain a comfortable spot in the airport’s museum.

Stuffed Armadillo Sheriff
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It can go even more macabre! Stuffed armadillos are nothing compare to the next crazy thing found by airport security.