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18 Celebrities People Love To Believe Faked Their Deaths
Jul 30, 2017

18 Celebrities People Love To Believe Faked Their Deaths

Throw away those handkerchiefs and stop mourning after your favorite celebs. Chances are they are still alive!

Faking death is a handy option for those that grew tired of being famous and want to enjoy the multi-million fortunes they amassed. Check out our list of 18 celebs that might still be alive!

1. Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur


via Wire Image

Is Tupac alive?

The answer is yes, at least if we are to believe the growing number of pics showing the beloved rapper at various celeb gatherings. There are also further clues that the death we all mourned 20 years ago was nothing but an elaborate hoax.

The first place to look is Tupac’s stage name. Makaveli makes an explicit reference to the Renaissance politician who wrote about faking one’s death to fool the enemies.

Indeed, Tupac had a lot to gain from his premature exit from the stage. A basic rule of the music industry tells that a dead singer sells better than one alive. The more brutal and unexpected the death was, the higher the chances to go platinum.

Call us crazy, but those wild conspiracy theories suddenly make sense. Oh, and let’s not forget how 2Pac was cremated just a day after he was shot, with no autopsy performed, as if he wanted to vanish.

Tupac Shakur

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2. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

via Reuters

Elvis Presley might have “left the building, ” but some folks are not quite ready to accept that.

For them, the King is alive than ever, and that is not a figurative way of saying that his rock and roll ballads withstood the test of time. A conspiracy theory is claiming that the King faked his death.

The whole thing started relatively shy before turning into full-blown madness. Thousands of alleged sightings soon backed the report that a wax dummy stood in the original coffin. Therefore, Elvis joined Bigfoot as America’s most wanted and the hunt for an 82-year-old in a white jumpsuit wages on.

Even if we ignore the evidence, Elvis will have a good reason to stage his death and seek a quiet life. Being in the spotlights all the time leaves you little time and energy to enjoy your millions.

Elvis did the math and came out with a correct conclusion – money would come to him effortless if he plays dead.

via Facebook

Things got messy for our next celeb on the list, so he had to flee.

3. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

via Althistory

Adolf Hitler is for most of us the incarnation of evil, and we go to sleep at night glad that his evil schemes failed to turn our world into a fiery German-speaking dystopia.

Forget what they told you in history class! Hitler did not commit suicide to avoid capture by the Red Army advancing on Berlin.

The most prevalent theory is that the Fuhrer secretly boarded one of his U-boats with a destination as far away as possible from the mess in Europe. Argentina and Antarctica rank as the most probable destinations for a man that probably had to shave off his famous mustache to avoid capture.

It is certainly fun to imagine the retired dictator watching from the sidelines the decades of political struggle that followed WW2 on the European continent. It is even funnier picturing him replacing his millions of German followers with armies of docile penguins. His passionate speeches would certainly make Antarctica a less hostile place.

Adolf Hitler

via Bundes Archiv

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4. James Dean

James Dean

via Getty Images

We all know how James Dean fell victim to the curse of his praised Porsche 550 – the “Little Bastard.”

Is that the truth, or just an intricate story meant to give us peace of mind? A closer look at the circumstances of the accident and the strings attached to Dean’s career suggest an entirely different scenario.

James Dean survived the 1955 car crash but in a condition that made his return to acting impossible. Hollywood executives smelled the fact that a battered celeb like Dean would spell box-office disaster, so they asked him to play one final role, the toughest of his career – act dead and disappear from public life.

The “Rebel Without a Cause” did not die in vain. His tragic death would have acted as a great advertising against reckless driving. We don’t know the numbers, but probably thousands of equally rebellious teenagers treated the acceleration pedal more merciful since the news of Dean’s death hit like a hammer.

James Dean

via Warner Bros.

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5. Princess Diana

Princess Diana

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Princess Diana staged her death in one of the most unethical bargains ever recorded in the celeb world.

If we are to believe one of the conspiracy theory, Diana hated remaining a target of tabloids after parting ways with the British Royal family. She allegedly struck a deal with some media moguls to stage her death, thus offering them the story of the decade and the avid reader a fake lead for chewing.

Another theory claims that the suggestion came from none other but the Queen. Elizabeth hated how Diana posed as the victim. Therefore, she enforced on her a painful truce – break the hearts of millions by “dying” in a car crash.

What about the evidence? Just look at the dates. The tragic Paris tunnel accident of August 1997 came exactly one year after the divorce was pronounced.

On top of all that, some go as far as saying that Diana made a discreet appearance at the wedding between William and Catherine. She also haunts other high-level banquets, probably craving the kind of life she gave away.

Princess Diana

via NY Daily News

Meet another musician whose death left us all to wonder. Is he dead?

6. Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison

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Fans of The Doors have good reasons to cheer.

Not only Jim Morrison is not dead, but some meddling reporters tracked him on the streets of NYC where he spends his days as a homeless. The 74-year-old man who calls himself Jim often signs and puts on a display that bears a disturbing resemblance to stage antics of The Lizard Man.

Now comes the hard part. Why on Earth would a man of his stature gave up the on life and cause fans a heartbreak? Jim was 27 when he was found dead in his Paris apartment, and his claim to fame showed no signs of ever slowing down.

Like most mysterious deaths that make us wonder, the one of Jim also left behind burning questions. For starters, his body went through no autopsy, and the cause of death was way too generic not to create speculations. Heart attack at 27? Give us a break!

Jim Morrison

via YouTube

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7. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

via MTV

As a fan, when your favorite musician dies it is perfectly normal to enter a state of denial.

For Nirvana worshippers, the premature disappearance of frontman Kurt Cobain was too shocking and unexpected to be accepted as real. Therefore, conspiracy theories flourished, dismissing the 1994 suicide as nothing but the artist’s successful bid for a new life.

Some added that it wasn’t fame alone that drove Cobain mad enough to seek such a shameful runaway. Being married to trainwreck Courtney Love proved too much to handle for the man who gave us “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Stop for a second and do the math. You have millions of fans buying your albums and rebelling against their parents on the tunes of your music. It sounds a bit stupid to have fame scare you into the hands of drugs and alcohol.

Can you imagine today’s idols like Taylor Swift or Beyoncé committing suicide?

Kurt Cobain

via The Laugh Button

We all mourned his death. It is possible that the next actor is still alive?

8. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger

via IMDb

Heath Ledger died too young, fueling some of the wildest speculations ever heard.

Private investigations revealed there is more to the story of how the charismatic Australian actor exited the stage of life. We all know the cliché – superstar can’t handle fame, seeks relief in drugs, and succumbs following an overdose.

But Ledger was smarter than that, and the Oscar-winning role of the Joker suggest the actor should have been skilled enough to navigate the treacherous waters of his late 20s. Wanna know the conspiracy theory we trust the most?

Ledger made a pact with producer Cristopher Nolan to give “The Dark Knight” the ultimate kind of advertising, one that would make the film irresistible at the box office. And it paid off, the production grossing little over $1 billion.

Who would say no to an early retirement that probably brought something in the realm of hundreds of millions? Ledger chose to die in the hearts of his fans to save the die, a fate similar to that of Batman. Coincidence?

Heath Ledger

via Getty Images

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9. Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

via Underwood Photo Archives

When Amelia Earhart disappeared while attempting a round-the-globe flight, people immediately assumed the worse.

Who wouldn’t do that? The 1930s are not regarded as the heyday of aviation. The skies were treacherous enough to make any long distance flight an adventure. Mainstream history tells us that the brave female pilot perished either by drowning, either captured by Japanese forces.

There are, of course, some who wish to see things differently. To them, Amelia was not after fame with her daring circumnavigation, but rather after a ticket for the normal life, the one you and we enjoy without having to worry about smiling for the cameras and being politically correct.

On her way across the Pacific, Amelia contemplated Paradise – thousands of small islands were landing your state of the art Lockheed Model 10-E Electra plane would have granted a blissful life as a local deity.

We celebrate July 2, 1937, as the date of her disappearance, but maybe it was, in fact, the day she was reborn as a commoner.

Amelia Earhart

via Getty Images

Meet our next dead political leader that might still be amongst us. He is a usual suspect when it comes to conspiracy theories.

10. Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden

via Getty Images

Osama bin Laden took from Hitler the heavy burden of being the world’s most hated villain.

He finally passed the title to someone else in May 2011, when US forces allegedly killed him. However, one question remained. Is he really dead?

Given the epic proportions conspiracy theories took, the answer is “no.” After all, the United States never flaunted his dead body or shown pictures of him, something a bit odd considering the ample anti-terror operations launched by Western forces.

Bin Laden is not dead for an obvious reason. When you poke into the bees’ nest, and those bees have the strongest army in the world, you don’t spend a single second of your existence outside hiding. Bin Laden probably grew to hate the moist air of his haven, a cavern hundreds of meters below the ground that communicates with the outside world through a mole’s den in the middle of the Afghan wasteland.

Auxiliary to this theory is that Obama faked the news to throw candy to the public at the time when Trump raised the birth certificate conundrum.

Osama bin Laden

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The number of fans dressing like our next “dead” celebs offered him the best camouflage. Check out the evidence!

11. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

via Getty Images

Michael Jackson is everyone’s favorite when it comes to conspiracy theories surrounding fake deaths.

The story goes that Michael long craved for a quieter existence outside far from the stage. However, he was smart enough to understand that retiring at the age of 50 wouldn’t have meant paparazzi leaving him alone.

We all know that the only thing sacred to those blood suckers is a dead body. Therefore, Michael saw no option but the break the hearts of family and fans and mimic a drug induced cardiac arrest.

However, “The King of Pop” was sloppy with his act and was spotted repeatedly, often even gracing the stage at the many tributes held in his name. By far the most arousing piece of evidence is a shot showing Michael in the backseat of a car with his daughter, Paris.

Michael Jackson

via Instagram

Can you guess the name of the seductive actress that died way too young and left behind a burning enigma? We’ll give you a hint – she was blonde.

12. Marylyn Monroe

Marylin Monroe

via Yeah Mag

Marylyn Monroe might have played the “dumb blonde” role successfully, but she was smart when it came to faking her own death.

Monroe allegedly died following a barbiturate overdose in August 1962, leaving an entire world to mourn her premature departure from this world. However, fans that suspected foul play were not few.

To them, it seemed a bit a woman who had the most powerful men at her feet to be unable to master her own emotions. Marylyn is notorious for her presumed relationship with JFK some went as far as linking her faked death with an order coming directly from the Oval Office.

It’s quite hard to imagine how Monroe managed to dip herself into obscurity. Dying her trademark hair would have been a painful first step. Like all the other celebs hiding behind the curtain, she would have bitten her nails looking at how the showbiz world learned to live without her and cherish other stars.

Marylin Monroe

via Metro

The world of music is the obvious place to look for deaths that don’t make sense and might have been faked.

13. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

via YouTube

Some say legends never die and Whitney Houston is just another dead celeb that might still be breathing.

Let’s ignore the ridiculous conspiracy theory that claims Whitney Houston was sacrificed for Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy to inherit her talent. More credible is that the diva staged her death to gain tranquility and go off the radar.

When you are one of the best-selling artists of all time, it is easy to experience a lack of motivation towards the second half of your career. Dusted and unable to keep up with new artist of our generation, 48-year-old Whitney made a painful yet obvious step backward.

Numerous sightings also make it highly likely that Whitney Houston is still amongst us. People reported the African American singer sitting quietly at numerous concerts and dining at her favorites restaurants wearing thick sunglasses. Are they all unicorns?

Whitney Houston

via Pacific Coast News

On the next page, another actor goes into hiding to boost box office success. At least that is the theory some prefer to believe.

14. Paul Walker

Paul Walker

via Getty Images

Paul Walker is yet another actor that might have chosen to boost box office revenues by playing dead.

Given the incredible success of the seventh installment of “The Fast and the Furious” series and the billions that watched on YouTube Wiz Khalifa’s Tribute “See You Again” it worked out quite well. Walker pushed himself from the depths of Hollywood all the way to the top, largely because his death was pretty much inspired by the film that made him famous in the first place.

Don’t judge us! We are not only ones believing Paul Walker took a ticket for the easy life and is now sweeping his drinks from an exotic location. On Facebook, some brave folks assembled under the same banner and gave a very suggestive name to their group “Paul Walker Still Alive.”


via Getty Images

Let’s move on to the uncontested heavyweight champion of controversial deaths.

15. JFK

via Getty Images

When people start counting dead celebs that got away with faking their own death, JFK is always the usual suspect.

The 35th President of the United States was assassinated on November 22, 1963, and managed to serve only one year and a half of his term. His alleged lone killer also died two days later, further spiraling down the case into obscurity.

From the comfort of our modern times, JFK appears as one of the best men ever to set foot in the Oval Office. The reality is a bit different. Kennedy had his term disrupted by many political (Bay of Pigs invasion) and personal scandals (his affair with Marylyn Monroe).

At some point, it became apparent that JFK needs to step down in a way that will make him appear as a hero in the eyes of the public. At least that is why some people like to believe.

Conspiracy theories involving JFK appeared like mushrooms after the rain and the less wild speculations claimed that Kennedy went into a life of hiding after faking the Dallas shooting incident.

via Getty Images

Can you guess the next president people say staged his assassination?

16. Abraham Lincoln

via Wikimedia Commons

Abraham Lincoln is another US President whose assassination raised a couple of questions.

Although having the merit of preserving the Union by winning the Civil War, Lincoln had a couple of reasons to go down in history as an unpopular leader. You see, when someone dies unjustly, history has a funny way of recycling negative emotions people might have had.

The 16th President ended up being hailed as the greatest. Die-hard patriots don’t even want to hear about the time Lincoln supported the Fugitive Slave Act or imposed horrendous land grabs from the Native Americans.

However, the single most important clue that points out towards Lincoln faking his own death was the dreadful state of the United States at the end of the war. Someone had to pay the bills, but good ol’ Abe apparently chose to bail.

via History

An incredibly controversial figure died and left behind a burning enigma. The story is on the next page.

17. Rasputin

via Media Drum World

Rasputin was one of the most mysterious and controversial historical figures and his death raised significant question marks.

For starters, it seems that Rasputin proved to be very hard to kill. The self-proclaimed holy man went through a dozen of assassination attempts before finally exiting the stage following a horrendous execution at the hands of some Russian nobles.

Rasputin had been poisoned twice, repeatedly shot from close range, thrown into an icy river, and finally burned to death. The alleged date of his death is December 30, 1916.

The Mad Monk made a lasting impression as someone possessing supernatural powers that always put him one-step ahead of his enemies at the Tsar’s court. Some go even further and claim that Rasputin crafted the whole story of his death to disappear from public view and adopt an even tighter grab of power from the shadows.

via Getty Images

The list ends in style. A very famous person faked its death and was caught in the act. You must read the story!

18. John Stonehouse

via Mirror Pix

John Stonehouse is a special guest on our list.

Stonehouse is the only person on our list that was caught after faking his own death, a clear sign that such an antic is not only possible but easy to pull. Member of the British Parliament in the 1970s, he was also involved in murky businesses.

The way Stonehouse disappeared is worthy of Hollywood. He left all his clothes on a Miami beach, making authorities guess whether he drowned or got served by the sharks. 15,000 km away, the cunning MP assumed a fake identity and engaged in transferring his fortune on the Australian continent.

Unfortunately, a bank clerk alerted the police, and poor Stonehouse had to resurrect wearing handcuffs. The funniest thing of all is that he returned to Parliament while awaiting trial. Can you imagine the shame?

via REX

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